Tom Dwan Wins $3.1 Million Poker Pot and Breaks the Internet

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Tom Dwan Wins $3.1 Million Poker Pot and Breaks the Internet
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This week’s Twittertainment sees Tom Dwan win the biggest pot ever viewed on a livestream, with $3.1 million changing hands in just a few minutes.

Before we get into the reactions, let’s recap the action from this week’s installment of Hustler Casino Live. The 16-minute video (below) shows what went down in the $500/$1,000 game, but, as you can tell already, it was a wild hand.

Monster Pot on Hustler Casino Live

Dwan, aka durrrr, found himself in a tough spot on the river against crypto trader Wesley “Dr.Hash” Fei. Regular viewers will recognize Fei as a Hustler Casino Live regular who likes to play big pots. However, on this occasion even he had to wince as $3.1 million slid across the table to his opponent. 

The hand started with LSG Hank raising to $7,000 and Wesley unintentionally exposing his cards to Doug Polk (seated to his left). Polk announced it to the table, a fact that certainly influenced the action on later streets. 

Wesley eventually raised to $30,000 with A♦ K♥. Everyone folded to Dwan, who re-raised to $100,000 with pocket queens. Hank quickly folded and it was back to Wesley. He five-bet to $275,000. After careful deliberation, Dwan called out of position. 

The flop rolls out 3♦ 8♥ 8♦ and Dwan check-called a $125,000 bet from Wesley. The 5♥ hit on the turn and this is when the hand got interesting. Dwan checked and Wesley continued his aggressive play by firing $350,000 into the pot. 

Weird Dynamics Force Tom Dwan to Deliberate $3.1 Million Call

Dwan went into the tank. Calling at this point wouldn’t necessarily commit him to calling on the river. However, anything Wesley bet would give Dwan good odds to call. Durrrr called with his pocket queens and, after the 6♣ fell on the river, he checked again. 

With ace-high and the board showing 3♦ 8♥ 8♦ 5♥ 6♣, Wesley could only win by betting. He put his remaining $786,000 in the middle. Now Dwan was facing a huge decision. Wesley was visibly nervous and had already shown his hand to Polk. All of this information was spinning around in Dwan’s head as he contemplated the call. 

“So much information for Tom Dwan to dissect in that hand," WilliamNextLev1 wrote on Twitter. "Two players he could read. And that Wesley guy could pick 1,000 different players to try to bluff. Why choose the legend Tom Dwan.”  

Those variables, plus the fact it was a sizable bet, forced Dwan to down a bottle of water before making his decision. After a few groans and a look up to the heavens, he called. Wesley was forced to table his bluff and, after more than 10 minutes of action, Dwan raked in a record-breaking cash game pot worth $3.1 million.

Twitter Goes Wild After Record-Breaking Pot

Twitter exploded when the footage surfaced. Hustler Casino Live claimed it as a victory since it was the biggest pot ever shown on a livestream. Others in the comments were quick to praise Dwan, while some criticized the way Wesley played the hand. 

“Worst play and desperate all-in at the end," RealMadrid14810 tweeted. "He didn’t represent aces or kings … with 2 diamonds on flop and half million on board his bet of 125k is tell of weakness. It may work on other players but not against Tom who is professional at the highest level.” 

Dwan made his thoughts clear during the hand. He said out loud that it was a weird spot given the game dynamics and the fact Wesley had shown his hand to Doug Polk. 

However, Wesley wanted to know a little more. He sent Dwan a private message asking for specifics. Wesley subsequently posted the conversation on Twitter after getting consent from Dwan. 

Whether or not it’s a good idea to post private conversations on Twitter, even with the other person’s permission, is a matter for debate. However, for poker fans, the tweet is a rare glimpse into the thought processes world-class players like Tom Dwan go through. 

Not only that, Wesley’s tweet shows us that even the best players question their decisions. Despite being somewhat unsure about the call, Dwan knew he had to make it based on the way things played out. 

Long Live the Legend of durrrr

Money matters in all contexts, but the fact there was $3.1 million in the middle makes this hand more impressive than most. Wesley played aggressively and, in another spot, it could have been one of the best bluffs ever seen on Hustler Casino Live. Unfortunately for him, Tom Dwan was a little bit too sharp on this occasion.

The man better known as durrrr has been involved in plenty of record-breaking pots over the years, but none like this one. Even if he’s not as feared as he once was, Dwan is a poker legend and, for now at least, he’s the winner of the biggest pot ever seen on a livestream.

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