Miami Dolphins Betting, Odds and Stats

Miami Dolphins Betting, Odds and Stats

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On this Miami Dolphins betting page, we provide all the latest odds and key betting data on the Dolphins. Consider this your one-stop shop for all things Dolphins related when it comes to your betting. We have everything from player and team stats to the the latest promo codes and odds so you don't have to go anywhere else. We include a selection of the  best NFL betting sites for betting on the Dolphins. 

Head Coach / Manager
Mike McDaniel
Hard Rock Stadium
Offensive Coordinator
Frank Smith
Defensive Coordinator
Josh Boyer

History of the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins has one of the proudest histories of any team in the NFL, but their followers are tired of living in the past and want some new history to celebrate. The Dolphins are the only team to win every game in a single season and their perfect 1972 season gets celebrated every season when the last remaining unbeaten team suffers their first loss.

That historic season came just six years after their inaugural campaign and owes a lot to the shrewd business move made by owner Joe Roby to go after Baltimore head coach Don Shula. Shula and the Dolphins were the perfect marriage and trips to the playoffs were a regular occurrence for Miami. 

Shula's best move as Dolphins head coach was to select Dan Marino in the first round of the 1983 Draft. Many teams were dubious of Marino's work ethic, but Shula saw he could work with Marino and the pair were great for each other. Marino retired in 1999 holding the majority of passing records thanks to his super-quick release and accuracy finding his receivers. Miami relied on Marino's brilliance as they struggled to establish a running game throughout his career.

Since Marino's retirement, Miami has made the playoffs just four times as they continue to look for that franchise quarterback that they can build a team around and bring the good times back to South Florida. 

This Miami Dolphins betting page will bring you the best offers and odds for each game as well as providing the key betting stats that can be useful when placing your bets. Check out these top betting apps for NFL betting for the season.

Miami Dolphins Betting Promo Codes, Odds & Stats

Betting on the Dolphins in the height of the Marino/Shula era would have been fun as Marino threw for over 300 yards and three touchdowns in a single game on a regular basis. NFL betting continues to grow and every season, more and more markets become available for customers to place a wager on. So if betting on the Dolphins is your thing, you've come to the right place to find the best betting promo codes, odds and stats for forthcoming games. 

To bet on the Dolphins, be sure to choose a trusted betting site that is fully licensed. At Bookmakers, we only recommend the most respected and safest NFL betting apps, so you know that every bet you place, is done so safely. We suggest keeping an eye on the betting offers that might be made available for Miami games. Online betting sites often offer promotions which include free bets and bonuses, some of which may be limited to specific Dolphins games.

If you find free bet promo code offers, we encourage you to use a variety of sportsbooks so that you get the most from your betting experience. Look for the best sportsbook promos  and free sports bet bonuses before choosing your sportsbook.

Miami Dolphins Betting Odds

We have researched all the leading betting sites for you, so you can rest assured every bet you place with a betting site we have recommended is safe and legal. When it comes to betting on the Dolphins, we want your experience to be the best it can be and our goal of offering you the best NFL odds available. 

The Dolphins season runs from September to January, and possibly February if they make it to the Super Bowl. Before each of their 17 games in the regular season, their odds and stats will be updated, so it's worth bookmarking this page to check the very latest each week.

We suggest checking this page each day because the odds can fluctuate even when the team is not playing as injury updates and possible suspensions are made public by the Dolphins. Below are the best odds for Miami's next game:

Quarterback Stats

The Dolphins' quarterbacks are throwing the following stats which might help you with any NFL player props:

Miami Dolphins Betting Stats

The more you understand the stats associated with the NFL, the more helpful they can be when it comes to NFL betting. Dolphins fans can find all the key betting data for their team when it comes to betting on their next game. 

Stats can highlight certain trends that are occurring in the most recent games played by Miami and these could be of benefit when it comes to placing a bet on covering the spread, or for a running-back or receiver to land the over/under in their props.

