Las Vegas Raiders Betting, Odds and Stats

Las Vegas Raiders Betting, Odds and Stats

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Welcome to, where you can find new updates, player and teams stats, and discover the latest betting odds and offers for the Las Vegas Raiders. This site brings together all the Raiders’ vital stats and information, making it simple for fans to bet on Raiders games. We have football betting promo codes, odds, stats, NFL player props, picks and team sheets on our website for your convenience. As soon as new customer free bets for betting on the Raiders become available, we will post them on our site too.

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Head Coach / Manager
Josh McDaniels
Allegiant Stadium
Offensive Coordinator
Mick Lombardi
Defensive Coordinator
Patrick Graham

History of the Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are currently based in America’s home of gambling, Las Vegas, at the Allegiant Stadium following a relocation in 2020. Originally from Oakland, the Raiders have become an iconic NFL franchise due to their image and the legendary figures who have represented the team through their history. Currently, the team resides in the tough AFC West division alongside the Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs.

Las Vegas Raiders Betting Promo Codes & Offers

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Las Vegas Raiders Betting Odds

Remember to take advantage of any available betting sign up offers and free bet offers before betting on Raiders games. The offers shown on this page are updated with the latest promotions and related codes. So you know any code shown here is up to date and valid for use. You can even use this page to check if a code you have can still be used with a sportsbook, only after checking out the best NFL odds available.

The most up-to-date betting odds and data for Las Vegas Raiders games can be found. All sportsbooks mentioned on our site have been thoroughly verified. Even if the Raiders aren't playing on that day, the data is analyzed and shown on the site, updated hourly. Before placing any wagers on the Raiders, feel free to review all of the information that we have put together for you to ensure that you get the most out of all of your bets.

Quarterback Stats

Check out how Derek Carr is performing this season here:

Las Vegas Raiders Betting Stats

You've just discovered the most beneficial resource for learning everything there is to know about the Las Vegas Raiders. The risk of a bet can only be mitigated by reading and digesting as much information as possible. So make sure you use all the information we provide in order to make the finest and smartest decisions on your wagers and picks. Make a note of this page and add it to your bookmarks. Make a visit to this page part of your betting routine.

Las Vegas Raiders Player Stats

The Raiders seem to be the lure of the Las Vegas lifestyle as they continue to reestablish the franchise as a potentially threatening one in the AFC Division. This means that the team has made some great additions to the roster in free agency. Visit for the best NFL picks and most up-to-date information Raiders individual player stats, including TD scorers, player parlays, and QB props.

Las Vegas Raiders Game Stats

If you want to bet on the Las Vegas Raiders to win games against their AFC West Division rivals during the regular season or advance in the playoffs, you've come to the perfect place. Learn more about your upcoming money lines and spread bets with the data provided on this site. Make sure you consider all historical game information that will give you an advantage when making your NFL picks!

Running Back Stats

Josh Jacobs is now into his fourth season as the primary back for the Raiders. See his rushing yards here:

Las Vegas Raiders News

For the latest news in Raider nation, check out our feed below. But if it’s the latest lineup information you're after, including injury reports, then check our NFL lineups page for Las Vegas Raiders probable starters.

Wide Receiver Stats

The Raiders made a splash in the offseason by bringing in Davante Adams. Find out if he was worth the salary:

Las Vegas Raiders to Win the Super Bowl

With three Super Bowl Championships to their name, the Raiders have tasted NFL glory. The current Las Vegas squad is determined to rise to the expectations placed on them during and after the relocation and bring back some of the success that characterized the franchise back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Watch out as the Raiders try to continue their race towards Super Bowl LVI. Here are the Raiders' in the Super Bowl betting odds. 

Las Vegas Raiders Odds to Win the AFC

Although the Las Vegas squad has not reached the playoffs since 2016, they have made it to the postseason showdown a total of 22 times. In addition, For some, it's just a matter of time before the Raiders catch onto some of the Las Vegas city vibes and raise the bar for future playoff run.

Las Vegas Raiders Odds to Win the AFC West

With 15 divisional titles, the Raiders certainly have the pedigree. But are they ready to claim top spot at the top of their AFC division ahead of the Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos or Kansas City Chiefs? They enter the season as the clear underdog, so if you fancy their chances check out the odds when they become available.

