New Orleans Saints Betting, Odds and Stats

New Orleans Saints Betting, Odds and Stats

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Head Coach / Manager
Dennis Allen
Mercedes-Benz Superdome
Offensive Coordinator
Pete Carmichael
Defensive Coordinator

History of the New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are based in Louisiana and have been since they were established when Dave Dixon, a local entrepreneur from New Orleans, and a local civic group got together to seek a local NFL franchise. After hosting record crowds at NFL exhibition games, they were awarded the franchise by the NFL in 1966. However, it took them until 1991 to win their first Division Championship.

It wasn’t until the Drew Brees and Sean Payton era that the Saints truly found success, making the playoffs in nine out of the 15 seasons Brees was under center. They also combined to bring a Super Bowl home against the Indianapolis Colts in 2009. Given their regular trips to the playoffs in recent seasons, they have long been betting favorites and will try to continue to compete in the NFC South alongside the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

New Orleans Saints Betting Promo Codes & Offers

Whenever you look to place bets on Saints games, you must make sure you do through a reputable and safe sports betting site. Additionally, always look out for relevant promotions that apply to Saints games. Some of the top betting apps mainly offer you welcome offers and bonuses with incentives tied to a specific game, so make sure to read through all the terms and conditions of any offers.

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New Orleans Saints Betting Odds

We provides you with the latest stats and betting odds for all Saints games. Our expert team carefully reviews every sports betting site to ensure each of our visitors gets the best prices available. We highly recommend you bookmark this page if you’re interested in the best NFL odds on the Saints, as we will have all the information you need on one page.

You can rest assured that the free bets and offers on show are the latest ones available, but they will generally come with an expiry date. So it’s best practice to avail yourself of any offer you like the look as soon as you see it.

Quarterback Stats

These are the latest stats for the Saints' starting quarterback:

New Orleans Saints Betting Stats

The New Orleans Saints statistics page will give you all the relevant information you need to make NFL picks or bet on the Saints any game week. If you want to place any NFL player props, we have offensive numbers for the Saints that could really help you out.

New Orleans Saints Player Stats

The Drew Brees-Sean Payton era is over, but with Dennis Allen the new coach along with the returning Jameis Winston, the team will still hope to be competitive. If Michael Thomas is back to being his record-breaking self after two off years, the team could be a surprise package in the NFC. With touchdown machine Alvin Kamara and do-it-all star Taysom Hill still on the roster, they should at least provide some eye-popping offensive numbers. Be sure to check out who makes the NFL starting lineups each week

New Orleans Saints Game Stats

Whether you want to bet on NFC South divisional games or the Saints against anyone else in the NFL, it’s best to know how they have been performing so far this season. We’ve got stats for all offensive positions for the Saints right here, so study all the positional stars before placing your wagers.

Running Back Stats

The Saints' running backs well known, and here are their seasonal stats

New Orleans Saints News

In order to make the most informed bets, you need to know the most up-to-date information on the team. So keep coming back to this page leading up to game day to give yourself the best chance of winning some money.

Wide Receiver Stats

The Saints' wide receivers are putting up the following numbers:

New Orleans Saints Odds to Win the Super Bowl

The Saints haven’t been to the Super Bowl since 2009, but they have long been contenders in the postseason. If you qualify for the postseason, you’ve always got a chance to run the table, and they’ll be hoping to peak at just the right time.

Here are the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl betting odds for 2023:

New Orleans Saints Odds to Win the NFC

In order to make it to the Super Bowl, the Saints will have to win the NFC Championship Game. There are a number of strong teams in the NFC, so the Saints will have to keep everyone injury free to have a chance to make their first NFC Championship Game since the 2009 season.

New Orleans Saints Odds to Win the NFC South

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - led by Tom Brady - as divisional rivals, the Saints will have their work cut out to win the division. However, with the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons potentially not as strong as in past years, they will still have a chance to win the NFC South.

The Saints’ odds of winning the NFC South will appear when they are available.

Receiving Stats, Team Roster and Team Specials

Get an overview of receiver stats, the team's latest roster, and players in special units.



