NASCAR Prop Bets 101

Date IconLast Updated: Feb 17th, 2023
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NASCAR Prop Bets 101
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Offerings will vary, but several prop options exist thanks to the expansion of NASCAR betting. Here are some of the popular ones and what they mean. After that, we will discuss what to apply in the season's early weeks. 

There is an abundance of prop betting sites for auto racing. When it comes to NASCAR, props vary from driver to manufacturer. Anything goes with some of the wagering possibilities seen. 

Caution Flags In A Race 

One of the most significant props we saw last year was the number of caution flags (yellow) in a race. For perspective, no one will see 15-20 like at the “Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum.” As the saying goes, know the type of track and race coming up for that weekend. It becomes essential. 

The Over-Under for the opening non-points race easily exceeded the Over. 

For the first 8-10 races last year, it was a constant for NASCAR to see more cautions than usual with the Next-Gen car. With Daytona coming up on Sunday, the number set probably gets exceeded. Remember, looking back to previous years can be helpful, but there are other ways to research this prop.

As a side prop bet, there will occasionally be sites that allow one to wager on how many caution laps or when will the first yellow occur. 

How Many Crashes In A Race

Not every caution comes from a crash, so this is slightly different. Check as many sites as possible because most do not carry this prop. Now, the number usually is similar to the number of cautions. 

Again, the vital part is understanding race dynamics and how naturally aggressive these drivers are. 

Which Manufacturer Will Win The Race?

Indeed, bettors look at which cars may dominate a race. That sets up all sorts of prop opportunities. The main one in this group for NASCAR fans is simply guessing the winning manufacturer. For example, Ford dominated last year at the Daytona 500 as Austin Cindric held off Bubba Wallace to win his first NASCAR race. It was the second straight win at Daytona for Ford.

The choices are the following – Ford, Chevy, and Toyota. Now, there are a few side options. It boils down to the best driver of a manufacturer (Best Ford), how many manufacturer cars will finish in the Top 10 of a race, etc. 

Furthermore, there are team props to win as well. 23XI Racing becomes an intriguing longer shot over the three favorites (Hendrick, JGR, Penske). Again, the reality is to check each betting site for the props that work best for you. 

Which Driver Will Lead The Most Laps

The most complex challenge among props other than some novelty props can be which driver will lead the most laps. Leaning on past performances can be helpful but do not lock into one track or even type of track. Look at the drivers’ form and how they fare with the Next-Gen car. 

Also, like many props, these are ones to shop around for. It is OK not to settle for one price. Be picky. After all, that ties right in. For Daytona, looking at a Ford and maybe a couple of Toyotas led by Denny Hamlin, Bubba Wallace (23XI Racing), and perhaps even Martin Truex Jr. He looked great until later in the race last year. 

Finally, The Novelty Props, Sort Of

In a few cases, one can bet on the winning car number in ranges or the Over and Under depending on the said number. One jokes about a sweet spot with the Daytona 500 but between 11 and 22 is where most of the winners could be. Michael McDowell won last year in the 34 and Austin Cindric in the 2 over the past couple of seasons. 

However, early betting is zeroed into a particular range. It is Daytona, and any superspeedway often produces its results. The track is a car collector known for its “big ones,” err, accidents. 

Last But Not Least

A final piece of advice when it comes to NASCAR props is this. Do not bet the farm on them! The NASCAR season is 36 races long (26 regular season, 10 more with The Chase). Though it is OK to bet a little more on Daytona (Super Bowl Of Stock Car Racing), still think with the head and not the heart. 

Good luck, everyone, and yes, we have more articles coming this week. 

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