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Larry Henry
Larry Henry is a veteran print and broadcast reporter and editor who has been a political editor at the Las Vegas Sun and managing editor at KFSM-TV, the CBS affiliate in Northwest Arkansas. Larry also has experience with media outlets in other states with gaming, including Tennessee and Louisiana.

Larry Henry - Senior reporter,

Larry is a veteran print and broadcast journalist whose experience includes working as political editor at the Las Vegas Sun, legislative and political reporter at the Reno Gazette-Journal, and managing editor at KFSM-TV Channel 5, a CBS affiliate in Arkansas.

Larry’s many years in Nevada — which included serving as press secretary for a Nevada governor — gives him a rare insight into the gaming industry in one of the world’s most dynamic markets. 

He also has reported extensively on casinos, sports betting and iGaming in states across the country.

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran and experienced reporter and editor, Larry brings a varied background and proven skill set to his work at

Role at

At, Larry covers the gaming industry and sports in the U.S. and Canada. With his governmental and legislative expertise, he closely monitors and reports on gaming regulation and laws in jurisdictions throughout North America. 

An LSU graduate, Larry has a lifelong interest in sports, which comes in part from growing up in Louisiana, one of the nation’s hotbeds for college and professional athletics. 

Larry brings that knowledge and understanding to his coverage of retail and online gaming and to his stories about events from college basketball to poker to the Super Bowl and much more. Larry enjoys discussing gaming with experts, regulators and bettors and then reporting on treads and developments in the industry.   

Away from the desk …

Over time, Larry has developed a reputation as a leading expert on organized crime, especially regarding the Mob’s history in Las Vegas. 

Larry writes a monthly column, “The Mob in Pop Culture,” for The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, focusing on Mafia movies, television shows and books. 

Larry also wrote a condensed version of Las Vegas Mob history for the printed program handed out to thousands of attendees at the CrimeCon 2022 convention on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Also at the convention, Larry was a guest speaker at a special Mob Museum event, discussing organized crime’s involvement in Las Vegas during the city’s earlier years and the evolution to a regulated gaming market that contributed to driving out the Mob.

Larry also appears regularly on national television programs and podcasts, discussing these topics and more. Some recent appearances include:

Larry’s work has been acknowledged by top professionals in the field. On Substack, for instance, Dan Moldea, an acclaimed investigative reporter and author, praised Larry in citing his 2023 column about New York mobster John Gotti.

“Our friend and colleague, the widely admired and respected Mafia expert Larry Henry, has released his review of the three-part series on Netflix —‘Get Gotti’ Explains How Feds Finally Put Flamboyant Gambino Boss Behind Bars.’ 

”When Larry talks, I listen.  When he publishes, I read.”

Dan E. Moldea

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