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DraftKings NY Sportsbook is live in the Empire State along with some of the top sportsbooks that were granted an NY operating license on November 8, 2021. DraftKings is known for its DFS platform but has quickly become one of the most competitive sports betting operators in the world, and finally, it can now offer its services to several US States, including New York! 

Read on to find out more about what DraftKings New York offers and what makes it one of the best NY betting sites: from bonus bet offers, odds boosts, tips, and more, you can find everything here in our comprehensive DraftKings NY Sports review

DraftKings New York Sportsbook Promo Code Overview


DraftKings NY Sportsbook Pros & Cons

Regulated and reputable operator
Generous welcome bonus
Impressive NFL betting bonuses
Live betting and live streaming
Covers a wide variety of sports
Horse racing on a separate platform; not available in all states
Desktop software cluttered compared to mobile app

DraftKings New York Promo Code Essential Terms

When you sign up for a new account at DraftKings Sportsbook, you can take advantage of their latest promotion using our exclusive offer. This is a straightforward way for new customers to enjoy some added value when getting started with DraftKings Sportsbook. 

With this offer, DraftKings successfully competes with best online sportsbooks in the US, but it does need to improve slightly to go to the top of the best sportsbook promotions.

Essential Terms:

More DraftKings New York Promos for New and Existing Bettors

Parlay Profit Boost:50% same game parlay profit boost.
Referral Bonus:Get a $100 bonus bet when referring a friend.
Bonus BetThe brand caters to its new and existing users by offering a variety of bonus bets periodically. Stay tuned to our review and as soon brand offers such welcome bonus, we'll share it with you.


Our Honest DraftKings Review

Overview of Ratings for DraftKings NY:


DraftKings had a presence in New York long before local sports betting laws were passed. That fact alone makes it a trustworthy, reputable brand. However, in addition to being a respected name in the state, the executives at DraftKings Sports know what customers want.

They know you value generous welcome bonuses and comprehensive coverage of events involving the Jets, the Yankees, and the Knicks. They also know you want generous odds. Put simply, DraftKings knows what New Yorkers want based on experience, which is why it’s a top-rated New York sportsbook.

Here’s how we break it down in our review:

  1. Promos: Odds Boosts, Bonus Bets
  2. Quality of Odds VS. The Competition
  3. Sportsbook Features
  4. Market Variety and Bet Types
  5. Deposit and Cash Out
  6. Mobile App Design & Performance
  7. Rewards Programs & Loyalty Offers

Offers: Bonus Bets, Odds Boosts and Other: 3.5 / 5

The DraftKings Sportsbook welcome bonus is worth $1000 in free bets. That’s impressive. It’s a great deal that leads into an ever-changing roster of bonus bet, cashback, and booster promos focused on the latest sports events.

DraftKings Sports has more event promotions than almost any other NY betting site. Bonus bets and insurance offers are common, but odds boosts stand out as the most impressive. For example, if the line is -200, an odds boost could reduce it to -100. That means you need to bet less to win the same, even though the proposition (i.e. the thing you’re betting on) hasn’t changed.

Common Questions about Promotions:

Quality of Odds vs Other Sportsbooks: 5/5

To determine the quality of DraftKings’ odds, the only fair thing to do is compare them to other NY sportsbooks. For clarity, there will always be some give and take. Some bookmakers will have better odds for certain events and others will shine in different areas.

However, on the whole, DraftKings stacks up well against its competition. We assessed an NBA game between the Mavericks and the Knicks. This is what we found:

Based on the above betting odds, DraftKings offered the best overall value. Its odds on the Knicks were more generous than FanDuel but not as good as those at BetRivers.

Conversely, the odds on the Mavericks were better at DraftKings than BetRivers but not FanDuel. Therefore, based on this, we can say the odds for the game as a whole were better at DraftKings.

DraftKings NY Odds for New York Teams We didn’t see any particular bias towards New York teams during our review. Indeed, the example above shows that it actually had shorter odds on the Knicks than BetRivers. This is a positive because you want the oddsmakers to be setting realistic lines, regardless of the situation. So, by not being biased towards local teams, you can trust that you’re getting fair value each time you place a bet.

Interesting Sportsbook Features: 3/5 

raftKings does a lot of things well, but the one feature that marks it out as unique in New York is its betting pools. These are fixed price competitions where you pay to enter (some pools are free to join) with the aim of winning a cash prize.

There are various betting pools, but the main premise is always the same: make bets and earn points each time you make a correct pick. The entrants with the most points at the end of a competition win a share of the prizepool.

Market Variety and Bet Types: 5/5

DraftKings New York currently covers 16 different sports. That’s a solid number and more than BetRivers and FanDuel. It’s not as good as it could be though. If we look at sportsbooks in other states, or the world at large, many of the top operators cover niche sports such as darts, volleyball, and gaming. DraftKings NY doesn’t.

