Tennessee Titans Betting, Odds and Stats

Tennessee Titans Betting, Odds and Stats

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If you are looking for all the latest odds and key betting data on the Tennessee Titans, then you are in the right place. We've compiled everything you need to make an informed decision on what bet to make on the Titans. On top of that, we also have the latest promo codes and odds here which makes life very simple. We also have a selection of the best NFL betting sites for betting on the Titans. 

Head Coach / Manager
Mike Vrabel
Nissan Stadium
Offensive Coordinator
Defensive Coordinator
Shane Bowen

History of the Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans are based in Nashville, TN, and compete in the American Football Conference (AFC) South division. They are the current defending champions of the AFC South Division, as well. The franchise was previously based in Houston, TX, playing as the Houston Oilers. Bud Adams established it in 1959, and Adams remained the owner until he died in 2013. The team then relocated to Nashville and rebranded itself as the Tennessee Titans.

As the Houston Oilers, the Titans won four Division Championships and two American Football League (AFL) Championships while still located in Houston and then became part of the NFL through the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. They relocated to Nashville and initially played their home games at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium and the Vanderbilt Stadium (one season at each from 1997-1998) until the completion of Nissan Stadium, their current home.

The Titans have won 10 Division Titles since their inception, six since relocating to Tennessee. They have also been a regular in the playoffs, making it to nine playoffs since the relocation. They have only had a single appearance in a Super Bowl, which goes back to the 1999 season, in which they lost 23-16 to the St. Louis Rams. The Titans couldn’t have been closer, as Kevin Dyson was tackled at the one yard line as time expired.

Tennessee Titans Betting Promo Codes & Offers

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Tennessee Titans Betting Odds

Here we offer bettors the latest NFL odds for Titans games available anywhere. To ensure that our users get the most benefit, we always update and refresh the betting odds every hour, even when there is no Titans game scheduled. Before wagering on Titans games, make sure to visit our site and get the latest betting odds.

Quarterback Stats

The Titans' starting QB has put up these numbers so far this season. Check them out as they could help you when it comes to NFL player props:

Tennessee Titans Betting Stats

This Titans betting page, consisting of statistics of Tennessee Titans, is the perfect place for you to review all the essential statistics and check out our NFL picks. This gives you need to know when wagering on Titans games in-depth. Having adequate knowledge of all the relevant statistics based on Tennessee Titans is very important for making informed bets on Titans games and getting the most out of your bets. We recommend you visit our site before placing bets on Titans games.

Tennessee Titans Player Stats

Since their inception, the Titans have endured a rollercoaster ride, never really consistently sitting anywhere on the charts and being somewhat of a surprise team in terms of performances. They had a decent start in the 1960's era but declined for two decades between 1970 and 1990 before starting to find more success. However, whenever you are placing bets on Titans games on your favorite NFL betting site, a great thing to do is study the individual statistics of the Titans, such as player parlays, TD scorers, and QB props, which give you an edge in making better betting decisions.

Tennessee Titans Game Stats

If you are interested in placing bets on the Titans to win specific games, especially against specific opponents, this is the perfect destination for you. Our site provides historical game statistics to inform you regarding your money line or spread.

Running Back Stats

If you need to know how well the Titans' running backs are doing this season, to help you with NFL picks, their numbers can be found here:

Tennessee Titans News

Staying on top of the latest news coming out of the Titans camp, will help with your bets. If the quarterback or top receiver gets placed on the injured reserve, then that could change your mind on what bet to place. Find the very latest news from Tennessee throughout the week here:

Wide Receiver Stats

Want to know what numbers the Titans' wide receivers are putting up? Find out here:

Tennessee Titans to win the Super Bowl

The Titans do not have the greatest record when it comes to the Super Bowl. Their only appearance came in 1999, and ended just one yard short as they fell to the “Greatest Show on Turf”-era Rams. The team has been performing consistently well over the last few years and owners will hope that their offense, defense and special teams can all click for them to return to the Super Bowl once again. 

Here are the Tennessee Titans Super Bowl betting odds for the season:

Tennessee Titans Odds to Win the AFC

Avoiding injuries is always key to any team winning their conference and that is particularly the case with the Titans. They have good starting players, but their depth chart is not the strongest. Here are the latest odds for the Titans top win the AFC:

Tennessee Titans Odds to Win the AFC South

The Titans have been the team to beat in the AFC South, which has not been the most competitive divisions in the AFC. Tennessee will hope to continue their divisional dominance and go further in the playoffs than they have in recent seasons. 

Tennessee Titans AFC South odds will appear here when available:

Receiving Stats, Team Roster and Team Specials

Explore the Tennessee Titans, learning about their outstanding receivers and the most recent lineup. You will receive top-notch NFL insights from Gambling.com, keeping you informed all season long.




