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In July 2023, Betr Media decided to expand the Betr gaming business by introducing a Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS) style fantasy game. In this review, we'll look closer at the Betr DFS product, Betr Picks. Jake Paul backs this platform, which offers a safe and legal DFS experience.

At, we've thoroughly reviewed and ranked some of the best daily fantasy sites on the market so you can decide where to place your bets. We'll cover everything from payment methods and customer service options to promotions and legal availability, so you'll have all the information you need to decide whether Betr is right for you.

Key Takeaways - Betr DFS Review

  • ⭐ Betr is a sports betting and DFS platform backed by Jake Paul and other investors.
  • ⭐ The launch of Betr Picks was in July 2023.
  • ⭐ While it offers decent payment methods, users may have to wait for 3-5 business days for withdrawals to complete.
  • ⭐ The platform offers a help center with FAQs, but our review team found that some sections could use more information. Customer support would be improved with the addition of some other contact methods.
  • ⭐ Betr is available in 24 states and jurisdictions in the US.

Betr DFS Fantasy Bonus Code and Welcome Offer

🎁 Betr DFS Fantasy Bonus Code:Use Code GAMBCOM
💰 Betr Fantasy Deposit Bonus:No Sweat First Entry Up To $250 in Betr Bucks
💸 Min Deposit to claim:$10
✅ Bonus Verified for:June 2024
Bonus Terms:1x wagering requirement
Betr Fantasy App Rating:4/5


Betr Promo Code

Top Highlights

Offers a generous 100% deposit match welcome bonus

⭐ Available in 24 US states

⭐ Offers a unique parlay-style DFS experience

⭐ Co-founded by Joey Levy and social media star Jake Paul, Betr Picks allows US players to pick up to eight major sports players and predict whether they'll achieve a predetermined statistical line to win real 


How to Claim and Use Your Betr DFS Fantasy Bonus Code Offer

Betr has a generous welcome bonus to entice players to sign up for the DFS platform. New bettors who register and make a first deposit of $10 or more are welcomed with a 100% deposit match up to $250 in Betr Bucks, the site's virtual currency. Use code GAMBCOM. Your bonus funds are non-withdrawable and come with a 1x playthrough requirement, a low wagering requirement compared to some of its competitors. These Betr Bucks are valid for 30 days, so ensure you use them before they expire.

Betr DFS Fantasy Bonus Terms and Requirements

Betr Picks will match 100% of your first deposit up to $250 when you make a qualifying wager of at least $10. These Betr Bucks are available across various sports and markets but come with specific conditions: they're non-withdrawable, must be played through once, and are valid for 30 days.

Premature withdrawals can void Betr Bucks and potential winnings. These terms and requirements are standard compared to other DFS competitors, and the review team was impressed with the value of the welcome offer.

How this Betr DFS Fantasy Promo Code Offer Compares

DraftKings entices new bettors with a deposit bonus of up to $500 in DK Dollars, requiring a minimum $5 deposit, rewarding more play with more earnings. In contrast, Betr's offer focuses on a 100% match of up to $100, potentially less lucrative depending on the user's commitment to ongoing engagement. Our review team believes DraftKings' offer edges ahead with its higher potential bonus and lower entry barrier.

Why Use this Betr DFS Fantasy Deposit Bonus?

The Betr DFS fantasy deposit bonus allows you to extend your initial deposit with bonus funds to try out this platform's unique gaming experience. Our review team found that this generous offer allowed us to acquire some additional payroll and explore the site in greater detail.

More Betr DFS Fantasy Offers

Betr DFS promotions target existing bettors with a wide range of ongoing promotions. The 100X Club 2023 rewards high-rolling success with exclusive merchandise, community access, and substantial Betr Bucks bonuses. The 2 Pick Tuesday Boostr aims to boost midweek contest entries, amplifying winnings significantly for pre-selected picks. Compared to competitors, the generous promotions of Betr DFS, especially the 100X Club, stand out. These promos enhance user experience and loyalty significantly.

While we believe Betr Picks already provides plenty of bonuses that enhance your gameplay, we think there could be a few more on offer to really challenge the best DFS platforms.

Betr DFS Referral Program

Betr offers a refer-a-friend no-deposit bonus that mutually benefits both parties with Betr Bucks when bettors recommend Betr to their friends. The promotion rewards both players with $25 in Betr Bucks each. Share your referral link, and once your friend registers, deposits, and enters a $10 contest, both enjoy the bonus. It's a win-win introduction to Betr's thrilling DFS world.

