Ace Ventura and Cheers Slots Hit BetMGM Casino NJ

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Ace Ventura and Cheers Slots Hit BetMGM Casino NJ

At BetMGM online casino NJ right now, you can play new slots based on hit television shows and movies such as Ace Ventura and Cheers

After partnering with Atlantic Digital, the New Jersey online casino branch of BetMGM is welcoming these options after debuting in Michigan.

“BetMGM is a destination for the most recognizable movie and TV shows-turned slot games,” Oliver Bartlett, vice president of gaming product and content at BetMGM, said.

He added, “Taking popular movies and TV shows and reimagining them for iGaming is a great way players can experience them in a different and exciting way. Our partnership with Atlantic Digital has added an element of exclusivity and entertainment to our already expansive library of games.”

Ace Ventura Slot

The nostalgia of playing a slot in the theme of Jim Carrey’s hit Ace Ventura: Pet Detective will make any Gen X or millennial excited. 

Within the slot, the overall “goal” for Carrey’s character is to search for Snowflake the dolphin. The slot is 5-by-3 and has 20 lines. There are also four fixed jackpots, respins, bonus spins, multiplier wilds, and iconic symbols like football, the Ace Ventura “business card,” Ray Finkle jerseys, Carrey himself, and Snowflake. 

To make it even more immersive, if you spin and lose, you’ll hear Carrey’s iconic line, calling you a “loser” in his dramatic drawn out nature. It’s meant to be fun, and anyone familiar with Ace Ventura will understand it. 

Cheers Slot

As mentioned, Cheers has a slot, too. This one is 3-by-3 with 17 lines, and you’ll see various cast members like Sam Malone, Norm Peterson, and more. 

“We are delighted to work with these iconic brands – Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Cheers, and BetMGM,” Sam Hobcraft, CEO of Atlantic Digital, said.

“We have built two unique games that really show off the brands to their fullest extent, from classic theme tunes to animations showcasing all the characters. It is a pleasure partnering with BetMGM to launch these branded games and add a new dimension to their product offering.”

These new additions come after BetMGM Casino NJ launched The Godfather which was also part of the Atlantic Digital partnership. Other TV/movie slots included Star Trek, Charlie’s Angels, and soon there will be more. 

Since the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enfocement began releasing revenue figures for individual casinos in January 2024, we can see that BetMGM has generated more than $110 million. In New Jersey, that ranks third only behind DraftKings and FanDuel.

What’s the next TV show or movie adaptation BetMGM and Atlantic Digital will launch?

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