Minnesota Vikings Betting, Odds and Stats

Minnesota Vikings Betting, Odds and Stats

Team Info

This betting page is where you will find all the stats and odds for the Minnesota Vikings. We have gathered all the key betting data you will need to make an informed decision about which bet to make when it comes to the Vikings. This includes promo codes, odds, stats, and team list. Additional bonuses for betting on Vikings games from the leading best NFL betting sites are also availablehere.

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Head Coach / Manager
Kevin O'Connell
U.S. Bank Stadium
Offensive Coordinator
Wes Phillips
Defensive Coordinator
Ed Donatell

History of the Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are located in Minneapolis, one of the Twin Cities in the state of Minnesota. The Vikings go a long way back, to 1959 when the official announcement was released that the city would be granted an NFL franchise for the following year. It wasn't until January 1960, however, that the team was officially established. The team played its first game in 1961 as the official 14th franchise of the league.

Since then, the Vikings have dominated at the top of their division. With unprecedented official playoff appearances and currently surpassed only by the Dallas Cowboys, the Vikings have, however, tasted a bittersweet feeling. Even though they have been at the top of their conference, the Vikings have failed to walk out with an official championship title. They also have the highest franchise winning percentage without a Super Bowl win. 

Currently, the Vikings compete in the National Football Conference (NFC) North Division. 


Minnesota Vikings Betting Promo Codes & Offers

If you're looking to bet on Minnesota Vikings games, make sure you do so via a trusted and licensed provider. Once you have validated that the site or the top betting apps for NFL is trustworthy, explore all possibilities that promotions applicable to Minnesota Vikings games can provide you. 

Sports betting sites often release different betting offers to incentivize users to place bets that apply to specific Vikings games. Make sure you don't miss out on any of these offers.

To get discounts, proceed to copy and paste the codes on the registration page. Validate that all codes you are applying match the sportsbooks which initially released them. We advise all bettors to consider using multiple sportsbooks to enhance users' overall betting advantages.

Be on the lookout for benefits on all offers and promos out there that apply to Vikings games. Keep in mind that most free bet promo code have expiration dates. Sportsbooks outline these dates and other user recommendations under their terms and conditions. Ensure to read all points that apply to betting on Vikings games so that you don't miss out on any benefits put out there by the organizations. Remember to take full advantage of every best sportsbook promos  that comes with betting on Vikings games.

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Minnesota Vikings Betting Odds

We aim to provide you with the most updated betting odds and stats for Vikings games. Every sportsbook shown on the page offering NFL odds is checked and validated. All data is then updated and posted on site on an hourly basis every single day. Before you place any bets on Vikings games, be sure to look at what is on offer you before moving forward with placing any wagers.

Quarterback Stats

The Vikings' starting QB is putting out the following stats which could come in useful if you like to bet on NFL player props:

Minnesota Vikings Betting Stats

Minnesota Vikings Betting Stats

The Minnesota Vikings' stats page is the most resource site to find all important information about the team. Betting is only uncertain until all information is considered to turn all odds in your favor. Make sure every bet you make is smart and informed once you have checked all relevant information. Bookmakers.com gives the chance to not only take advantage of this information but will allow you to make your betting process an easier one to execute.

Minnesota Vikings Player Stats

Although the Minnesota Vikings have managed to lead the top positions of their division, they have fallen short in conquering the top of the NFL. Attempts continue to be made to build a stronger roster for the team to play with its historical stats-proven performances. To find out more about individual player stats, like TD scorers, player parlays & QB props, check out the best and most recent information on which to place your Vikings bets with your chosen NFL betting and NFL picks always on hand. 

Minnesota Vikings Game Stats

If you are looking to bet on the Minnesota Vikings to beat any of their NFC North Division rivals throughout regular-season games or playoffs, you have just come to the right place. Historical game stats will give you the edge to make your pick the top Moneyline and spreads, as shown on the site.

