How to Win Money Legally with Sweepstakes Casinos

Date IconLast Updated: Dec 1st, 2023
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How to Win Money Legally with Sweepstakes Casinos


You can win money at sweepstakes casinos in the US. Despite what you might have heard, it’s not only possible but entirely legal to redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. This guide reveals the secrets to winning money at sweepstakes casinos and how you can get maximum value from your time online.


*Important Disclaimer - Sweepstakes Casinos are unavailable in Washington, Idaho and Nevada.

Learn the Sweepstakes Casino Rules

Sweepstakes casinos have two currencies: Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins (aka Sweeps). Gold Coins are fun credits. They allow you to play a variety of slots and table games without spending your own money. The only issue with Gold Coins is that they can’t be exchanged for prizes. So, while they’re great if you want to have fun, they’re not particularly useful if you want to win money using sweepstakes casinos. 

The way to win money at sweepstakes casinos is to use Sweeps. These coins can be exchanged for prizes, including cash transfers and cryptocurrency. You’ll receive Sweeps when you purchase Gold Coins. For clarity, you don’t need to buy Gold Coins. Sweepstakes casinos are free-play platforms, so you’ll get gratis Gold Coins. However, if you want to boost your balance, you can buy more coins. Do this and you can get Sweeps. 

Another way to earn Sweeps is by playing certain games and hitting various betting milestones. Finally, you can claim promo offers, such as daily login bonuses, to get free Sweeps. Whichever way you get Sweeps, they can be used to play games and win more coins. Accumulate enough of them, and you’ll be able to exchange them for prizes, including cash payments.

How to Win When Playing at Sweepstakes Casinos?

You can give yourself the best chance of winning money at sweepstakes casinos by following these tried and tested gambling strategies:

  • Become a bonus hunter: casino gaming is an uncertain pursuit, and returns are never guaranteed. The exceptions to this rule are bonuses. Claim as many bonuses as you can because they offer guaranteed returns. You don’t even have to spend money, there are plenty of sweepstakes casino no deposit bonuses available. 
  • Manage your money: the most important skill you can master as a gambler is bankroll management. In short, you should never risk more than you can afford to lose. Every financial move you make should be a fraction of your bankroll’s value. 
  • Make the logical move: making decisions when you’re emotional is never a good idea. Always take your feelings out of the equation and think about what the most logical move is in every situation. 
  • Use basic betting strategies: certain casino games have strategies based on mathematical principles. For example, you should learn basic strategy, i.e. knowing when to hit or stand, before you play blackjack. 

Embrace and enjoy the process: the beauty of casino gaming is its unpredictability. It’s a wild ride that you should embrace so, in turn, you can enjoy every session you play.

How to Redeem Cash Prizes?

Every top-rated sweepstakes casino has its own redemption process. In general, you exchange Sweeps for prizes by going to your account page, opening your balance, and submitting a redemption request. Before you do that, it’s important to understand the casino’s terms and conditions. Some of the important terms to consider are:

  • Expiration period: Sweeps typically expire after a certain amount of time. For example, Sweeps Coins at High 5 Casino are only valid for 60 days. 
  • Wagering requirements: you’ll often have to play through Sweeps once. For example, let’s say you claim a bonus and receive 10 free Sweeps. You’d need to wager those 10 Sweeps at least 
  • Minimum redemption amount: there will be a minimum amount of Sweeps you need to redeem. For example, at High 5 Casino, players need to accumulate 100 Sweeps Coins to activate the redemption option. From that point on, the minimum redemption amount is 50 Sweeps. 

As long as you meet the terms and conditions of the sweepstakes casino you’re using, exchanging coins for cash prizes is easy.

Steps to Redeem Cash Prizes

Here’s how to redeem Sweeps Coins for money, prizes, or cryptocurrencies:

  1. Log into your chosen sweepstakes casino. 
  2. Go to your account page and check your redeemable Sweeps balance (Sweeps are only redeemable once you’ve hit a playthrough target).
  3. Tap to submit a redemption request. 
  4. Input the amount of Sweeps you want to redeem and, if possible, choose the prize you want.
  5. Enter your personal details, including your banking information, and complete the request.

What is the Minimum Redemption Threshold?

The minimum threshold for redeeming Sweeps varies based on the casino you’re using. As we’ve said, High 5 Casino asks players to earn 100 Sweeps to activate the redemption feature and, after that, it processes requests of 50 Sweeps or more. At Pulsz sweepstakes casino, players are required to accumulate and maintain a balance of 100 Sweeps coins to be eligible for cash redemptions. If they want to make gift card redemptions, the minimum balance is 10 Sweeps. Each Sweeps Coin can be exchanged for $1 in cash/gift card credit, and Pulsz has a maximum redemption limit of $10,000 per day ($5,000 in Florida). Our tip here is to check the terms and conditions before requesting a redemption. 

Is It Legal to Win Money at Sweepstakes Casinos?

Yes, it’s legal to win money at sweepstakes casinos in the US. These gaming platforms are legal in all states, excluding Washington, Idaho, and Nevada. Therefore, as long as you’re 18 or older and not in an excluded state, you can use sweepstakes casinos. If you can use a sweepstakes casino, you’ve got the opportunity to get Sweeps Coins through a combination of bonuses, purchase offers, and by winning them. Then, as long as you’ve met all the necessary terms and conditions, you can exchange Sweeps Coins for prizes. 

The prizes vary depending on the casino you’re using. High 5 Casino, for example, offers cash prizes. Pulse gives you the choice between cash or gift cards, while casino offers cryptocurrency payouts. The bottom-line is this: it’s legal, safe, and entirely possible to win money from US sweepstakes casinos if you’re 18+. So, if you want to try the best sweepstakes casinos and play for cash prizes, take a look at our recommended operators today.

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