However, what it does cover, it covers well. Popular US sports such as basketball are well represented, with major league and college odds. You can also get odds for international sporting events. So, even though it might trail what other betting sites offer outside of New York, DraftKings has the best market variety within the state.

Depositing and Cashing Out: 4/5

We know that every deposit and withdrawal you make at DraftKings will be safe because it’s a licensed operator that uses reputable processors. Beyond this, the payment conditions are very good. You can use a variety of methods, including Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. That matches what BetRivers et al offer.

However, we do know that BetRivers will be accepting Vanilla Cash payments. DraftKings doesn’t work with this mobile payment processor, so that’s something it could improve on. However, in terms of payment limits, DraftKings is better than BetRivers because the minimum withdrawal is $1. At BetRivers, it’s $10.

Mobile App Design & Performance: 4/5

The DraftKings Sportsbook mobile app is clean and compact. The dark background makes it easy on the eye, and the addition of quick link buttons makes it simple to navigate. If we’re being critical, the buttons that unlock dropdown menus are a little on the small side. This makes it tricky to get certain bits of information.

However, the DraftKings mobile app makes up for this when it comes to placing bets. Tapping picks adds them to your bet slip. You then have the option to bet on them individually or combine them as a parlay. This process is extremely efficient and one of the main reasons it’s rated highly by US sports bettors.

Rewards Programs & Loyalty Offers: 4/5

Your loyalty is rewarded at DraftKings. In fact, the rewards here are better than other NY Sportsbooks. The scheme is known as Dynasty, and you’ll earn one point for every $2 you wager on sport.

At BetRivers, you need to stake $6 on a single combination bet to earn a point. This does decrease as you add more picks to a combination bet. However, at the base level, you get more credit for your bets at DraftKings. In turn, these points can be used to unlock bonus bets, odds boosts, enhanced support and more.

In addition to the DraftKings Sport loyalty scheme, there are plenty of ongoing offers for real-money customers. Check out the table below for a summary of what to expect and, in turn, how its roster of promos compares to other New York betting sites.

DraftKings New York vs FanDuel NY vs Caesars NY

Bonuses & Odds Boosts3.5/54/54.5/5
Odds Quality5/54/54/5
Betting Features3/54/53/5
Markets & Bet Types5/54/53/5
Deposits & Cashouts4/53/54/5
Mobile App4/54/53/5
Loyalty Rewards4/50/54/5
OVERALL RATING4.1 / 53.3 / 53.7 / 5

Comparison Summary

  • DraftKings NY: Best for Payments, odds, and loyalty rewards.
  • FanDuel New York: Best for free bet bonuses and features.
  • Caesars New York: Best for odds boosts and comps.

DraftKings is hard to beat when it comes to odds. Its peers might be slightly better in certain instances but, overall, DraftKings offers the best value. Similarly, it’s a standout operator with regards to loyalty rewards and, in our three-way comparison, only Caesars can compete.

We do prefer some of the features at FanDuel. For example, you can stream live events. FanDuel also offers odds on horse racing, something DraftKings doesn’t. Finally, we can’t ignore the fact Caesars is linked to William Hill, which is one of the oldest and most respected brands in sports betting.

DraftKings New York Sportsbook Top Features & Experience

  • Betting Pools
  • My Saved Bets Feature
  • How to Bet Guides

Betting pools certainly standout as one of the best features at DraftKings. We also like the fact you can pin certain sports/events and access them at a later date via the “My Bets” page. This ability to customize what you see makes the app feel more accessible and efficient.

Finally, the “How to Bet” feature is fantastic if you’re a newbie. You can use this to get a handle on how DraftKings works as well as the best ways to bet on sports.

Popular New York Sports Bets on DraftKings

  • Point Spreads: These bets require you to predict on the margin of victory. DraftKings sets a spread and you have to pick whether the team will beat that target.
  • Moneyline odds: These are straight win bets that require you to pick the winner of a contest.
  • Totals: Also known as over/under bets, totals set a line and you have to decide whether or not the final result will be over or under it.
  • Parlays: You can combine multiple picks into a single bet. This is known as a parlay and all picks need to be correct in order for you to win.

The DraftKings NY Betting App

The DraftKings Sports mobile app does have some advantages over its desktop counterpart. Admittedly, some buttons aren’t as easy to use because of their size. However, the process of swiping and tapping is more efficient than clicking a mouse button.

What’s more, the app compresses each page element down, so you only see what’s necessary. That makes it easier to focus on each part of the betting process i.e. choosing a sport, making a pick, and locking in your bet.