Running Back Stats

Vikings' running backs are heading forward with the following numbers which might help you when you make your NFL picks:

Minnesota Vikings News

Before placing any bet on the Vikings this season, make sure you have all the latest news coming out of the Vikings facility. Injuries and suspensions can determine who will make it in the NFL lineups and you can find everything you need to know right here. 

Wide Receiver Stats

The Vikings' have constant success when it comes to their receivers like Justin Jefferson.

Check out how The Vikings' wide receivers are catching on the following numbers:

Minnesota Vikings to Win the Super Bowl

The Minnesota Vikings have had unbelievable postseason performances. Even after featuring in four different Super Bowls appearances, the team has walked away empty-handed. As the squad continues to dominate the top positions of its division conference, there seem to be very few teams in the league like the Vikings that can tilt the odds to make an appearance at Super Bowl LVI.

The  Super Bowl betting odds for the Minnesota Vikings will show when available. 

Minnesota Vikings Odds to Win the NFC

Vikings fans will say it's been too long since they won an NFC Championship game. The last time they made it to the Super Bowl was in 1976. Since then, the Vikings have lost all six Conference deciders. Here are the latest odds for the Vikings to end their drought and win the NFC:

Minnesota Vikings to Win the NFC North

The Green Bay Packers are the main rival to the Vikings in the NFC North with the Chicago Bears not too far behind them. The last time they finished the regular season on top of their division was in 2017 when they were beaten by the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game.

Minnesota Vikings NFC North odds will appear when available:

Receiving Stats, Team Roster and Team Specials

Access the most recent data on receivers, the updated team lineup, and special squads players.



56 Garrett BradburyC 6'3'' 300 lbs 1995/06/20 (28)NC State
42 Andrew DePaolaC 6'1'' 229 lbs 1987/07/28 (36)Rutgers
60 Josh SokolC 6'3'' 290 lbs 1997/12/01 (25)Sacred Heart
66 Alan AliC 6'4'' 301 lbs 1998/09/11 (25)TCU
4 Jordan Ta'amuQB 6'3'' 221 lbs 1997/12/10 (25)Ole Miss
8 Kirk CousinsQB 6'3'' 205 lbs 1988/08/19 (35)Michigan State
16 Jaren HallQB 6'0'' 207 lbs 1998/03/24 (25)BYU
12 Nick MullensQB 6'0'' 210 lbs 1995/03/21 (28)Southern Miss
2 Alexander MattisonRB 5'11'' 215 lbs 1998/06/19 (25)Boise State
27 DeWayne McBrideRB 5'10'' 209 lbs 2001/07/08 (22)UAB
46 Aaron DykesRB 5'11'' 202 lbs 1999/11/29 (23)Richmond
32 Ty ChandlerRB 5'11'' 204 lbs 1998/05/12 (25)North Carolina
41 Abram SmithRB 5'11'' 221 lbs 1998/09/14 (25)Baylor
26 Kene NwangwuRB 6'1'' 210 lbs 1998/02/09 (25)Iowa State
48 Colin ThompsonTE 6'4'' 255 lbs 1993/12/15 (29)Temple
86 Johnny MundtTE 6'4'' 233 lbs 1994/11/23 (28)Oregon
87 T.J. HockensonTE 6'5'' 248 lbs 1997/07/03 (26)Iowa
34 Nick MuseTE 6'5'' 252 lbs 1998/11/25 (24)South Carolina
84 Josh OliverTE 6'5'' 259 lbs 1997/03/21 (26)San Jose State
89 Ben SimsTE 6'5'' 250 lbs 2000/05/16 (23)Baylor
83 Jalen ReagorWR 5'11'' 197 lbs 1999/01/02 (24)TCU
89 Thayer ThomasWR 6'0'' 195 lbs 1998/05/20 (25)NC State
18 Justin JeffersonWR 6'1'' 195 lbs 1999/06/16 (24)LSU
82 Garett MaagWR 6'4'' 209 lbs 2000/04/30 (23)North Dakota
15 Lucky JacksonWR 6'0'' 186 lbs 1997/07/17 (26)Western Kentucky
4 Brandon PowellWR 5'8'' 181 lbs 1995/09/12 (28)Florida
13 N'Keal HarryWR 6'4'' 225 lbs 1997/12/17 (25)Arizona State
3 Jordan AddisonWR 5'11'' 175 lbs 2002/01/27 (21)USC
17 K.J. OsbornWR 5'11'' 203 lbs 1997/06/10 (26)Miami (Fla.)
83 Jalen NailorWR 6'0'' 190 lbs 1999/03/02 (24)Michigan State
9 Trishton JacksonWR 6'1'' 191 lbs 1998/03/09 (25)Syracuse
13 Blake ProehlWR 6'1'' 190 lbs 1999/01/12 (24)East Carolina
15 Jacob CopelandWR 6'0'' 203 lbs 1999/07/20 (24)Maryland


