How Social Casinos Make Money While Entertaining Players?

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How Social Casinos Make Money While Entertaining Players?

Social casinos might be free to use, but that doesn’t mean they’re not capable of generating revenue for the host company. But surely that means I’ve got to pay some money into the system? No, you don’t. Social and sweepstakes casinos have various ways of generating income, so you can always enjoy a free-play experience without spending your own money. If you’re confused, stick with us for the next few minutes as we clear things up.

Social Casino Coin Sales

Read our guide to social casinos and you’ll see that we mention Gold Coins a lot. Gold Coins are the standard currency used at social and sweepstakes casinos. These coins don’t have any value outside of the casino you’re using, which means they’re free-play tokens. All social and sweepstakes casinos are legally obliged to give you free Gold Coins. In fact, they’re not only obligated to give you them as a welcome bonus, they’re required to do it on a regular basis. 

It’s because of this rule that you can continue using these casinos for free for as long as you want. As it’s known in the industry, there is “no obligation” to buy Gold Coins. However, as it is in life, the social casino gaming world gives you the option to pay for something extra. As such, you can buy extra Gold Coins. Bundled into packages, these coins come at different prices and, each time you buy some, the social casino makes money. Again, you don’t have to buy Gold Coins but, if you want to, it’s possible.

In-App Purchases

Social casinos, more than their sweepstakes counterparts, make a point of offering things that are slightly different from the norm. These differences usually come in the form of gamification features. For those who don’t know, “gamification” is a term used to describe the process of adding game elements to non-games. Of course, slots, blackjack, roulette, and other casino games are games. However, they’ve been “gamified” in the sense that social casino developers add extra features.

These features are things such as objects you can use within a game. For example, at PokerStars VR, you can buy food or objects that can be thrown at opponents. As well as cosmetic upgrades and objects, you can pay for items that unlock new levels. A social casino might give you access to 20 different games as a Level 1 player, but if you pay a small fee, you get access to Level 2, which has 100 games. Again, all of these things are optional, but they’re ways social casinos can generate revenue.

Partnerships with Other Brands

Social and sweepstakes casinos can have advertising partners. These partners pay for banners and other advertising opportunities, such as in-game pop-ups and videos. There might be certain instances when adverts get annoying but, in general, they’re not hugely intrusive. If you do get frustrated with the banners and pop-ups, try to remind yourself that they’re helping you play casino games for free. 

Money from advertisers is revenue for the operator. The more an operator can make from partnerships, the less it has to rely on players buying Gold Coins or paying for upgrades. This, in turn, means you can play slots and other social casino games for as long as you want without spending a cent. So, while we agree that adverts can be annoying sometimes, they actually help keep things free.

Exclusive VIP Programs

Some social online casinos, and sweepstakes sites, have VIP programs. Certain VIP programs use the loyalty model, which means your ranking is determined by the amount you play. Others use a hybrid system whereby your activity determines your status to a certain point. However, if you want to reach the upper-echelons of the system, you need to buy coins or tokens. Most people won’t care whether or not they’re a top-ranked VIP, but there might be certain benefits to acquiring special tokens. The benefits could be access to additional games and features, extra bonuses like free sc coins, and bigger discounts when/if you buy Gold Coins.

Events, Challenges and Races

The final way social casinos generate revenue is through competitions. Otherwise known as challenges and races, these events require players to pay an entry fee then play certain games in order to earn points. The players who accumulate the most points at the end of the challenge win prizes. Like the other extras we’ve discussed, challenges and races are optional. You don’t have to enter. 

However, if you like the idea of winning Gold Coins and other prizes, they can be extremely entertaining. It’s often the case that you’ll need a certain number of coins to enter. If you don’t have enough, you’ll need to buy some. This is how challenges and races can generate income for the casino. The good news though is that they put some of the money back into the system by offering prizes. So, if you do enter these types of events, you can see them as an investment rather than frivolous spending.


Social casinos are and always will be free-play platforms. This means the operators need to generate income in creative ways. None of the income-generating systems they use will affect your experience. You can still sign up and play for free whenever you want. What’s neat about some of the features though, is that they allow you to enhance your experience for a small fee. So, if you’ve got the financial means and desire, there are some interesting features you can unlock while simultaneously supporting your favorite social casinos.

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