Washington Commanders Betting, Odds and Stats

Washington Commanders Betting, Odds and Stats

Team Info

If you’re wanting information on the latest Washington Commanders betting information, odds and stats, you have come to the right place. Our experts have collated all the information you need and have picked the best NFL betting sites to place successful bets on the Commanders week in and week out. We have stats that can help any NFL picks you’re looking to make or betting offers on the Commanders each week.

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Head Coach / Manager
Ron Rivera
Offensive Coordinator
Defensive Coordinator
Jack Del Rio

History of the Washington Commanders

Washington has been part of the NFL since 1933, but this is the first season of the current iteration, the Washington Commanders after a season known as the Washington Football Team. In the team’s history, they have won eight championships, but they haven’t reached the Super Bowl for over 30 years.

After an offseason trade for Carson Wentz to compete with Taylor Heinicke, head coach Ron Rivera will hope they can pull up a few more trees in the NFC East against their rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. 

Washington Commanders Betting Promo Codes & Offers

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Washington Commanders Betting Odds

The latest Commanders NFL odds will be provided by us no matter what time of day you visit the site. These are updated almost constantly to provide you with the best possible prices to use your free bets at.

Quarterback Stats

Here are the stats for the Commanders quarterbacks:

Washington Commanders Betting Stats

The Washington Commanders stat page is where you want to be to help make you NFL picks as smart as possible. There is never a truly risk-free bet, but armed with the arsenal of stats on the team not just this season but in their history too, you can give yourself the best chance of turning a profit.

Washington Commanders Player Stats

The Washington Commanders were one of the strongest teams in the 20th century and had legendary players such as Joe Theismann and Sonny Jurgenson. However, now it is the turn of Carson Wentz and skill position players such as Logan Thomas, Jahan Dotson, Antonio Gibson and Terry McLaurin to push this team to the postseason. 

If any of those players catch fire during the season, this will be the place to find out. Armed with the Commanders stats, you can make decisions on your NFL player props.

Washington Commanders Game Stats

If you want to be on the Washington Commanders in an NFC East game or against any other rival in the NFL, this is the right spot to find the most updated stats. The data will help you find the edge for playing moneylines and spreads.

Running Back Stats

The Commanders running backs have produced some big numbers this season:

Washington Commanders News

It’s best to stay up-to-date with all team news to do with the Commanders if you want to bet on them, so whether it’s checking if a player has been placed on injured reserve or waiting for NFL lineups to be released, this page has everything for you.

Wide Receiver Stats

The Commanders wide receivers have been hauling in plenty of passes. Here are their stats:

Washington Commanders to Win the Super Bowl

The Washington Commanders haven’t been to the big show since their last win in 1991, but under Ron Rivera there will be hope he can lead them into the postseason and maybe even further, like he did with the Carolina Panthers.

Here are the Washington Commanders Super Bowl betting odds for the season:

Washington Commanders Odds to Win the NFC

To get to the Super Bowl, the Commanders need to first get through the NFC Championship Game. There are some very strong teams in the NFC every year, so everything will have to fall into place for them to win the NFC. Here are the team’s latest NFC odds:

Washington Commanders Odds to Win the NFC East

With the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants for company, the Commanders know divisional matchups against their rivals could determine who will come out on top in the NFC East. The team’s odds to win the NFC East will be displayed when they become available.

Receiving Stats, Team Roster and Team Specials

Analyze the Washington Commanders thoroughly, analyzing their present lineup and receiver skills. Count on Gambling.com for unmatched NFL analysis that keeps you informed at all times.



