Martin Kabrhel is Planning to Sue Multiple People Over WSOP Cheating Accusations

Date IconLast Updated: Jun 22nd, 2023
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Martin Kabrhel is Planning to Sue Multiple People Over WSOP Cheating Accusations

The Martin Kabrhel World Series of Poker saga took a few more twists and turns this week. 

As ever, Twitter users from across the poker community had something to say about the latest developments, including a legal letter from Kabrhel’s attorney. 

Martin Kabrhel Threatens Legal Action

Earlier this week, Kabrhel threatened to take legal action against Andrew Robl and anyone else who called him a cheat following his third-place finish in the WSOP’s $250,000 Super High Roller

Kabrhel became the center of attention after Dan Smith branded him the “worst” person he’s played against. 

Smith has since restated that Kabrhel is an annoyance at the table but stopped short of calling him a cheat. 

Robl, however, was a little more cavalier with his words. The high stakes pro initially tweeted that he’s “seen” Kabrhel “mark cards” in “every tournament” they’ve played together. He doubled down on that statement a day later by calling a series of videos a “great thread” that shows “Kabrhel seemingly marking cards.”

Martin Kabrhel Fires Back at WSOP Cheating Claims

Kabrhel, as he often does, had something to say about the comments. He initially responded on Twitter before appearing on Doug Polk’s YouTube channel (see video below). 

During the hour-long stream, Kabrhel categorically denied that he cheated in the WSOP $250,000 Super High Roller. He also said he’s never cheated in any poker tournament, marked cards, or done anything outside of the rules. The Czech poker player also cleared up the rumor he was banned from King’s Casino during the World Series of Poker Europe. 

Polk had previously spoken to pros on the other side of the debate, including Dan Smith and Chance Kornuth. Also giving their take on the WSOP drama during the stream (see video below) were Tom Dwan, Brett Hanks, and founder of card company Faded Spade, Tom Wheaton. 

Everyone, it seems, has something to say about Martin Kabrhel, his behavior at the poker table, and the $250,000 WSOP event. Some of those people with things to say might be asked to repeat them in court. 

Why? Because Kabrhel has enlisted the services of Daniel B. Ravicher, an attorney at Zeisler PLLC, to file a defamation lawsuit. 

Legal Letter Gets Twitter Talking 

Ravicher posted a tweet on June 21 outlining the plan to prepare a lawsuit (see below). He also published an image of the letter and tagged the five parties Kabrhel is planning to seek damages from. Who are they? As per the legal letter from Ravicher, Martin Kabrhel is preparing to sue Andrew Robl, Dan Smith, Chance Kornuth, Justin Bonomo, and PokerGO.

Bonomo is certainly a new addition to the drama. He wasn’t initially caught up in the mess but, as you can see from the tweets below, he does give his opinion on the situation. This appears to have upset Kabrhel to the point he’s willing to sue for damages. 

Where PokerGO fits into the equation isn’t as clear. The broadcaster did stream the event and has been posting clips of the $250,000 Super High Roller, as it’s done for all popular WSOP tournaments. 

There may have been other issues behind the scenes or maybe Kabrhel didn’t like the title of the video posted above. Whatever the reason, PokerGO may also be forced to get its legal team on the case. 

Twitter Trolls Poke Holes in Legal Letter

As for the legal letter posted by Ravicher, Twitter’s amateur legal experts have been quick to poke holes in it. Tom Dwan questioned whether Ravicher has authority in Nevada, assuming that this is where the lawsuit will be filed (that may not be the case). 

Calpoker21 was shocked Kabrhel chose an attorney who, in his words, is worth 99 cents after winning more than $2 million in the WSOP $250,000 Super High Roller. 

“Imagine cashing for as much as Martin just did and hiring a $.99 lawyer you found on Craigslist. Sure hope he gets his dollar back after seeing the dude write a letter that wouldn't pass a 1st year intro to legal studies review. lmao demerits. Good lord,” Calpoker21 tweeted on June 21

The situation, at this point, is a mess. Accusations are flying from all sides and, so far, no concrete evidence of anything. Martin Kabrhel said he was going to defend his name by taking legal action and that’s what he’s done. Those who believe he’s cheated haven’t backed down, so we may see a lawsuit go to court. 

The odds on that outcome might be low, but it’s an unfortunate possibility. It’s unfortunate because, so far, the WSOP has been a huge success. Records have been broken and millions of dollars have been won, but the Kabrhel drama is threatening to overshadow these achievements. 

Of course, there’s always a drama or two at the World Series of Poker, but not quite on this level. Therefore, it would be a win for everyone if cooler heads prevailed and the situation was resolved amicably. At this point, however, that seems unlikely.