Ethan “Rampage” Yau Dominates Latest Hustler Casino Live Game

Date IconLast Updated : Oct 27th, 2022
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Ethan “Rampage” Yau Dominates Latest Hustler Casino Live Game

In this week’s Twittertainment, the community reacts to Ethan Yau, aka Rampage, winning the biggest cash game pot of his life. 

Yau will be known to some as the man who won event No. 2 at this year’s Poker Masters. Others will know about his exploits on the Mid-States Poker Tour or remember his 2020 WSOP bracelet win. 

For many others, Yau is best known as a blogger. Posting videos to his YouTube channel, which has more than 170,000 subscribers, has helped the man commonly referred to as Rampage become one of poker’s rising stars. 

Streamer Shines on Hustler Casino Live

Yau has parlayed his notoriety into a handful of appearances on Hustler Casino Live. Yes, that’s the same popular live cash game where Robbi Jade Lew scooped a $269,000 pot from Garrett Adelstein  and almost broke the internet. 

Well, Yau was back on the stream yesterday. Neither Lew nor Adelstein were at the table, but the line-up was far from fishy. Add to this the fact Yau, by his own admission, hasn’t had the best results in high stakes cash games, and it could have been a costly night. 

Fortunately, for the poker vlogger, it was far from costly. In fact, he walked away with a profit of $235,000 thanks, mainly, to a career-defining pot worth $188,000. Yau moved all-in with a flopped set of eights against one of Hustler Casino Live’s loosest players, Wesley Fei. 

Lucky Eights Gift Yau a Record Pot

With the board showing 10 3 8, Fei went into the tank before calling Yau’s $89,700 bet with 10 9. Fei had outs but not as many as he expected. Ali G folded A♠ 10 just before Fei called. That meant Yau was 70% favorite heading to the turn. 

Rampage was sweating the turn and river, but he didn’t need to worry. As Fei sat stoic, the 2 and 9 brought the hand to a conclusion. The money from Fei and Ali G meant Yau scooped a pot worth almost $190,000. As expected, Twitter lit up once the hand appeared online. 

Tom, aka @alwayscovering, called Rampage “super-duper” lucky but isn’t mad at it. Player X said it was good to see Rampage win a big hand, not just for himself but for poker players watching from the rail. 


However, the comments weren’t all positive. There’s always a troll or two lurking in the Twitter shadows, a few came to light in the comments section. ILILILIL took a swipe at Yau and Hustler Casino Live.

“[Yau] really isn't [super cool] lol. He was a losing 5/5 player that did vlogs and now makes money on over raked app games that he shilled to all his viewers. Fits in well at hustler,” ILILILIL tweeted. 

@Dave212177 pointed out that Yau looked nervous. That’s probably a fair comment given that it was a $100/$200 game with a $50 ante. 

More Entertainment from Hustler’s Live Stream

Perhaps the most left-field comment in the whole thread was made by Jeffro17-TL40x17. He wasn’t impressed with the dealer’s performance in the $188,000 pot. 

“I’m blown away by how the dealer put the flop up. It was so sloppy 😬,” he tweeted on October 27.

Overall, Yau got a lot of love from the online poker community following his latest win and, true to form, he’s promised a vlog about his time on Hustler Casino Live. 


You can see what the man himself has to say when the video drops on his YouTube channel. Or, if you can’t get enough Twittertainment, check out the original tweet and get involved in the comments section.