The Most Handsome Head Coaches in the NBA

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The Most Handsome Head Coaches in the NBA
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J.B. Bickerstaff, the 43-year-old head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has been identified as the most handsome coach in the NBA, according to research conducted by

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but with new technology, we used the popular beauty measurement app Golden Ratio Face – which has been downloaded by more than one million users – to determine the best-looking head coach among basketball’s elite.

Inspired by the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi – a measure of physical perfection according to ancient Greeks – the app allows users to upload portraits before being presented with ‘Face Beauty Analysis’.

Although the real Golden Ratio is approximately 1.618, the app simplifies matters by giving a basic score out of 10 based on facial symmetries. We ran every NBA head coach’s portrait through the app and narrowed the results down to the Top 10. 

Most Handsome NBA Head Coaches

Rank Coach Team Score Age
1 J.B Bickerstaff Cleveland Cavaliers 8.98 43
2 Steve Clifford Charlotte Hornets 8.91 61
3 Dwane Casey Detroit Pistons 8.68 65
4 Mike Budenholzer Milwaukee Bucks 8.65 53
5 Nate McMillan Atlanta Hawks 8.61 58
6 Steve Nash Brooklyn Nets 8.54 48
7 Michael Malone Denver Nuggets 8.17 51
8 Ime Udoka Boston Celtics 8.09 45
9 Stephen Silas Houston Rockets 7.96 49
10 Nick Nurse Toronto Raptors 7.86 55

One of the most interesting trends to emerge from our data was the high scoring of the older gentlemen on the list of NBA coaches.

Five of the 30 coaches in the NBA are in their 60s, with two of them making the list – Steve Clifford in second (8.91) and Dwayne Casey in third (8.68).

The others in that age bracket scored reasonably well, enough to ensure they took the top spot over those in their 50s, 40s and 30s.

Most Handsome NBA Coaches By Age

Rank Age Bracket Average Score
1 60s 7.23
2 50s 6.82
3 30s 6.67
4 40s 5.93

It’s somewhat surprising to see NBA coaches in their 40s sit at the bottom of the field with an average score of 5.93, but with 11 coaches in that age bracket perhaps they’re paying the price for having the most representatives of any given age range.

All-in-all, this year’s roster of NBA coaches is a handsome bunch, and the Cavs' Bickerstaff tops the lot. 

Can he back up that accolade by winning on the court? The Cavaliers are +1600 to win the Eastern Conference and +3300 to win the NBA Championship.

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