Who Will Win The Voice Season 25? Episodes 9 & 10

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Who Will Win The Voice Season 25? Episodes 9 & 10

The final Battles of Season 25 of "The Voice" concluded this week, as coaches John Legend, Dan + Shay, Chance the Rapper and Reba McEntire picked their favorites to progress to the Knockouts. 

In the Battles, each coach pitches two of their own teammates against one another to "battle" it out while singing their version of the same song.

The loser goes home unless they are saved by their own coach with a Playoffs Pass, or they are stolen by another coach. 

Chance and McEntire went into the final two Battles episodes without the opportunity to steal or use their Playoff Pass after both coaches used them in last week's "The Voice" double-header episodes. 

That meant Legend and Dan + Shay could still steal, and Dan + Shay still had a Playoff Pass available to send one of their acts straight through to the Playoffs, bypassing the Knockouts. 

Curbelo Into The Playoffs

Team Dan + Shay contestant Madison Curbelo became the final artist of the season to receive a Playoff pass. 

Dan + Shay had picked Kyle Schuesler as their winner when the two faced off, but when Legend attempted to steal Curbelo, Dan + Shay sealed her place in the Playoffs. 

Following Curbelo's Battle with Schuesler, Chance admitted either star could win the series. 

Curbelo is the new +100 favorite to taste victory this year, while Schuesler isn't far behind at +200. 

Dan + Shay also looked delighted when they stole Olivia Rubini (+300), after Legend put fellow +300 chance Jackie Romeo through instead of her. 

However, Legend himself got in on the stealing act when he saved Val T. Webb from going home. 

Chance had chosen RLETTO as the winner when the pair battled it out, but Webb was saved, and Dan admitted their Battle was one of the most "iconic" he had seen. 

RLETTO and Webb are both +400 going into the Knockouts, just ahead of Mafe in the futures betting. 

Legend Heaps Praise On Mafe

Mafe is also +400 to win "The Voice" Season 25 after Legend picked her over Rivers Grayson in their Battle. 

The "All Of Me" hitmaker told the wannabe she is one of the best artists of the season, which is huge praise from the star and will no doubt give her a big confidence boost going into the Knockouts. 

Legend was also full of praise for +500 chance Josh Sanders, who was complimented for his "well executed" performance. 

McEntire then picked him over Donny Van Slee, who was one of eight wannabes who went home over this week's double-header episodes. 

But one star who didn't depart was Gene Taylor. 

Dan complimented Taylor on a "perfect vibrato" following his Battle with Ronnie Wilson, during which they performed their own renditions of "When I Was Your Man". 

Legend ultimately chose Taylor (+600) because of his "richness, range and precision". 

'Stage Star' Talmage Progresses 

Dan also complimented +600 chance Ducote Talmage, describing him as a "star on stage" following his Battle performance against Ryan Coleman. 

Dan and Shay went on to pick Talmage because he "brought the most passion" during the Battle. 

McEntire surprised some viewers by choosing Ashley Bryant (+800) over Elyscia Jefferson, who had been just +300 to win the competition before the Battles.  

While Jefferson exited the competition, Anya True remains and she is an +800 outsider to win the contest after Dan + Shay picked the 17-year-old wannabe because of her "intangible star power". 

Serenity Arce and Dani Stacy are currently propping up the futures betting market at +1000 going into the Knockouts. 

Chance chose Arce after praising her "polished" tone, and the coach also picked Stacy.

Both stars looked to be strong contenders going into the Battles, but they didn't overly convince despite progressing to the Knockouts. 

Next week, "The Voice" will air a "Best of Blinds/ Battles" episode, before the Knockouts gets underway a week later on April 8. 

Note: These are hypothetical odds provided by industry experts!

Who Will Win The Voice Season 25?

  • Madison Curbelo +100 50%
  • Nadège +150 40% 
  • Kyle Schuesler +200 33.3%
  • L. Rodgers +200 33.3%
  • Bryan Olesen +200 33.3%
  • Maddi Jane +250 28.6%
  • Olivia Rubini +300 25%
  • Jackie Romeo +300 25%
  • Val T. Webb +400 20%
  • RLETTO +400 20%
  • Mafe +400 20%
  • Nathan Chester +400 20%
  • Josh Sanders +500 16.7%
  • Karen Waldrup +500 16.7%
  • Gene Taylor +600 14.3% 
  • Ducote Talmage +600 14.3% 
  • Tae Lewis +600 14.3% 
  • Frank Garcia +600 14.3%
  • Justin and Jeremy Garcia +650 13.3%
  • Kamalei Kawa'a +650 13.3%
  • Zeya Rae +700 12.5%
  • Zoe Levert +700 12.5%
  • Ashley Bryant +800 11.1%
  • Anya True +800 11.1%
  • Asher HaVon +800 11.1%
  • Alyssa Crosby +800 11.1%
  • Serenity Arce +1000 
  • Dani Stacy +1000 

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