Receiving Stats, Team Roster and Team Specials

Get a detailed look at receiver stats, the newest team assembly, and those in special teams thanks to our team of experts at



68 Andre JamesC 6'4'' 300 lbs 1997/05/02 (26)UCLA
65 Hroniss GrasuC 6'3'' 301 lbs 1991/08/12 (32)Oregon
50 Jacob BobenmoyerC 6'2'' 235 lbs 1997/05/28 (26)Northern Colorado
72 Jermaine EluemunorOL 6'4'' 330 lbs 1994/12/13 (28)Texas A&M
4 Aidan O'ConnellQB 6'3'' 210 lbs 1998/09/01 (25)Purdue
10 Jimmy GaroppoloQB 6'2'' 225 lbs 1991/11/02 (31)Eastern Illinois
7 Brian HoyerQB 6'2'' 215 lbs 1985/10/13 (37)Michigan State
34 Brandon BoldenRB 5'11'' 220 lbs 1990/01/26 (33)Ole Miss
8 Josh JacobsRB 5'10'' 223 lbs 1998/02/11 (25)Alabama
47 Sincere McCormickRB 5'9'' 205 lbs 2000/09/10 (23)UTSA
32 Austin WalterRB 5'8'' 202 lbs 1996/08/17 (27)Rice
35 Zamir WhiteRB 6'0'' 215 lbs 1999/09/18 (24)Georgia
22 Ameer AbdullahRB 5'9'' 203 lbs 1993/06/13 (30)Nebraska
38 Brittain BrownRB 6'1'' 205 lbs 1997/10/10 (25)UCLA
87 Michael MayerTE 6'4'' 265 lbs 2001/07/26 (22)Notre Dame
85 Cole FotheringhamTE 6'4'' 243 lbs 1997/10/11 (25)Utah
86 John Samuel ShenkerTE 6'3'' 242 lbs 1998/09/02 (25)Auburn
80 Jesper HorstedTE 6'3'' 237 lbs 1997/02/27 (26)Princeton
82 Austin HooperTE 6'4'' 254 lbs 1994/10/29 (28)Stanford
88 Jacob HollisterTE 6'4'' 245 lbs 1993/11/18 (29)Wyoming
19 Isaiah ZuberWR 6'0'' 190 lbs 1997/04/15 (26)Mississippi State
13 Hunter RenfrowWR 5'10'' 185 lbs 1995/12/21 (27)Clemson
88 Antoine WesleyWR 6'4'' 206 lbs 1997/10/22 (25)Texas Tech
3 DeAndre CarterWR 5'8'' 190 lbs 1993/04/10 (30)Sacramento State
83 Kristian WilkersonWR 6'1'' 214 lbs 1997/01/10 (26)Southeast Missouri State
89 Tre TuckerWR 5'9'' 185 lbs 2001/03/08 (22)Cincinnati
17 Davante AdamsWR 6'1'' 215 lbs 1992/12/24 (30)Fresno State
14 Marquez CallawayWR 6'2'' 204 lbs 1998/03/27 (25)Tennessee
16 Jakobi MeyersWR 6'2'' 200 lbs 1996/11/09 (26)NC State
84 Keelan ColeWR 6'1'' 194 lbs 1993/04/20 (30)Kentucky Wesleyan


21 Amik RobertsonCB 5'9'' 183 lbs 1998/07/06 (25)Louisiana Tech
24 Marcus PetersCB 6'0'' 197 lbs 1993/01/09 (30)Washington
39 Sam WebbCB 6'0'' 202 lbs 1998/05/19 (25)Missouri Western
49 Jordan PerrymanCB 6'0'' 198 lbs 1999/02/27 (24)Washington
28 David LongCB 5'11'' 196 lbs 1998/02/06 (25)Michigan
37 Tyler HallCB 5'10'' 190 lbs 1998/10/31 (24)Wyoming
39 Nate HobbsCB 6'0'' 195 lbs 1999/06/24 (24)Illinois
0 Jakorian BennettCB 5'11'' 195 lbs 2000/08/23 (23)Maryland
31 Brandon FacysonCB 6'2'' 197 lbs 1994/09/08 (29)Virginia Tech
56 Amari BurneyLB 6'2'' 228 lbs 2000/06/19 (23)Florida
43 Kana'i MaugaLB 6'2'' 245 lbs 2000/01/08 (23)USC
59 Luke MastersonLB 6'1'' 220 lbs 1998/01/07 (25)Wake Forest
53 Isaac DarkangeloLB 6'1'' 230 lbs 2000/04/26 (23)Illinois
5 Divine DeabloLB 6'3'' 223 lbs 1998/08/17 (25)Virginia Tech
36 Curtis BoltonLB 6'0'' 228 lbs 1995/12/18 (27)Oklahoma
58 Darien ButlerLB 6'0'' 225 lbs 2000/02/29 (23)Arizona State
41 Robert SpillaneLB 6'1'' 229 lbs 1995/12/14 (27)Western Michigan
33 Roderic TeamerS 6'0'' 205 lbs 1997/05/12 (26)Tulane
20 Isaiah Pola-MaoS 6'4'' 205 lbs 1999/06/30 (24)USC
40 Jaydon GrantS 6'0'' 190 lbs 1998/06/15 (25)Oregon State

special teams

2 Daniel CarlsonK 6'5'' 215 lbs 1995/01/23 (28)Auburn
6 AJ ColeP 6'4'' 220 lbs 1995/11/27 (27)NC State