American Gambling Awards Finalists: Betting Product of the Year

Date IconLast Updated : Sep 19th, 2023
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American Gambling Awards Finalists: Betting Product of the Year
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The American Gambling Awards celebrate the outstanding work of the companies, organizations, executives and influencers working to responsibly grow the regulated online American casino and sports betting markets.

Leading up to the awards ceremony in November, is profiling the finalists.

Here are the finalists for Betting Product of the Year.

Chalkline Sports

Chalkline Sports is a company and product that provides free-play and real-money games to casinos, affiliates and media outlets for localized and personalized purposes. For example, Chalkline Sports partners with NESN, a network in New England.

NESN used Chalklin to promote various games related to the MLB’s Boston Red Sox and the NHL’s Boston Bruins on their platform.

According to Chalkline Sports, Chalkline is used to personalize content for engagement, provide players with promotions and prizes, and educate players about sports betting. 


OddsJam is a real-time sports betting odds data analysis company that explores markets across sportsbooks and shows any gaps in the market.

So, if a person is interested in betting on a game, that person can use OddsJam to help find the best odds on the market without manually odds shopping.

OddsJam compares over 100 sportsbooks and publishes 200+ pieces of news content weekly. 


With Outlier, players can browse bets quickly based on the data it curates within a period they deem necessary for making their bets.

Outlier supplies players with information such as injuries, live movement, public betting percentages, head-to-head matchup data and particular data sets within each bet or set of data. One example Outlier provides is analyzing how LeBron James performs on the road after losing against a top-three rebounding defense.

Outlier also does odds shopping for bettors and can integrate with their favorite sportsbooks to make bets quickly. 

BetBuilder from OpenBet

BetBuilder is a product from OpenBet that allows players to control their sports betting experience by examining multiple bet combinations.

During the Super Bowl in February 2023, BetBuilder handled 3.7 million bets. Same Game Parlays powered by BetBuilder accounted for 27% of all bets.

OpenBet boasts 44 licenses globally with “billions of bets a year and tech solutions to every challenge.”


Simplebet is a micro-betting platform offering its product for the MLB, NFL and NBA.

Its mobile app, Playbook, is available for iOS and Android users. Bettors using the app can place wagers on things like the result of the next drive in an NFL contest, the next shot in an NBA matchup or whether a play will get a hit or not in an MLB game.

On LinkedIn, Simplebet notes it is a product development company using machine learning and automation “to make every moment of every sporting event a betting opportunity.”