New York Jets Betting, Odds and Stats

New York Jets Betting, Odds and Stats

Team Info

Welcome to the page on all things New York Jets betting odds and stats! We have put together insightful information to help you win some wagers when placing bets on Jets games. We will have odds, stats, lineups and much more to make your betting decisions smarter each time. On top of this, we will have betting promo codes from the best NFL betting sites  and other betting offers you will want to take advantage of. 

Head Coach / Manager
Robert Saleh
MetLife Stadium
Offensive Coordinator
Defensive Coordinator
Jeff Ulbrich

History of the New York Jets

The New York Jets play their home games at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. They share their home with the New York Giants. Founded initially as the Titans of New York back in 1959, the team its current name in 1964 and have been mainstays in the league ever since the NFL/AFL merger in 1970.

The Jets in the AFC East and have won just two division championships in the NFL and haven't reached the Super Bowl since doing so in 1968 as part of the AFL. Outside of the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns (who have never reached the Super Bowl), the Jets' absence from the big game is the longest drought in the NFL.

They went to the AFC Championship Game two years running in 2009 and 2010 but haven't reached the playoffs since, and it has become a franchise known for its dysfunction rather than its play on the field.

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New York Jets Betting Odds gives you up-to-date NFL odds and stats for all Jets games. All of our data and team stats are updated every hour, so you can be sure of their validity whatever time you choose to do your betting research.

Quarterback Stats

The Jets' starting quarterback has produced some intriguing results:

New York Jets Betting Stats

The New York Jets' stats page is the most resourceful and complete site to find all the information you need about the team. Before placing any bet, make sure you have all data and odds at hand to make the most out of all the  NFL picks you make. On site we aim to give every user the chance to stay informed and maximize their betting experience.

New York Jets Player Stats

While the New York Jets haven't been one of the most successful teams in the NFL for sometime, that doesn't mean they haven't had some tremendous players on their roster. They will also have star players, and finding the correct information on the quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs could be the difference between a winning or losing bet.

New York Jets Game Stats

If you want to bet on the New York Jets to win over any of their AFC rivals or any other opponents in the regular season or playoff games, you have reached the right site. We provide historical game stats to give you a push in the direction when picking any NFL prop bets.

Running Back Stats

The Jets' running backs have been producing some big numbers and could help you win player prop bets:

New York Jets News

For any winning bet to come through, you need to know who will be in or out of the lineup come gameday. Stay informed with all the team's comings and goings throughout the week right up until they name their inactive list and NFL lineups before kickoff. This will help you stay ahead of pack at online sports betting sites.

Wide Receiver Stats

The Jets' wide receivers are proving some people wrong this season:

New York Jets to Win the Super Bowl

The New York Jets' lack of a Super Bowl appearance in the NFL is a glaring miss for one of the league's largest markets. However, with each new season brings greater hope of getting closer to the ultimate prize. The Jets actually have a 100 percent record from the lone Super Bowl appearance they made as part of the AFL. If they make it to the title game, will they be able to keep up the record?

Here are the New York jets Super Bowl betting odds for 2023:

New York Jets Odds to Win the AFC

To compete in the AFC, the Jets have to run the gamut of the NFL's quarterbacks. It remains to be seen if they have the firepower to compete. Here are the latest odds on the Jets to win the AFC.

New York Jets Odds to Win the AFC East

Between 1998 and 2010, the Jets made the playoffs a total of seven times, but they have failed to reach the postseason since then. But with a young, rebuilding roster, hope springs eternal among the fanbase that better times could be ahead. They first need to make it out of the AFC East before taking on the rest of the NFL.

Receiving Stats, Team Roster and Team Specials

Access the latest recent information about receivers, the team's lineup, and members of special squads.