Betr DFS Fantasy Loyalty Program

Betr Picks currently lacks a loyalty program, unlike competitors like DraftKings, which rewards repeated play. This absence marks a potential area for improvement, as introducing a loyalty scheme could significantly boost user retention and engagement, mirroring the success seen by its DFS competitors.

Betr DFS Review


  • ✅ Unique DFS product concept
  • ✅ Low welcome bonus wagering requirement
  • ✅ Good range of ongoing promotions
  • ✅ Pick'em style real money parlays available


  • Betr Fantasy offers a No Sweat First Entry Up To $250
  • Low wagering requirement compared to its competitors
  • Wide range of ongoing promotions, including a chance to win 1000x
  • No loyalty program.
  • Less lucrative welcome bonus than competitors

Which are the Betr Fantasy States?

Available in 24 states and jurisdictions, Betr Fantasy offers a generous welcome bonus of a 100% deposit match for new users. The operator provides various ongoing promotions to enhance user experience, like its 100X Club and midweek boosts. However, the platform currently lacks a loyalty program, which marks a potential area for improvement.

Overall, Betr Fantasy offers a unique and exciting way to play DFS, with a generous welcome bonus and ongoing promotions to enhance user experience. While it may lack a loyalty program, and its welcome bonus may not be as lucrative as some competitors, it remains a solid choice for those looking to try their luck in the world of DFS.

Which are the Betr DFS Legal States?

45 states and jurisdictions in the US allow some form of DFS play legally. Betr Picks already features in 24 legal DFS states, meaning there's a good chance you can sign up, claim its welcome bonus, and play with this innovative product. See below for a full list of states and jurisdictions in the United States enabling Betr DFS.

Betr States of Operation

StateDFS AvailabilityMin. Age


Betr Fantasy Experience and Features

Betr Fantasy allows you to engage with player stats like never before, make strategic picks across multiple sports, and relish the thrill of high-stakes decisions. Below, we've looked at how Betr's DFS platform works.

How does Betr DFS Work

  1. Pick Your Players' Stats: At the heart of the Betr Picks experience is the unique proposition of choosing the over/under for your favorite players' stats. Whether it's NFL stars' passing yards or heroes' home runs in a baseball game, you can decide if they'll exceed or fall short of the player projections.
  2. Multiple Sports, Multiple Picks: Don't limit yourself to just one sports game mode. With Betr Picks, you can make selections across various sports, from the NFL to the NBA and beyond. The more accurate your picks, the higher your potential winnings.
  3. Every Decision Counts: There's no room for ties or pushes. Every pick you make has a direct impact on your potential winnings. This ensures that the excitement remains high and that every choice is crucial to your success on Betr.


Daily Fantasy Sports is a modern twist on traditional sports fantasy games. Instead of being locked into a season-long commitment, DFS allows players to draft teams for short periods, such as a single day or week. This means you can experience the thrill of drafting a new team and competing for prizes regularly on the Betr Fantasy platform.

Betr Picks offers a new and exciting interpretation of DFS with its innovative approach. By focusing on individual player stats and giving players the ability to predict whether the player will get higher or lower, it is unique among DFS operators. The platform takes the traditional fantasy pick'em concept and redefines it, enabling Betr gaming to offer a new product you can't find anywhere else and giving bettors a chance to win big by making accurate predictions.

The betting experience on Betr Picks is excellent. The platform is clean and well-designed, and the Betr Media platform covers many popular US sports, ensuring there's something for everyone. Whether you're an avid football fan, a basketball enthusiast, or someone who enjoys the occasional baseball game, Betr Picks has you covered.


Betr App Screenshot


The absence of pushes ensures that the stakes are always high. Every decision can be the difference between a win and a loss, making the gameplay intense and engaging. The potential to win big adds extra excitement, as you're always one pick away from a significant payout.

In conclusion, Betr Picks offers a unique and thrilling DFS experience. Whether you're a seasoned DFS player or looking to dive into the action for the first time, Betr Picks provides an extensive selection of player projections and the chance to win big. Trust your instincts, analyze the stats, and unleash your fantasy skills with Betr Picks.

Betr DFS Game Modes

Betr Picks revolutionizes DFS with its distinctive approach, allowing enthusiasts to dive deep into player statistics. Participants predict whether players will surpass or underperform projected stats, from NFL passing yards to MLB home runs, adding an analytical edge to the fantasy experience.