62 Corey LevinC 6'4'' 307 lbs 1994/08/12 (29)Chattanooga
55 Aaron BrewerC 6'1'' 295 lbs 1997/10/28 (25)Texas State
60 Daniel BrunskillC 6'5'' 300 lbs 1994/01/27 (29)San Diego State
46 Morgan CoxC 6'4'' 233 lbs 1986/04/26 (37)Tennessee
75 Dillon RadunzOL 6'6'' 301 lbs 1998/03/28 (25)North Dakota State
77 Peter SkoronskiOL 6'4'' 313 lbs 2001/07/31 (22)Northwestern
8 Will LevisQB 6'4'' 229 lbs 1999/06/27 (24)Kentucky
17 Ryan TannehillQB 6'4'' 217 lbs 1988/07/27 (35)Texas A&M
7 Malik WillisQB 6'1'' 219 lbs 1999/05/25 (24)Liberty
36 Julius ChestnutRB 5'11'' 228 lbs 2000/10/26 (22)Sacred Heart
25 Hassan HaskinsRB 6'2'' 228 lbs 1999/11/26 (23)Michigan
22 Derrick HenryRB 6'3'' 247 lbs 1994/01/04 (29)Alabama
35 Jacques PatrickRB 6'2'' 239 lbs 1997/01/07 (26)Florida State
32 Tyjae SpearsRB 5'11'' 200 lbs 2001/06/15 (22)Tulane
88 Trevon WescoTE 6'3'' 267 lbs 1995/09/12 (28)West Virginia
89 Thomas OdukoyaTE 6'6'' 253 lbs 1997/05/05 (26)Eastern Michigan
85 Chigoziem OkonokwoTE 6'3'' 238 lbs 1999/09/08 (24)Maryland
86 Kevin RaderTE 6'4'' 250 lbs 1995/04/26 (28)Youngstown State
81 Josh WhyleTE 6'7'' 248 lbs 1999/09/08 (24)Cincinnati
82 Tre'Shaun HarrisonWR 5'11'' 188 lbs 2001/06/26 (22)Oregon State
16 Treylon BurksWR 6'2'' 225 lbs 2000/03/23 (23)Arkansas
18 Kyle PhilipsWR 5'11'' 189 lbs 1999/06/17 (24)UCLA
15 Nick Westbrook-IkhineWR 6'2'' 211 lbs 1997/03/21 (26)Indiana
14 Colton DowellWR 6'3'' 212 lbs 2002/01/21 (21)UT Martin
12 Mason KinseyWR 5'10'' 203 lbs 1998/08/29 (25)Berry College
10 DeAndre HopkinsWR 6'1'' 212 lbs 1992/06/06 (31)Clemson
11 Chris MooreWR 6'1'' 200 lbs 1993/06/16 (30)Cincinnati
5 Kearis JacksonWR 5'11'' 196 lbs 1999/12/09 (23)Georgia


33 Eric GarrorCB 5'8'' 174 lbs 2000/03/31 (23)Louisiana
28 Shyheim CarterCB 5'10'' 194 lbs 1997/12/15 (25)Alabama
0 Sean Murphy-BuntingCB 6'0'' 195 lbs 1997/06/19 (26)Central Michigan
21 Roger McCrearyCB 5'11'' 190 lbs 2000/02/10 (23)Auburn
26 Kristian FultonCB 5'11'' 197 lbs 1998/09/03 (25)LSU
3 Caleb FarleyCB 6'2'' 197 lbs 1998/11/02 (24)Virginia Tech
40 Anthony KendallCB 5'10'' 177 lbs 1999/12/17 (23)Baldwin Wallace
23 Tre AveryCB 5'11'' 181 lbs 1997/02/26 (26)Rutgers
20 Kindle VildorCB 5'11'' 189 lbs 1997/12/11 (25)Georgia Southern
38 Armani MarshCB 5'9'' 182 lbs 1999/02/17 (24)Washington State
24 Elijah MoldenCB 5'10'' 192 lbs 1999/01/30 (24)Washington
96 Denico AutryDL 6'5'' 285 lbs 1990/07/15 (33)Mississippi State
42 Caleb MurphyLB 6'3'' 254 lbs 1999/12/15 (23)Ferris State
49 Arden KeyLB 6'5'' 240 lbs 1996/05/03 (27)LSU
52 Trevis GipsonLB 6'4'' 263 lbs 1997/06/13 (26)Tulsa
2 Azeez Al-ShaairLB 6'2'' 228 lbs 1997/08/04 (26)Florida Atlantic
56 Monty RiceLB 6'0'' 233 lbs 1999/01/08 (24)Georgia
99 Rashad WeaverLB 6'4'' 259 lbs 1997/11/10 (25)Pittsburgh
57 Luke GiffordLB 6'3'' 243 lbs 1995/08/28 (28)Nebraska
41 Otis ReeseLB 6'3'' 214 lbs 1998/07/02 (25)Ole Miss
50 Jack GibbensLB 6'3'' 242 lbs 1998/11/24 (24)Minnesota
48 Thomas RushLB 6'3'' 251 lbs 2000/01/31 (23)Minnesota
45 Chance CampbellLB 6'2'' 232 lbs 1999/10/08 (23)Ole Miss
44 Mike BrownS 6'1'' 215 lbs 1999/04/07 (24)Miami (Ohio)
39 Matthew JacksonS 6'1'' 209 lbs 1998/11/09 (24)Eastern Kentucky
31 Kevin ByardS 5'11'' 212 lbs 1993/08/17 (30)Middle Tennessee

special teams

13 Cade YorkK 6'1'' 206 lbs 2001/01/27 (22)LSU
6 Nick FolkK 6'1'' 222 lbs 1984/11/05 (38)Arizona
4 Ryan StonehouseP 5'10'' 193 lbs 1999/05/11 (24)Colorado State