NHL Playoff Hotter Seat: Seattle Kraken Making a Push

NHL Playoff Hotter Seat: Seattle Kraken Making a Push
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The NHL Playoff Bubble tries not to burst here on gambling.com. The bubble is filled with teams desperate to make the playoffs. Now, only two weeks remain in the regular season. Yes, following these playoff races has become its must-watch television. Twists and turns keep happening. 

Now, Washington and Ottawa have both hit the collective wall. Washington’s number came off the board on DraftKings, and Ottawa is now at +2000. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh shifted from +170 to -250 in the past week. Yes, they held off Washington but lost to Detroit. This is far from over. For those wondering about the Florida Panthers, they still lurk at +180.

Winnipeg slid down to -120 in the West, which signifies trouble. The Jets were at -300 over last weekend. Their schedule features a five-game home stand starting tonight. Winnipeg needs wins.

Seattle and the Islanders Off The Bubble?

Again, the bubble changes so often. Some look like they are about to get above the bouncing bubble and then head right back on the bubble. Take the Seattle Kraken and New York Islanders, for example. Both teams appear to have put some distance between themselves and the playoff cutoff line. 

So, Seattle has even better news err prospects. The Kraken has 88 points in 73 games. Nashville is the only team on equal footing regarding games to be played. Oh, the Predators are six points behind. Math dictates Seattle to be on sound footing and still on pace for around 99 points. Also, DraftKings and other sites took them off their playoff numbers.

As for the Islanders, New York may not be far behind. A massive win over New Jersey early in the week has catapulted them to 87 points in 76 games. Pittsburgh has a couple of games in hand but is five points back. Florida has one but is six points behind. New York is now -1400 on the boards to make the playoffs. Soon, that number may come off altogether. 

People wonder why Center Ice has its dash for the playoffs. The wildness is only getting started. 

West Playoff Bubble Table Time 

Sometimes, it is time to get the tables for the bubble.

Team GP Points Point Pace Point Cutoff* Record ROS
Seattle 73 88 99 95 3-5-1
Winnipeg 75 85 93 95 4-1-2
Nashville 73 82 92 95 6-2-1
Calgary 75 83 91 95 5-0-2

Now, Colorado has come off the bubble. Seattle is almost right behind them but has to win probably a couple more games to be safe. Realistically, the playoff cutoff is 93 points, but again anything can happen this time of year. 

Nashville is still in a somewhat better position than Calgary, but the Predators are so inconsistent because of injuries. They lose to pushovers one night, then beat Boston on the road the next. Then again, Winnipeg lost to San Jose and was shut out. Nashville is still a +380 more extended shot. Calgary comes in at +180 on the heels of a two-game winning streak.

It feels like Winnipeg and Calgary may decide this in the final week. Given their chaos, Calgary and Nashville may be better bets than the Jets. 

Who Makes The Playoffs in the West and East?

As we said, the West keeps rotating between a two and three-team race. The bad news for Nashville is that players like Filip Forsberg and Roman Josi are not returning. Now, Matt Duchene is likely gone for the stretch too. It may not be enough that these AHL players are playing above their heads. Winnipeg and Calgary seem in better positioning. Seem.

As for the East, the picture is more precise, with Buffalo, Ottawa, and Washington likely eliminated, barring a miracle. The New York Islanders are almost clear of the bubble themselves. This may boil down to Pittsburgh and Florida. That could be enough if one of those teams strings a few wins together.

Stay tuned, as the yo-yo is always going up and down regarding the playoff bubble.