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Betting NCAA Football

College football is one of the most popular sports there is, boasting some of the largest fan bases and stadiums in the world. With stadiums of 100,000 regularly selling out, there’s plenty of market for betting on college football.

There's 130 Division I programs across the country, so there’s plenty of teams to support and bet on. With games happening half the week, there’s constant action for bettors to enjoy when betting on college football at NJ sports betting sites and PA sports betting sites.

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NCAAF Betting Tips

Understanding NCAA Betting Lines and Odds

Much like NFL betting, college football betting lines follow the three main betting lines: moneyline, spread, and over/under.

Moneyline betting is simple: who’s going to win. Odds are significantly shorter on the favorite and longer on the underdog than in any other form of betting. Deciphering American odds can be tricky for new bettors. Our online betting page given an explanation below the events you can bet on.

Point spread betting given a handicap to the underdog team. A favorite needs to win by X amount of points for bookmakers to consider to have “beaten the spread.” An underdog simply needs to lose by less points than the spread to be considered to have “covered the spread.”

Betting on the spread usually nets bettors odds around -110. Some bookmakers will keep the odds at exactly -110 and shift the spread accordingly, some will move the odds around slightly before shifting the spread. Keep an eye out for the odds being offered on a spread.

Over/Under betting depends on the total number of points scored by both teams. Knowing the tendencies of both teams is always key for over/under betting, as well as the tendencies of certain teams when they play against each other. Some games are destined to be high scoring.

NCAAF Markets

There are a ton of markets available for betting on for college football betting. Generally there are four main markets: season over/under wins, individual games, conference champion, and national champions.

Season Over/Under Total Wins

Another version of the over/under bet is an individual team’s total wins on the year. Available before the season, betting a team’s total wins is an extremely popular market among fans, and is the subject of a lot of non-money betting pools. There’s a ton of value to be found here.

Individual Game

Nothing special about individual games, these simply require one to know the two teams involved in a game, vs several teams in an entire conference, or how the national title works. Later into the season this gets, the more information about teams you’ll have to work with.

Conference Champion

The 130 FBS teams are split into 10 difference conferences, and every conference will end the year with a conference championship. Betting on who will be the overall conference champion before the season is always a popular market for college football bettors.

The are always 2 or 3 favorites to win a conference, and those teams are almost always the best bets to win the conference. Occasionally a conference is truly up for grabs, but generally the top teams are the ones you’ll want to put your money on.

National Champion

The national championship, as much as one school might claim otherwise, is awarded to the winner of the College Football Playoff (CFP). Unlike college basketball, the CFP is only a 4-team playoff, with the four teams selected via committee. While the CFP says that every conference has an opportunity, there are five conferences with an actual chance: ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, PAC-12, and SEC.

The 2020-21 CFP National Championship game will be held on January 11 and will be played at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla.

Tips for Betting NCAA Football

There are a handful of universal factors to consider when betting on college football.

Home Field Advantage

There’s no home field advantage like college football home field advantage. Of the 10 stadiums in the world with official capacities over 100,000, eight of them are the home stadiums of college football teams. It’s a monster advantage for the home teams because college football fans are also some of the most ravenous.

Weather & Conditions

Always try to check what the weather will be like for a game. Rain or snow can heavily affect how teams approach a game, especially if one or both teams prefer passing the ball. In poor weather, running the ball well becomes key and the better running teams are stronger bets.

Additionally, early or late in the season, temperature is worth considering if a conference stretches up and down the country. Northern teams sometimes struggle in the southern heat, and southern teams can struggle in the northern cold (or snow, which some players may have never seen before).

Individual Player Factors

More than the NFL, the college football game can at times be taken over by a particularly skilled offensive player. College football defenses are usually weaker than professional teams while the offenses can be just as skilled. Defensive stars can play a role, but offensive stars can and will break the game.


Simply put: throw everything you think you know out the window when it comes to rivalry games. Players come into rivalry games with a different mindset than any other game because beating your main rival can entirely salvage a poor season, or ruin an otherwise good season.

Even when one team is really bad and another is really good, rivalry games can still come right down to the wire. For example, the 2013 game between 2-9 South Florida and 10-1 UCF required the heavily favored UCF (up to -5000) to take the lead in the last 5 minutes to win the game.

Betting College Football Postseason

The college football postseason is unlike the postseason of any other league. For most teams, it’s one game. One single chance to end the season on a high note. College postseason bowls are usually evenly matched affairs, though sometimes there’s a lot of value to be found on mismatches.

Our full college football bowl game betting guide goes into more detail, but there’s plenty of value to be found among the bowl games. Interesting matchups of styles from different conferences can create underlying mismatches that might be hidden by overall records of teams.

The highlight of the bowl season is the New Year's Six bowl games. The two semifinal games rotate between the "New Year's Six" bowl games, the six highest ranked bowl games of the postseason. Some New Year's Six games have certain conference champions assigned to them, but will take the highest available team from the assigned conference if a conference champion is in the CFP Semifinal.

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Generally yes, if your state allows legal sports betting, you can bet on NCAA football games. However, some states will not let you bet on in-state teams or games occurring in the state.

The 2020 NCAA football season kicks off Saturday, August 29.

The NCAA football season ends on January 13, 2020 with the National Championship game.

Sportsbooks are split between Alabama and Clemson to win the National Championship.

You'll need to check the listings for each game, as college football is broadcast across almost every sports channel in the country.

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