Betr App Screenshots


The Betr Fantasy app doesn't confine users to a single sport. Selections span various leagues, including the NFL, NBA, and more, amplifying winning potential for those with diverse sports expertise. Uniquely, every decision directly influences potential rewards, eliminating ties and ensuring each choice heightens the thrill. This singular, stats-centric mode sets Betr apart, offering a nuanced, engaging fantasy experience.

While we would like to see more varieties added onto the site to make it more comparable to DraftKings, which has 14 variations of DFS, the site's sole game is unique enough to make it worthwhile.

Betr DFS Fantasy vs DraftKings DFS

Betr DFS FantasyDraftKings DFS
🎉 Promos5/53/5
🏆 Contests4/54/5
🔥 Features4/53/5
🎯 Bet Types5/54/5
💵 Payments3/54/5
📱 Mobile App4/55/5
🎁 Loyalty Rewards0/55/5
⭐ OVERALL RATING29/3530/35


Comparison Summary:

  • Betr DFS: Best for its unique game parlays DFS product
  • DraftKings DFS:  Best for loyalty program


In several ways, Betr Fantasy compares well with its more experienced and well-known rival, DraftKings. Its selection of sports is good, although DraftKings offers more sports like NASCAR in its DFS product. Betr's welcome bonus is excellent, and we were pleased with the favorable wagering requirements applied. One area where DraftKings excels is its Dynasty Loyalty Program, and as Betr doesn't offer such a program, this is one area in which it could be improved.


Betr DFS App

  • App Store Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Play Store Rating: 2.3/5 ⭐⭐

What do User Reviews Say about Betr DFS Mobile App?

Betr's app receives mixed reviews, with users praising its innovative offerings like the unique 1v1 themes and responsive gestures like refunds for unforeseeable game outcomes, which have won over patrons from competitors.

However, criticisms highlight poor customer service, delayed responses, and stringent payout conditions, making winning seem unattainable. While some users express loyalty and appreciation for the platform's user-friendliness and unique features, others are deterred by customer support inefficiencies and promotional gimmicks. The team noted the difference between its iOS and Android rating, and some examining of user reviews revealed that the Android app is littered with bugs and lags. We hope this is improved in the future.

How to Download the Betr DFS Fantasy iOS App

Bettors looking for iPhone DFS play, look no further than Betr. If you have an iOS device and want to play DFS on Betr Fantasy, follow the below steps to download and sign up for the app:

  • Step 1: Open the App Store and search for "Betr". Tap "Get" to download the app.
  • Step 2: After downloading and installing the app, open it, and prompt it to access your location. This will enable Betr Fantasy to confirm that you're in a legal DFS state.
  • Step 3: Create your account by providing personal information, such as your name, address, email, and phone number. You'll be asked to verify your phone number by entering a code that will be sent to you.
  • Step 4: Verify your identity by entering the last four digits of your Social Security Number, your legal name as it appears on your government ID, your date of birth, and your registered home address.
  • Step 5: Once your account is registered and verified, deposit, and you can start playing DFS on Betr Fantasy.

How to Download the Betr DFS Fantasy Android App

The Betr Android app is available via the Google Play Store in legal DFS states. To download it and sign up, follow our steps below.

  • Step 1: Head to the Google Play Store and search for Betr Picks. Hit "Install".
Betr App download play store
  • Step 2: Once you've downloaded Betr DFS to your chosen device, open it and enable geolocation services so Betr Fantasy can track your location.
  • Step 3: Register with some personal details, including your name, address, email, and cell phone number. You'll be required to verify your cell phone by entering a code sent to you.
  • Step 4: Verify your identity by entering the last four digits of your social security number. Betr Fantasy will also ask for your legal name as appears on your government ID, your birthday, and your registered home address.
  • Step 5: With your account registered and verified, deposit using your preferred payment method, and you're ready to play.

Sports you can play with Betr DFS

Betr doesn't offer as many sports as its competitors, like DraftKings and FanDuel. However, since it is a relatively new operator, we expect that Betr Fantasy will improve in the coming months, including more sports being added to its DFS platform. Our favorite element of the site was that you can integrate selections from different sports in one entry. Read below for an overview of the sports available.