Miami Dolphins Player Stats

The Dolphins have made improvements in recent years to suggest they might return to the postseason. For that to happen, players will have to buy into the gameplan given to them by their coaches. And if they are to be successful, individual players are going to have to step up and put up big numbers. On this Dolphins betting page, touchdown scorers, receiving yards, rushing stats and much more are verified to provide users with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information which should help when placing bets with your favorite NFL picks always on hand. 

Miami Dolphins Game Stats

You have found the right page if you want to bet on Dolphins to win over rival AFC East Division rivals in the regular season and postseason games. This page has all the relevant game information to keep you updated on your next moneyline or spread bet. You will be able to look up stats from years gone by or the current campaign to help you choose the right bet.

Miami Dolphins Running Back Stats

To help with your NFL picks, the Dolphins' running backs are producing the following numbers:

Miami Dolphins News

The more you more about the NFL, the better your chances of turning your bets into winning bets. Check out the NFL lineups to find out which Dolphins players are inactive, which are injured and who might be returning to the team following injury or suspension. All the latest news from the Dolphins camp can be found here throughout the season.


Wide Receiver Stats

Dolphins' wide receivers like Tyreek Hill are putting up the following numbers:

Miami Dolphins to Win the Super Bowl

The Miami Dolphins have not been successful at reaching the Super Bowl for quite a while. Miami's brightest times date back to the 70s with their undefeated '72 season and their second Super Bowl championship in '73. Still, the team has attempted to renew their roster on several occasions to pull their weight and come out successful as they strive to make an appearance in Super Bowl LVII.

The  Super Bowl betting odds for the Miami Dolphins will show when available. 

Miami Dolphins Odds to Win the AFC

The Dolphins have won two of the five Super Bowls they have appeared in. They lost Super Bowl VI before winning back-to-back titles the following two seasons. The Dolphins last represented the AFC in the Super Bowl in 1986 when they lost Super Bowl XIX, two years after losing to Washington in Super Bowl XVII. 

Miami Dolphins Odds to Win the AFC East

The Dolphins have had their fair share of success with Division Championships. The team has won 13 AFC East titles and won five of the seven AFC championships games they have played in. Miami's last AFC East title was back in 2008, and since then, the Dolphins have struggled to make it back to the top of their division. Still, the team continues to fight and make it back to the top of their division.

Receiving Stats, Team Roster and Team Specials

Dive deep into receiver stats, view the latest team roster, and explore the specialized units players.



62 Alama UluaveC 6'2'' 308 lbs 1999/06/23 (24)San Diego State
44 Blake FergusonC 6'3'' 240 lbs 1997/04/21 (26)LSU
58 Connor WilliamsOL 6'5'' 312 lbs 1997/05/12 (26)Texas
14 Mike WhiteQB 6'5'' 216 lbs 1995/03/25 (28)Western Kentucky
1 Tua TagovailoaQB 6'1'' 227 lbs 1998/03/02 (25)Alabama
6 Skylar ThompsonQB 6'2'' 219 lbs 1997/06/04 (26)Kansas State
35 Christopher BrownRB 6'1'' 223 lbs 2000/01/11 (23)BYU
26 Salvon AhmedRB 5'11'' 197 lbs 1998/12/30 (24)Washington
37 Darrynton EvansRB 5'10'' 203 lbs 1998/07/09 (25)Appalachian State
31 Raheem MostertRB 5'10'' 205 lbs 1992/04/09 (31)Purdue
23 Jeff WilsonRB 6'0'' 210 lbs 1995/11/16 (27)North Texas
28 De'Von AchaneRB 5'9'' 188 lbs 2001/10/13 (21)Texas A&M
88 Nick BowersTE 6'4'' 260 lbs 1996/05/26 (27)Penn State
82 Eric SaubertTE 6'5'' 248 lbs 1994/05/01 (29)Drake
81 Durham SmytheTE 6'6'' 246 lbs 1995/08/09 (28)Notre Dame
80 Tanner ConnerTE 6'3'' 232 lbs 1998/03/20 (25)Idaho State
89 Julian HillTE 6'4'' 251 lbs 2000/07/09 (23)Campbell
82 Tyler KroftTE 6'6'' 252 lbs 1992/10/15 (30)Rutgers
83 Raleigh WebbWR 6'2'' 212 lbs 1997/12/28 (25)The Citadel
3 Robbie ChosenWR 6'3'' 185 lbs 1993/05/09 (30)Temple
0 Braxton BerriosWR 5'9'' 185 lbs 1995/10/06 (27)Miami (Fla.)
11 Cedrick WilsonWR 6'2'' 197 lbs 1995/11/20 (27)Boise State
85 River CracraftWR 6'0'' 198 lbs 1994/11/01 (28)Washington State
86 Braylon SandersWR 6'1'' 190 lbs 1999/01/21 (24)Ole Miss
17 Jaylen WaddleWR 5'10'' 185 lbs 1998/11/25 (24)Alabama
18 Erik EzukanmaWR 6'2'' 206 lbs 2000/01/25 (23)Texas Tech
10 Tyreek HillWR 5'10'' 191 lbs 1994/03/01 (29)West Alabama