53 Ricky StrombergC 6'4'' 313 lbs 2000/11/10 (22)Arkansas
63 Nick GatesC 6'5'' 312 lbs 1995/11/27 (27)Nebraska
69 Tyler LarsenC 6'4'' 335 lbs 1991/07/08 (32)Utah State
54 Camaron CheesemanC 6'4'' 237 lbs 1998/04/26 (25)Michigan
12 Jacoby BrissettQB 6'4'' 235 lbs 1992/12/11 (30)NC State
14 Sam HowellQB 6'1'' 220 lbs 2000/09/16 (23)North Carolina
11 Jake FrommQB 6'2'' 215 lbs 1998/07/30 (25)Georgia
24 Antonio GibsonRB 6'2'' 220 lbs 1998/06/23 (25)Memphis
23 Chris Rodriguez Jr.RB 5'11'' 224 lbs 2000/09/26 (23)Kentucky
8 Brian RobinsonRB 6'1'' 228 lbs 1999/03/22 (24)Alabama
38 Derrick GoreRB 5'10'' 212 lbs 1994/12/13 (28)UL Monroe
82 Logan ThomasTE 6'6'' 250 lbs 1991/07/01 (32)Virginia Tech
87 John BatesTE 6'6'' 259 lbs 1997/11/06 (25)Boise State
88 Armani RogersTE 6'5'' 225 lbs 1997/12/04 (25)Ohio
85 Cole TurnerTE 6'6'' 240 lbs 2000/03/16 (23)Nevada
46 Brandon DillonTE 6'5'' 250 lbs 1997/04/30 (26)Marian
45 Kaden SmithTE 6'5'' 249 lbs 1997/04/24 (26)Stanford
80 Curtis HodgesTE 6'8'' 240 lbs 1999/07/03 (24)Arizona State
2 Dyami BrownWR 6'0'' 195 lbs 1999/11/01 (23)North Carolina
3 Byron PringleWR 6'1'' 203 lbs 1993/11/17 (29)Kansas State
89 Brycen TremayneWR 6'4'' 212 lbs 1999/11/18 (23)Stanford
17 Terry McLaurinWR 6'0'' 210 lbs 1995/09/15 (28)Ohio State
83 Jamison CrowderWR 5'9'' 177 lbs 1993/06/17 (30)Duke
1 Jahan DotsonWR 5'11'' 182 lbs 2000/03/22 (23)Penn State
86 Mitchell TinsleyWR 6'1'' 205 lbs 1999/09/15 (24)Penn State
4 Curtis SamuelWR 5'11'' 195 lbs 1996/08/11 (27)Ohio State
10 Kazmeir AllenWR 5'8'' 176 lbs 2000/02/29 (23)UCLA
83 Kyric McGowanWR 5'11'' 198 lbs 1999/11/01 (23)Georgia Tech
15 Dax MilneWR 6'0'' 190 lbs 1999/06/23 (24)BYU


37 Nick WhitesideCB 6'1'' 200 lbs 2000/05/01 (23)Saginaw Valley State
48 Keidron SmithCB 6'2'' 201 lbs 1999/11/01 (23)Kentucky
34 Christian HolmesCB 6'1'' 205 lbs 1997/09/14 (26)Oklahoma State
30 Troy ApkeCB 6'1'' 205 lbs 1995/04/11 (28)Penn State
29 Kendall FullerCB 5'11'' 198 lbs 1995/02/13 (28)Virginia Tech
25 Benjamin St-JusteCB 6'3'' 200 lbs 1997/09/08 (26)Minnesota
26 Tariq Castro-FieldsCB 6'1'' 197 lbs 1999/01/14 (24)Penn State
36 Danny JohnsonCB 5'9'' 190 lbs 1995/11/17 (27)Southern
13 Emmanuel ForbesCB 6'0'' 180 lbs 2001/01/13 (22)Mississippi State
41 Jabril CoxLB 6'3'' 233 lbs 1998/04/16 (25)LSU
45 De'Jon HarrisLB 6'0'' 245 lbs 1997/11/01 (25)Arkansas
52 Jamin DavisLB 6'3'' 234 lbs 1998/12/12 (24)Kentucky
57 Cody BartonLB 6'2'' 237 lbs 1996/11/13 (26)Utah
51 David MayoLB 6'2'' 240 lbs 1993/08/18 (30)Texas State
47 Khaleke HudsonLB 6'0'' 220 lbs 1997/12/06 (25)Michigan
22 Darrick ForrestS 5'11'' 200 lbs 1999/05/22 (24)Cincinnati
39 Jeremy ReavesS 5'11'' 200 lbs 1996/08/29 (27)South Alabama
32 Terrell BurgessS 5'11'' 202 lbs 1998/11/12 (24)Utah

special teams

6 Joey SlyeK 5'11'' 213 lbs 1996/04/10 (27)Virginia Tech
5 Tress WayP 6'1'' 220 lbs 1990/04/18 (33)Oklahoma