Twittertainment: Professor Schools Durrrr in Outrageous $200K PLO Pot

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Twittertainment: Professor Schools Durrrr in Outrageous $200K PLO Pot
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This week’s Twittertainment sees us return to the ever-popular Hustler Casino Live stream and a Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) game that had everything from big swings to unbelievable river cards. 

Two of the top stories to emerge from the latest Hustler Casino Live game involved Tom Dwan and Nik Airball. The former continued his insane run at the LA casino, winning over $675,000 at one point. Although he lost a lot of that back, Durrrr came away from the three sessions with a profit of $197,000 just a few weeks after winning $1.6 million at the casino. 

While Dwan continued doing what he does best, Nik Airball dusted off more than $500,000 in just a few hands. The wealthy amateur did make some of the back throughout the week but paid the price for employing an aggressive strategy in a volatile game like Pot Limit Omaha. 

Those stories certainly gave viewers something to talk about. However, the real story of the week involved a player known simply as Professor. In an unlikely turn of events, the Asian player transformed a terrible starting hand into a win worth almost $200,000. 

Bounty Inspired Play

For context, there was a $5,000 per player bounty active in the game. Basically, if someone won a pot with trips in their hand, they scooped the bounty prize. 

Anyone who isn’t familiar with the nuances of Pot Limit Omaha strategy might think that trips are OK to play. In reality, they’re not. The rules of Omaha are such that you have to use two of your four hole cards. 

Therefore, if you’re holding three of a kind, you can’t make quads or other potentially pot winning hands. Put simply, you should fold pre-flop if you’re holding trips in Pot Limit Omaha. However, with a bounty worth almost $40,000 up for grabs, there was a reason to play trips in this cash game. 

Professor recognized that, which is why he took an aggressive line with J 10 10 10. Willing to risk it all, the ballsy player put his stack on the line against Tom Dwan (holding 10 86 5) and Tan (holding A K 5 4). Professor had a 32% chance of winning pre-flop, but this quickly dropped to 20% when the board ran out 4 Q 6.

The 3 on the turn took Professor’s shot at winning to 50% before the 9 handed him the pot. As you can see from the video above, it took a moment for the win to register. But, once it did, Professor danced his way around the table before scooping the $163,000 pot + bounties. 

Genius Play from Professor

Twitter was quick to react. Haralabos Voulgaris described it as the best hand he’s ever seen from a previously unknown poker great. 

“This is the greatest hand of poker I've ever seen. I don't know who the Professor is, but he's clearly a legend,” Voulgaris tweeted on July 21.

Other reactions on Twitter were a mixture of shock and awe. Seewrap summed it up perfectly when he described the Hustler Casino Live PLO game as must-watch TV. 

“The PLO stream has been absolutely off the rails. Complete an utter trainwreck in the best way possible, which highlights why PLO is so much more fun than NLHE,” Seewrap tweeted. 

Pot Limit Omaha has long been popular among high stakes players, but it’s never become mainstream poker entertainment. There are many reasons for this. Players have four hole cards, which makes it harder to track the action compared to Hold’em. 

Twitter Praises Pot Limit Omaha Excitement 

The fact that equities run a lot closer in Omaha than Hold’em also makes it harder for novices to follow. However, it’s the fact equities run so close that makes the game exciting. Hands can completely change at the turn of a card, so players are more willing to play loose which, in turn, leads to big pots. 

“This night was the best of the 4 nights and possibly the most entertaining PLO I’ve seen. These guys threw the rulebook out the window and were str8 up gambling! They kept capping it! So entertaining,” Rocki wrote on Twitter.

The latest Hustler Casino Live stream has shown what’s possible when companies broadcast Omaha. It may not usurp Hold’em as the dominant game on TV, but there’s no denying it’s an entertaining alternative that viewers clearly enjoy. 

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