Will The PA Casino Smoking Ban Go Through?

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Will The PA Casino Smoking Ban Go Through?

Smoking within casinos in the Keystone State somewhat fell out of favor during the pandemic, and the advent of Pennsylvania House Bill 1657 tackled this public sentiment head-on. 

The bill proposes to amend the earlier Clean Indoor Air Act of 2008 by specifically banning smoking in casinos and bars. The bill gathered favor as it seeks to protect workers who have no choice but to be exposed to guests’ second-hand smoke.

Bill Left Pending Since November

The Bill managed to clear committee in November 2023, after it was brought forward by Dan Frankel, a Democratic member of the House of Representatives. The committee voted 13 - 11 in favor of the bill, after Frankel argued that workers shouldn’t have to choose between their health and their pay check. 

Representatives lobbying in favor of the bill hoped that it would be moved for a House vote in time for the December 2023 session, but this failed to happen. With the House Committee returning to session on March 18, pro-lobbyists are hoping that this time it won’t be ignored. But with many other bills also waiting to come up for a vote it remains to be seen whether they’ll be proven right.

PA Casinos Largely Unconcerned with The Possible Ban

Meantime, most Pennsylvania casinos have reacted calmly to the possible ban. Many, like Rivers Casino, already have designated non-smoking areas, so the new law would require considerably less adjustment. Players, however, may take more time to get used to the new requirements as smokers will find their social experience at the casinos considerably altered.

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