This Detroit Casino Has Historically Had the Best Payouts

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This Detroit Casino Has Historically Had the Best Payouts
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Motor City is home to some fantastic casinos. As well as the best online casinos Michigan has to offer, anyone in Detroit can visit MotorCity Casino, MGM Grand Detroit, and Greektown Casino. All three venues are packed with slots, table games, eateries, bars, and leisure facilities. Put simply, they’re all fantastic entertainment venues where you can eat, drink, and have fun. However, there is one Detroit casino that offers a bit more than the rest.

That “bit more” is a historic payout rate that surpasses any other. Now, before we reveal the Detroit casino with the best payout rate, we need to say that nothing is ever guaranteed in gambling. Just because a casino has historically paid out more prize money than others, that doesn’t mean it will continue to. Moreover, it doesn’t mean you’ll win more there than any other licensed casino in the state. 

Every operator licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board has to comply with strict regulations. This goes for online operators such as Caesars Michigan Casino, as well as bricks and mortar venues like MGM Grand Detroit. One of the many regulations licensees need to meet is fairness. 

All casino games, from slots to roulette, have to be provably fair. As such, third-party testing agencies are used by gaming companies to prove that their games are legit. From this, we can say with confidence that you’ve got an equal chance of winning, regardless of where you play.

MGM Grand: Is this the Best Casino in Detroit to Win at?

Although you’ve got the same chance of winning wherever you play, we can’t ignore the fact one casino has paid out more money than its peers. Which casino is it? It’s MGM Grand Detroit. 

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This bricks and mortar casino is owned by MGM Resorts International, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. That fact alone should explain why it pays out more money than other Detroit casinos. Delving deeper into the reasons why it’s paid out more than its peers, we get the following facts:

MGM Grand Detroit Has More Games

All three retail casinos in Detroit have 100,000 square feet of gaming space. However, MGM packs more onto its gaming floor than its peers. For example, there are almost 3,500 slots and 143 table games inside MGM Grand Detroit. In contrast, MotorCity Casino has 2,800 slots and 59 table games.

MGM Grand Attracts More Visitors

Caesars Windsor is often credited as being the busiest casino in Detroit. However, if we’re being picky, it lies across the water in Windsor, Canada. It is close enough to Detroit that local gamers go there. However, if we’re sticking to Detroit specifically, MGM gets the most visitors.

We know that Greektown Casino has had some rough times financially, which suggests it isn’t always as busy as other local casinos. We can also look at official government data to see that MGM had 43% market share in 2021, while MotorCity and Greektown had 35% and 22%, respectively. Based on the fact MGM attracts more visitors, it generates more revenue which, in turn, means it also pays out more prize money.

MGM Has Bigger Jackpots

The final reason MGM Grand Detroit has historically paid out more money than its peers is progressive jackpots. More customers means the casino accepts more bets. This results in more money going into progressive jackpot prizepools. 

Therefore, when one hits, it’s worth a lot of money. Indeed, we saw this when two poker players won almost $500,000 from MGM’s bad beat jackpot. Thanks to prizes like this, and the facilities MGM Grand Detroit has, it’s regarded as the top payout casino in Michigan. 

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