5 Jalen RamseyCB 6'1'' 208 lbs 1994/10/24 (28)Florida State
38 Ethan BonnerCB 6'1'' 186 lbs 1999/10/23 (23)Stanford
33 Eli AppleCB 6'1'' 203 lbs 1995/08/09 (28)Ohio State
4 Kader KohouCB 5'10'' 193 lbs 1998/11/28 (24)Texas A&M-Commerce
25 Xavien HowardCB 6'1'' 203 lbs 1993/07/04 (30)Baylor
34 Parry NickersonCB 5'10'' 179 lbs 1994/10/11 (28)Tulane
20 Justin BethelCB 6'0'' 195 lbs 1990/06/17 (33)Presbyterian
27 Keion CrossenCB 5'10'' 190 lbs 1996/04/17 (27)Western Carolina
24 Cam SmithCB 6'1'' 180 lbs 2000/12/21 (22)South Carolina
1 Kelvin JosephCB 6'1'' 192 lbs 1999/11/11 (23)Kentucky
40 Nik NeedhamCB 6'1'' 196 lbs 1996/11/04 (26)UTEP
55 Jerome BakerLB 6'2'' 225 lbs 1996/12/25 (26)Ohio State
43 Andrew Van GinkelLB 6'4'' 242 lbs 1995/07/01 (28)Wisconsin
15 Jaelan PhillipsLB 6'5'' 263 lbs 1999/05/28 (24)Miami (Fla.)
59 Alexander JohnsonLB 6'2'' 255 lbs 1991/12/24 (31)Tennessee
57 Zeke VandenburghLB 6'4'' 232 lbs 1999/01/18 (24)Illinois State
51 David LongLB 5'11'' 227 lbs 1996/10/12 (26)West Virginia
2 Bradley ChubbLB 6'4'' 268 lbs 1996/06/24 (27)NC State
53 Cameron GoodeLB 6'3'' 245 lbs 1998/04/15 (25)California
45 Duke RileyLB 6'1'' 227 lbs 1994/08/09 (29)LSU
41 Channing TindallLB 6'2'' 236 lbs 2000/03/28 (23)Georgia
29 Brandon JonesS 6'1'' 190 lbs 1998/04/02 (25)Texas
32 Verone McKinleyS 5'10'' 190 lbs 2000/06/29 (23)Oregon
42 Josh KaluS 6'0'' 203 lbs 1995/08/28 (28)Nebraska
8 Jevon HollandS 6'1'' 210 lbs 2000/03/03 (23)Oregon
35 Myles DornS 6'2'' 205 lbs 1998/06/25 (25)North Carolina

special teams

7 Jason SandersK 5'11'' 195 lbs 1995/11/16 (27)New Mexico
16 Jake BaileyP 6'2'' 214 lbs 1997/06/18 (26)Stanford