  • DFS NFL 🏈: Betr's NFL fantasy allows fans to immerse themselves in football action, offering dynamic play with options like picking player stats, predicting more or less on player performances, and the chance for significant winnings.
  • DFS NBA 🏀: From points scored to rebounds grabbed, Betr makes every second count. The platform's user-friendly nature makes it accessible for both seasoned fans and newcomers to the sport.
  • DFS MLB: Baseball enthusiasts can engage with Betr's MLB offerings, where they're not just spectators but active participants. Players predict outcomes such as home runs or strikeouts as part of their contest entries and potentially win multipliers as well.
  • NHL 🏒: Hockey fans aren't left out. Betr's NHL fantasy mode lets users dive into the action, allowing you to make decisions on player performances and potentially profit.

Overall, while Betr may not have the extensive sports catalog of its competitors, its innovative approach to fantasy sports, focusing on player stats and real-time decisions, offers users a unique and engaging way to enjoy their favorite games. The anticipation is that Betr will continue to expand and potentially introduce further sports, catering to a broader audience and providing a comprehensive fantasy sports experience.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

How do I Deposit Funds into my Account?

Betr online sports platform accepts PayPal, ACH, and debit cards. Click the deposit button at the top of the page or navigate to your account/wallet to fund your Betr Sportsbook experience. For swift transactions, Betr recommends using PayPal or debit cards. The minimum deposit is $5, and deposits with all three methods should appear in your account instantly.

Betr DFS Withdrawals

The platform accepts most of the same payment methods for withdrawals as deposits. The minimum withdrawal is $10. PayPal offers the fastest withdrawal speed, and you can receive your funds within a couple of hours. The Betr Fantasy platform also accepts ACH withdrawals, offering some of the most secure payments. Note it takes 3-5 business days for withdrawals to reflect in your bank. Overall, the payment methods offered are decent, but we'd like to see a few more e-wallets added, like Neteller and Skrill.

Betr Withdrawals

Betr DFS Customer Service

If you run into a problem while using Betr, you can explore a couple of avenues to get some help. You can click "Help" on its desktop site on the mobile app to explore its FAQ section, featuring guides on Betr's DFS, free-to-play sportsbook, and its real money sportsbook.

Our review team found that the guides could do with some padding out. For example, the payment help guide consisted of a few lines without a step-by-step guide to the process. Similarly, other sections of the help center could have used more information.

Betr doesn't offer a customer service line or a live chat with a human representative if you don't find what you need with these guides. You can interact with a bot that will guide you to articles in the help center based on your inquiries.

Our team attempted to enter some prompts to access a customer support phone number, but we were unsuccessful. This was disappointing but not unsurprising - Betr is primarily an app-based sports betting platform, with the Betr Sportsbook also app-exclusive.

Despite this, as you would expect for a platform operated by Jake Paul, it is incredibly active on X, formerly known as Twitter, and you can seek advice there.

Betr X account


We would like to see Betr add a customer service line at the minimum and potentially an email address to get in touch in the future.

Available Hours:24/7

Is Betr DFS Legit and Safe?

Betr, a prominent figure in sports betting and DFS, is undeniably legitimate. The business, backed by Jake Paul and other investors, boasts licenses to operate its Betr Sportsbook in OH, MA, and VA. With the launch of Betr Picks, fans across the United States can play DFS, with its unique Betr Picks experience available in 24 states. Whether you're into NCAAF, NHL, NBA, NFL, or MLB, the Betr sportsbook offers diverse game modes, ensuring a safe and thrilling fantasy experience.

5 Tips when Playing at Betr DFS

✅ Tip 1: Study Betr's projections closely, considering athletes' past performances and current form

✅ Tip 2: Pick across different sports to diversify your selection

✅ Tip 3: Keep abreast of the latest player news to inform your selections

✅ Tip 4: Mix high-risk picks with safer bets for potential big wins and steady gains

✅ Tip 5: Join Betr community discussions on Discord for shared insights and strategies

Our Final Verdict on Betr DFS

Co-founders Joey Levy and social media behemoth Paul launched Betr sportsbook and DFS to take advantage of the changes in sports media consumption in the past few years. Its online betting sites introduced micro-betting, a new form of market where you can bet on individual plays in a game. Its DFS product has likewise offered innovation, which is where our review team was impressed with this operator.

The platform's simplicity and focus on player skill rather than chance make it a refreshing alternative in the DFS space. Despite being a newcomer, Betr's innovative approach positions it as a promising contender in the fantasy sports arena, reshaping how fans engage with their favorite sports. Overall, we think it is worth your time. Click on any link to the operator on this page to check it out for yourself and claim a welcome bonus.


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Miami, Florida, United States

Supported Platforms:

Android, App, Desktop, Flash / No Download, iPhone, Mac, Mobile, Tablet, Windows


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