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Hard Rock Blackjack Casino Review

Reviewed By Dan Kilbridge

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Published: Oct 8th · 6 min read
Updated: October 10th, 2022

We all know the name of Hard Rock, and the gambling juggernaut has added yet another product to its robust portfolio. This time, it’s a Blackjack-focused social casino, though it does have other casino games.
The name of it? Well, Hard Rock Blackjack. It’s short, sweet and to the point. Now, what is a social casino? A social casino is an online casino where you can connect your Facebook account and no real money is exchanged at all, though you can play for prizes. With that out of the way, let’s get into it and discuss Hard Rock Blackjack.

Hard Rock Blackjack Pros/Cons

Simplistic interface Customer Support somewhat limited
Ability to change language on the platform
Ongoing promotions in-game

Hard Rock Blackjack Welcome Bonus

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Hard Rock Blackjack Welcome Bonus

When you start an account at Hard Rock Blackjack, players will receive two different types of virtual currency: Coins and chips.

At the start, you will receive 100 coins and $10,000 worth of chips. You will get more as you play of course and there are ways to get free currency while passively playing as well. And, of course, if you want, you can purchase the virtual currency for real money.

Hard Rock Blackjack Promotion Offers

There are no other promotions offered at this time.

How to Claim Hard Rock Blackjack Promo & Bonus Codes

When users find a promo code to use on Hard Rock Blackjack, there is a way to enter the code on the site.

On the top menu to the left, there is a Store icon. Here, under the Chips section, there is a button that says free coins. From there, you can enter the promo code you have and also receive a bonus.

Registration at Hard Rock Blackjack

Being a social casino, Hard Rock Blackjack is insanely easy to register for.

There are two options:

  • Sign in with your Facebook account
  • Create an account using a nickname, email and password.

That’s it. After that, you’re in!

Game Variety at Hard Rock Blackjack

At Hard Rock Blackjack, there are myriad options to be played. This was honestly a nice surprise as we expected to mainly see Blackjack.

  • Blackjack: Being in the name, yes, there is blackjack. Here, there are options for a private table, or Play Now. The play now button is linked to the tables at the top of the game page. If a seat is available, hit Play Now and you’re in!
  • Texas Poker: This functions the same way as blackjack. If a seat is available, hit Play Now, and you’ll be able to play. Numerous tables for this as well.
  • Slots: There are so many options including Classic Fruits, Buffalo Valley, Gold Country, Cleopatra’s Treasures, and Diamond Rush. Each game has a chair. If the chair is occupied you cannot play. If it’s open, hit the play button and enjoy!
  • Video Poker: There are two types of Video Poker available including Multi-Hand and Classic. There are five options for each, including Bonus Video Poker and Jacks or Better for Classic and Joker Poker and Deuces Wild for Multi-Hand.
  • Roulette: Numerous tables available. Hit Play Now and find a table that is open!
  • Set Poker
  • Omaha
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
This operator is currently unavailable in {{ stateName }}, USA, here is the next best offer available to you This operator is currently available in {{ stateName }}, USA

Hard Rock Blackjack Desktop/Mobile Experience

Hard Rock Blackjack is available on desktop and mobile devices. The mobile app was developed by Seminole Hard Rock Entertainment, Inc.

On desktop, the site is easy to maneuver with everything being right in your face at all times. After logging in with your account or with Facebook, again, everything is, well, right there.

At the top menu, there are links to the Store to buy virtual currency, a place to view messages from other players, see your friends, get support from the FAQ section, different settings or make it full screen.
In the middle of these options, however, is a drop-down menu where you can go between the different game types offered, headed by Blackjack.

On the main blackjack page, you will see the table that is actively in progress and if there is room at the table you can join. You can also create a private table and see how many players are online.

Continuing down, starting at the left, you will see your profile and account balance and a way to invite friends. In the middle you will see a square box with revolving advertisements for promotions and what not going on at Hard Rock Blackjack. Finally, to the right, there is a Play Now button, countdowns to different tournaments, and links to daily bonuses, tutorials, the store and so much more.

Each game mode has a different look of course and there are many different options to choose from. On mobile, the game is positioned horizontally and is set up nearly identically. Honestly, the mobile app seems to function a bit better and looks more appealing for some reason.

This is usually the case with online casinos of all types and mobile apps—they’re usually similar design-wise. The biggest question is always whether or not it operates correctly and in this case, it definitely does.

Hard Rock Blackjack Software

Hard Rock Blackjack is totally proprietary. Additionally, Hard Rock Blackjack loads and buffers properly. This is important, of course, but it’s also impressive that on the main pages, there is an interactive portion that is ongoing displaying the blackjack table in progress. With all of that, this software gets an A+, without a doubt.

This operator is currently unavailable in {{ stateName }}, USA, here is the next best offer available to you This operator is currently available in {{ stateName }}, USA

Depositing and Withdrawal Options at Hard Rock Blackjack

Social casinos are unique when it comes to deposit and withdraw options. Technically, you never deposit or withdraw—especially withdraw.

The only form of “depositing” that goes on is if you want to purchase virtual currency. This is purchased with a credit card and there are numerous options for both coins and chips to purchase.


Return to Player Percentages at Hard Rock Blackjack

Return to Player Percentages really only applies to real-money online casinos. Essentially, Return to Player Percentages (RTP) is the amount of money players will get back on a game over time. For example, if a certain slot has an RTP of 94 percent, this means that over time, for every $1 wagered, players will get back $0.94 over time. For social casinos, this really isn’t valid.

Hard Rock Blackjack Betting Limits

With so many games, there are many different betting limits for each type of game. Here is a comprehensive list:

  • Blackjack: $1k-$3k chips
  • Texas Poker: $100-$10k chips
  • Slots: $0-$8k coins
  • Video Poker: $50-$11k coins
  • Roulette:$50-$250 chips
  • Set Poker: $1-$100 chips
  • Omaha: $100-$2k chips
  • Craps: $1-$50 chips
  • Baccarat: $1-$100 chips
  • Split Bet: $1-$100 chips

Hard Rock Blackjack VIP Program & Rewards Program

Hard Rock does have VIP and Rewards Programs on its main platforms, but on this particular platform, there is no link between them, unfortunately.

Hard Rock Blackjack Customer Support

The customer support at Hard Rock Blackjack is limited to two ways to contact the casino. This was listed as a con and the only reason why is because, in our opinion, the more customer support options the better.

However, other than the typical FAQ section, the main way to contact Hard Rock Blackjack is through social media outlets. As a social casino, this way makes the most sense, but having an email or live chat would also be helpful.

Responsible Gambling Features at Hard Rock Blackjack

While Responsible Gaming is an incredibly important part of online casinos, being a social casino, there is not a section for this on Hard Rock Blackjack. Reason being is that this is meant to be a more fun and casual platform and there’s no real-money wagering other than buying virtual currency if you want. Thus, there is no Responsible Gaming section/features at Hard Rock Blackjack.

Our Verdict for Hard Rock Blackjack

Overall, Hard Rock Blackjack is a great online social casino. There are so many different options to play for each game type and it is incredibly interactive and easy to use. Hard Rock Blackjack is in the top-tier of social casinos we have seen.


No. This is a social casino where no real money is wagered

FUN! Plus, they have sweepstakes where you can win prizes, including gift cards and merchandise.

Hard Rock Blackjack has ongoing promotions on the platform where you will receive a replenishment of currency to some extent. Again, you can also purchase this currency if you desire.



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