Download the DraftKings New York App

You can download DraftKings NY mobile app by following these steps:

  • CLICK HERE to create an account.
  • Verify your account.
  • Go to your native app store (iOS or Android) and search for DraftKings Sports.
  • Install the app and turn on the geolocation tracker.
  • Use your DraftKings login details to access your account.

How to Create a DraftKings New York Sportsbook Account

  1. CLICK HERE to open the DraftKings Sportsbook sign-up page.
  2. Enter your desired username and password, plus your email address and a DraftKings sportsbook promo code (if required).
  3. Enter your name, date of birth, the last four digits of your SSN, and your address. You need to be 21 or older to join DraftKings Sportsbook.
  4. Allow the geolocation software to verify your identity. Upload a copy of your ID if prompted.
  5. Enable the geolocation software. You must be in New York State to create an account/use DraftKings.

Can I have more than one betting account?

No. You will have access to DraftKings Fantasy Sports when you join the sportsbook, but you can’t have more than one account.

DraftKings NY Sportsbook Deposit & Cashout Options

Deposits start at $5 and are processed instantly. Withdrawals start at $1, and requests take between one and three days to be processed. The ways you can pay are: Visa

  • Master
  • Card
  • PayPal
  • Play+
  • Prepaid Card
  • Bank Transfer

Depositing & Withdrawing:

  • Log into your account.

  • Hit “Deposit” in the top right corner of the page.

  • Select the amount you'd like to deposit/withdraw.

  • Choose a valid payment method.

  • Enter your payment details.

  • Confirm the transaction.

How to Place a Bet

  1. Follow these steps to place a bet at DraftKings Sports:
  2. Click home and scroll down the menu on the left of the page.
  3. Select a sport and look through the latest odds.
  4. Make a pick by tapping the odds.
  5. Open your bet slip and input your stake.
  6. Confirm your bet and wait.

Security & Customer Support Options at DraftKings NY

This NY sportsbook uses SSL encryption to protect you and your personal details. Add to this an active security team that monitors network behavior and you’ll always be safe. If you ever feel uncertain about anything, security related or otherwise, you can contact the DraftKings support team 24/7 via the following methods: DraftKings Live Chat

DraftKings Email: [email protected]

Request a call back (use the online form)

Betting Responsibly with DraftKings New York Sportsbook

Sports betting is and should always be fun. Any time you feel as though things are getting out of control, stop. DraftKings has a variety of tools to help. As well as betting limits and links to problem gambling organizations, you can lock your account for a specified amount of time. If the cooling off period doesn’t work, you can choose to close your account permanently.

Must be 21+ and in a legal betting state to participate.

Top DraftKings Sports Bets from New York

This is a complete list of the sports you will be able to bet on with the DraftKings app:

  • College and pro football
  • NBA and NCAA basketball
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Boxing and MMA
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Motorsports
  • Soccer
  • Australian rules football
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Handball
  • Rugby
  • Table tennis

In addition to straight bets on sides, totals and event winners, there are other possibilities. You can make parlay bets, and there are basketball and football teaser bets. Teaser bets are best described as a single bet with multiple picks, and you get extra points against the point spread.

There are team propositions, like the number of touchdowns that will be scored, and there are player props. An example of a player prop is the over/under on the number of yards that will be gained by a running back.

You can make futures wagers as well. This is a bet on a team to win their league, division, conference or overall championship.

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports Betting in NY

Daily fantasy sports contests are alive and well in the Empire state, so many residents of the state already have relationships with DraftKings. You can simply click a link at the top of the homepage to move between the daily fantasy sports site and DraftKings sportsbook NY.

You cannot freely transfer money from one account to the other. However, you can use your winnings from DFS contests for sports wagering.


DraftKings New York Sportsbook vs Other States

The brand has established a wide presence in numerous states. The most important part is that its offering is practically the same across all states in terms of quality of service and betting types. When it comes to betting markets, they differ from one state to another, as it largely depends on local regulations. Some states don't permit college sports betting. The latest update is that the brand is launching its operations in Maryland and Ohio. If you're eager to learn more, you can go ahead and read our reviews of the brand in that state.

Our Expert Verdict on DraftKings New York

DraftKings Sportsbook New York has plenty of strengths. The loyalty scheme is impressive, the software is solid, and the odds are always generous. We would like to see a few more extra features, such as live streams, and the welcome bonus could be improved. However, overall, this is a top-tier NY betting site that has something for pros and novices alike.

As we have touched upon, we are going to provide updates about sports betting in New York and NY sportsbook apps on an ongoing basis. You should check back here from time to time to get the latest updates.

In addition to the news that is specific to New York, there are resources on this site that will make you a more successful sports bettor. Feel free to look around and take advantage of the informative content.


Draftkings New York FAQs

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What betting options does DraftKings offer NY Bettors?

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Which DraftKings Sports are available to wager on in New York?

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