47 Jameson HoustonCB 5'11'' 200 lbs 1996/06/30 (27)Baylor
11 NaJee ThompsonCB 5'11'' 205 lbs 2000/07/07 (23)Georgia Southern
31 Tay GowanCB 6'2'' 185 lbs 1998/01/07 (25)UCF
5 Mekhi BlackmonCB 5'11'' 178 lbs 1999/03/18 (24)USC
21 Kalon BarnesCB 6'0'' 186 lbs 1998/12/16 (24)Baylor
23 Andrew BoothCB 6'0'' 194 lbs 2000/09/28 (23)Clemson
38 Jaylin WilliamsCB 5'10'' 195 lbs 2000/02/26 (23)Indiana
21 Akayleb EvansCB 6'2'' 198 lbs 1999/06/22 (24)Missouri
35 C.J. ColdonCB 6'1'' 180 lbs 1998/09/03 (25)Oklahoma
7 Byron Murphy Jr.CB 5'11'' 190 lbs 1998/01/18 (25)Washington
30 Joejuan WilliamsCB 6'3'' 212 lbs 1997/12/06 (25)Vanderbilt
59 Troy ReederLB 6'3'' 245 lbs 1994/09/13 (29)Delaware
58 Jordan HicksLB 6'1'' 236 lbs 1992/06/27 (31)Texas
98 D.J. WonnumLB 6'5'' 258 lbs 1997/10/31 (25)South Carolina
54 Jake GervaseLB 6'1'' 212 lbs 1995/09/18 (28)Iowa
39 Abraham BeauplanLB 6'2'' 235 lbs 2000/02/03 (23)Marshall
33 Brian AsamoahLB 6'0'' 226 lbs 2000/03/29 (23)Oklahoma
40 Ivan PaceLB 5'10'' 231 lbs 2000/12/16 (22)Cincinnati
57 Wilson HuberLB 6'4'' 241 lbs 1998/07/04 (25)Cincinnati
45 Troy DyeLB 6'3'' 225 lbs 1996/09/18 (27)Oregon
55 Andre CarterLB 6'6'' 256 lbs 2000/06/02 (23)Army
49 Tanner VallejoLB 6'1'' 228 lbs 1994/12/16 (28)Boise State
99 Danielle HunterLB 6'5'' 263 lbs 1994/10/29 (28)LSU
43 Luiji VilainLB 6'4'' 252 lbs 1998/03/10 (25)Wake Forest
47 William KwenkeuLB 6'1'' 235 lbs 1997/01/08 (26)Temple
51 Benton WhitleyLB 6'3'' 260 lbs 1999/02/12 (24)Holy Cross
25 Theo JacksonS 6'1'' 198 lbs 1998/10/02 (25)Tennessee
22 Harrison SmithS 6'2'' 211 lbs 1989/02/02 (34)Notre Dame
20 Jay WardS 6'1'' 188 lbs 2000/07/13 (23)LSU
24 Camryn BynumS 6'0'' 200 lbs 1998/07/19 (25)California

special teams

46 Jack PodlesnyK 6'0'' 194 lbs 2000/03/16 (23)Georgia
1 Greg JosephK 6'0'' 206 lbs 1994/08/04 (29)Florida Atlantic
14 Ryan WrightP 6'3'' 245 lbs 2000/06/01 (23)Tulane