78 Erik McCoyC 6'4'' 303 lbs 1997/08/27 (26)Texas A&M
49 Zach WoodC 6'3'' 255 lbs 1993/01/10 (30)SMU
51 Cesar RuizOL 6'4'' 316 lbs 1999/06/14 (24)Michigan
2 Jameis WinstonQB 6'4'' 231 lbs 1994/01/06 (29)Florida State
4 Derek CarrQB 6'3'' 215 lbs 1991/03/28 (32)Fresno State
7 Taysom HillQB 6'2'' 221 lbs 1990/08/23 (33)BYU
3 Jake HaenerQB 6'1'' 200 lbs 1999/03/10 (24)Fresno State
35 Ellis MerriweatherRB 6'2'' 225 lbs 1999/04/07 (24)UMass
21 Jamaal WilliamsRB 6'0'' 224 lbs 1995/04/03 (28)BYU
41 Alvin KamaraRB 5'10'' 215 lbs 1995/07/25 (28)Tennessee
25 Kendre MillerRB 6'0'' 220 lbs 2002/06/11 (21)TCU
34 Darrel WilliamsRB 5'11'' 224 lbs 1995/04/15 (28)LSU
33 Kirk MerrittRB 6'1'' 214 lbs 1997/01/05 (26)Arkansas State
26 Eno BenjaminRB 5'9'' 207 lbs 1999/04/13 (24)Arizona State
87 Foster MoreauTE 6'4'' 250 lbs 1997/05/06 (26)LSU
86 J.P. HoltzTE 6'3'' 255 lbs 1993/08/28 (30)Pittsburgh
80 Jimmy GrahamTE 6'7'' 265 lbs 1986/11/24 (36)Miami (Fla.)
83 Juwan JohnsonTE 6'4'' 231 lbs 1996/09/13 (27)Oregon
81 Jesse JamesTE 6'7'' 261 lbs 1994/06/04 (29)Penn State
85 Lucas KrullTE 6'6'' 260 lbs 1998/07/11 (25)Pittsburgh
10 Tre'Quan SmithWR 6'2'' 210 lbs 1996/01/07 (27)UCF
17 A.T. PerryWR 6'5'' 205 lbs 1999/10/26 (23)Wake Forest
11 Bryan EdwardsWR 6'3'' 215 lbs 1998/11/13 (24)South Carolina
13 Michael ThomasWR 6'3'' 212 lbs 1993/03/03 (30)Ohio State
15 Kawaan BakerWR 6'1'' 215 lbs 1998/08/24 (25)South Alabama
88 Shaquan DavisWR 6'5'' 215 lbs 2000/02/08 (23)South Carolina State
5 Lynn BowdenWR 6'1'' 204 lbs 1997/10/14 (25)Kentucky
12 Chris OlaveWR 6'0'' 187 lbs 2000/06/27 (23)Ohio State
85 Jontre KirklinWR 6'0'' 184 lbs 1998/10/09 (24)LSU
18 Keith KirkwoodWR 6'3'' 210 lbs 1994/12/26 (28)Temple
12 James WashingtonWR 5'11'' 213 lbs 1996/04/02 (27)Oklahoma State
22 Rashid ShaheedWR 6'0'' 180 lbs 1998/08/31 (25)Weber State


44 Adrian FryeCB 6'0'' 205 lbs 2000/01/21 (23)Texas Tech
1 Alontae TaylorCB 6'1'' 199 lbs 1998/12/03 (24)Tennessee
29 Paulson AdeboCB 6'1'' 192 lbs 1999/07/03 (24)Stanford
21 Bradley RobyCB 5'11'' 194 lbs 1992/05/01 (31)Ohio State
23 Marshon LattimoreCB 6'0'' 192 lbs 1996/05/20 (27)Ohio State
27 Isaac YiadomCB 6'1'' 188 lbs 1996/02/20 (27)Boston College
42 Ty SummersLB 6'1'' 241 lbs 1995/12/31 (27)TCU
40 Nick AndersonLB 5'11'' 230 lbs 2000/01/27 (23)Tulane
56 Demario DavisLB 6'2'' 248 lbs 1989/01/11 (34)Arkansas State
43 Ryan ConnellyLB 6'2'' 234 lbs 1995/10/23 (27)Wisconsin
45 Nephi SewellLB 6'0'' 228 lbs 1998/12/19 (24)Utah
50 Andrew DowellLB 6'1'' 225 lbs 1996/11/16 (26)Michigan State
52 D'Marco JacksonLB 6'1'' 233 lbs 1998/07/20 (25)Appalachian State
58 Anfernee OrjiLB 6'2'' 230 lbs 2000/10/06 (22)Vanderbilt
53 Zack BaunLB 6'3'' 225 lbs 1996/12/30 (26)Wisconsin
54 Jaylon SmithLB 6'2'' 240 lbs 1995/06/14 (28)Notre Dame
20 Pete WernerLB 6'3'' 242 lbs 1998/06/05 (25)Ohio State
32 Tyrann MathieuS 5'9'' 190 lbs 1992/05/13 (31)LSU
24 Johnathan AbramS 6'0'' 205 lbs 1996/10/25 (26)Mississippi State
38 Smoke MondayS 6'3'' 199 lbs 2000/02/19 (23)Auburn
6 Marcus MayeS 6'0'' 207 lbs 1993/03/09 (30)Florida
48 J.T. GrayS 6'0'' 202 lbs 1996/01/18 (27)Mississippi State
28 Lonnie JohnsonS 6'2'' 213 lbs 1995/11/04 (27)Kentucky

special teams

19 Blake GrupeK 5'7'' 156 lbs 1998/11/05 (24)Notre Dame
16 Wil LutzK 5'11'' 184 lbs 1994/07/07 (29)Georgia State
39 Lou HedleyP 6'4'' 220 lbs 1993/06/27 (30)Miami
5 Blake GillikinP 6'2'' 196 lbs 1998/01/21 (25)Penn State