Who Will Win Time Person of the Year For 2021?

Who Will Win Time Person of the Year For 2021?
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Betting on the 2021 Time Person of the Year has begun – and top bookmakers believe the award is destined to go to a group or organisation, rather than an individual.

In a year where the coronavirus has dominated global politics, it appears as though healthcare workers – whether they be nurses in hospitals or essential workers – will win the prestigious award.

2021 has been a testing year for everyone. Shocks to national healthcare systems, large-scale lockdowns and the trauma of people losing family members to the disease has been felt across the world.

Yet as we head towards 2022 there is new hope that COVID-19 will soon be defeated. The vaccine drive across much of the West has got life back to some sense of normality. And while more can still be done to help vaccinate the most vulnerable in poorer countries, there is certainly optimism that the worst of coronavirus is behind us.

With that in mind, it is perhaps no wonder that Doctors, Nurses, First Responders and Essential Workers are the UK bookmakers’ favourites to be named Time Person of the Year for 2021. With odds of 21/10, this group of health professionals has a 33% chance of winning the award.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) could also earn the gong following its role in getting vaccines to less affluent areas across the globe.

2021 Time Person of the Year Betting

Doctors, Nurses, First Responders, Essential Workers21/1033%
Joe Biden7/222%
Anthony Fauci7/112%
Kamala Harris8/111%
9Ugur Sahin14/17%
Climate Activists14/17%

There is logic behind the bookies pricing two groups, rather than individuals, as favourites for the award. Groups have increasingly become recognised by Time Magazine for their influential work across the globe, with groups such as those who spoke out against secular abuse (2017), journalists facing persecution (2018) and internet ‘content creators’ (2006) earning the award.

Individuals are still recognised, of course. Last year newly-elected president Joe Biden was named Time Person of the Year, along with his VP Kamala Harris. Four years prior Donald Trump got his face on the magazine’s front page.

Biden supposedly has a 22% chance of winning this award in 2021 but that appears unlikely following America’s disastrous withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan this summer, which has severely impacted on his approval ratings.

Of course, the Time Person of the Year award is handed to someone who "for better or for worse… has done the most to influence the events of the year”.

Biden and Harris have certainly done that, but it’s likely that coronavirus – and in particular the vaccine drive – will dominate the 2021 award. Epidemiologists as a group are also in the running, believe the bookies, as are journalists.

Sahin and Fauci Candidates

Interestingly Ugur Sahin, the German immunologist who helped develop one of the most widely-used COVID-19 vaccines on the planet, has a 7% chance of winning the award. Handing the Timer Person of the Year to an individual health worker, as opposed to a group, would certainly raise eyebrows.

Perhaps more likely for an American magazine such as Time is to name US immunologist and chief medical advisor to the president, Anthony Fauci, as the winner for 2021. Mr Fauci has withstood a barrage of criticism from right-wing media – and in particular Donald Trump – over his advice on tackling the coronavirus pandemic in America. And like him or loathe him, he certainly fits Time’s criteria.

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