60 Connor McGovernC 6'4'' 306 lbs 1993/04/27 (30)Missouri
42 Thomas HennessyC 6'2'' 246 lbs 1994/06/11 (29)Duke
71 Wes SchweitzerOL 6'4'' 300 lbs 1993/09/11 (30)San Jose State
2 Zach WilsonQB 6'2'' 214 lbs 1999/08/03 (24)BYU
8 Aaron RodgersQB 6'2'' 223 lbs 1983/12/02 (39)California
7 Tim BoyleQB 6'4'' 232 lbs 1994/10/03 (29)Eastern Kentucky
14 Trevor SiemianQB 6'3'' 220 lbs 1991/12/26 (31)Northwestern
20 Breece HallRB 6'1'' 220 lbs 2001/05/31 (22)Iowa State
32 Michael CarterRB 5'8'' 201 lbs 1999/05/07 (24)North Carolina
33 Dalvin CookRB 5'10'' 210 lbs 1995/08/10 (28)Florida State
35 Xazavian ValladayRB 6'0'' 198 lbs 1998/07/03 (25)Arizona State
25 Israel AbanikandaRB 5'11'' 215 lbs 2002/10/05 (20)Pittsburgh
81 Zack KuntzTE 6'8'' 251 lbs 1999/06/09 (24)Old Dominion
89 Jeremy RuckertTE 6'5'' 250 lbs 2000/08/11 (23)Ohio State
87 C.J. UzomahTE 6'5'' 271 lbs 1993/01/14 (30)Auburn
88 Kenny YeboahTE 6'3'' 250 lbs 1998/10/30 (24)Ole Miss
83 Tyler ConklinTE 6'3'' 254 lbs 1995/07/30 (28)Central Michigan
17 Garrett WilsonWR 6'0'' 192 lbs 2000/07/22 (23)Ohio State
19 Irvin CharlesWR 6'4'' 219 lbs 1997/04/13 (26)Indiana (Pa.)
16 Jason BrownleeWR 6'2'' 198 lbs 1999/01/30 (24)Southern Miss
14 Diontae SpencerWR 5'8'' 170 lbs 1992/03/19 (31)McNeese State
82 Xavier GipsonWR 5'9'' 189 lbs 2001/03/08 (22)Stephen F. Austin
18 Randall CobbWR 5'10'' 192 lbs 1990/08/22 (33)Kentucky
86 Malik TaylorWR 6'3'' 220 lbs 1995/12/21 (27)Ferris State
6 Mecole HardmanWR 5'10'' 187 lbs 1998/03/12 (25)Georgia
10 Allen LazardWR 6'5'' 227 lbs 1995/12/11 (27)Iowa State


33 Jimmy MorelandCB 5'11'' 182 lbs 1995/08/26 (28)James Madison
40 Nehemiah SheltonCB 6'2'' 185 lbs 1999/09/13 (24)San Jose State
26 Brandin EcholsCB 5'10'' 175 lbs 1997/10/16 (25)Kentucky
4 D.J. ReedCB 5'9'' 188 lbs 1996/11/11 (26)Kansas State
34 Justin HardeeCB 6'1'' 200 lbs 1994/02/07 (29)Illinois
40 Javelin GuidryCB 5'9'' 191 lbs 1998/08/06 (25)Utah
37 Bryce HallCB 6'1'' 202 lbs 1997/11/05 (25)Virginia
31 Craig JamesCB 5'10'' 195 lbs 1996/04/29 (27)Southern Illinois
29 Jarrick Bernard-ConverseCB 6'1'' 197 lbs 2000/04/29 (23)LSU
1 Sauce GardnerCB 6'3'' 200 lbs 2000/08/31 (23)Cincinnati
30 Michael Carter IICB 5'10'' 184 lbs 1999/03/08 (24)Duke
91 John Franklin-MyersDL 6'4'' 288 lbs 1996/09/26 (27)Stephen F. Austin
72 Micheal ClemonsDL 6'5'' 270 lbs 1997/08/21 (26)Texas A&M
45 Hamsah NasirildeenLB 6'3'' 215 lbs 1999/01/17 (24)Florida State
57 C.J. MosleyLB 6'2'' 231 lbs 1992/06/19 (31)Alabama
44 Jamien SherwoodLB 6'2'' 216 lbs 2000/01/12 (23)Auburn
41 Marcelino McCrary-BallLB 6'0'' 214 lbs 1999/03/23 (24)Indiana
52 Sam EguavoenLB 6'0'' 236 lbs 1993/02/22 (30)Texas Tech
46 Maalik HallLB 6'3'' 235 lbs 1999/02/04 (24)Southeastern Oklahoma
55 Chazz SurrattLB 6'2'' 233 lbs 1997/02/16 (26)North Carolina
43 Caleb JohnsonLB 6'1'' 235 lbs 1998/07/14 (25)Miami (Fla.)
53 Zaire BarnesLB 6'1'' 232 lbs 1999/09/03 (24)Western Michigan
56 Quincy WilliamsLB 5'11'' 225 lbs 1996/08/28 (27)Murray State
23 Chuck ClarkS 6'0'' 210 lbs 1995/04/19 (28)Virginia Tech
36 Tyreque JonesS 6'2'' 195 lbs 1999/01/04 (24)Boise State
38 Trey DeanS 6'2'' 200 lbs 2000/02/29 (23)Florida
0 Adrian AmosS 6'0'' 218 lbs 1993/04/29 (30)Penn State
21 Ashtyn DavisS 6'1'' 202 lbs 1996/10/10 (26)California
3 Jordan WhiteheadS 5'10'' 198 lbs 1997/03/18 (26)Pittsburgh

special teams

9 Greg ZuerleinK 6'0'' 187 lbs 1987/12/27 (35)Missouri Western
15 Austin SeibertK 5'9'' 200 lbs 1996/11/15 (26)Oklahoma
5 Thomas MorsteadP 6'4'' 225 lbs 1986/03/08 (37)SMU