Best College Basketball Bets, Player Props & NCAAB Picks for 11/20

Date IconLast Updated: Nov 20th, 2023
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Best College Basketball Bets, Player Props & NCAAB Picks for 11/20
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Best College Basketball Bets Today, November 20, 2023:


Monday launches a highly anticipated week in the 2023-24 college basketball season, featuring top-tier non-conference action and compelling NCAAB Picks today. The day is highlighted by the start of the Maui Invitational, renowned for its competitive lineup and showcasing some of the best teams in college basketball. This tournament is a focal point for fans and analysts, offering a blend of skill, strategy, and potential upsets.

The day's games are particularly notable, with four of the nation's top seven teams competing, emphasizing the depth of talent in the field. A standout game is the clash between No. 2 Purdue and No. 11 Gonzaga, a testament to the tournament's quality. 

This early-round matchup between such highly-ranked teams not only highlights the strength of the competition but also sets the tone for an intense and high-stakes week in college basketball. For those looking at college basketball picks and the best online betting sites, these games are a prime focus.

Stay tuned for our NCAAB expert picks and insights into these exciting games!


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Purdue Boilermakers (3-0) vs Gonzaga Bulldogs (2-0) Prediction

Best Bet #1: ⭐ Purdue -4.5 (-110) at BetMGM

The Purdue Boilermakers' upcoming face-off against the Gonzaga Bulldogs is generating significant buzz, especially in the context of CBB Picks. Purdue's impressive 3-0 start to the season, capped by their 83-71 victory over Xavier, positions them favorably to cover the -4.5 spread (-110) at BetMGM.

The linchpin of Purdue's success is the towering 7-foot-4 senior, Zach Edey. His season-high 28 points and 11 rebounds in the last game, coupled with his defensive prowess of four blocks, make him a formidable force on the court. Edey's dominance is a critical element in the Purdue vs. Gonzaga prediction, giving Purdue a significant edge in the paint.

Complementing Edey's performance is Braden Smith, whose contributions are not to be overlooked. Averaging 11.7 points, 8.3 assists, and six rebounds, Smith's 50% accuracy from the three-point range has been pivotal in Purdue's offensive strategy. Their proficiency from beyond the arc, hitting at a 46.3% rate, places them among the nation's best.

Defensively, Purdue stands out in KenPom's Top-25 for adjusted defensive efficiency. Holding opponents to an average of 57.7 points per game and restricting them to a 34.7% shooting from the field, the Boilermakers' defense is a key factor in their success.

While Gonzaga's offensive stats are impressive, their performance against top-tier teams like Purdue remains untested. Purdue's blend of offensive firepower and defensive solidity, led by Edey's unmatched presence and Smith's all-around play, positions them well to not just compete but to cover the spread against Gonzaga. 

Best Bet #1: ⭐ Purdue -4.5 (-110) at BetMGM


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UConn Huskies (4-0) vs. Texas Longhorns (4-0) Prediction & NCAAB Picks

Best Bet #2: ⭐ Under 144.5 points (-105) at FanDuel

Jumping straight into the UConn vs. Texas matchup, there's a strong case for the game to stay under 144.5 points (-105) at FanDuel. Recent trends for both teams lean towards lower-scoring games, with UConn and Texas frequently seeing the Under hit in their recent outings. This pattern suggests we might not witness a scoring frenzy in this matchup.

Texas's free-throw performance is a critical point to consider. Their 68.5% accuracy at the line indicates missed scoring opportunities, which could be pivotal in a game where every point is crucial. While both teams have impressive scoring averages this season, with UConn at 91.5 and Texas at 83.8 points per game, their recent trends hint at a tightening in scoring.

Despite Texas managing to score over 80 points in their last four games, their struggle from the three-point range in the latest game raises questions about their ability to maintain such high scoring against a team like UConn. Given these factors, the UConn vs. Texas prediction is more likely to feature conservative scoring, staying under the 144.5 point threshold set by FanDuel. This matchup, while featuring two strong offenses, seems poised for a total that doesn't quite reach the high-scoring expectations.

Best Bet #2: ⭐ Under 144.5 points (-105) at FanDuel


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Colorado Buffaloes (3-0) vs. Richmond Spiders (2-1) NCAAB Picks

Best Bet #3: ⭐ Colorado -9 (-110) at Caesars

Diving into the Colorado vs. Richmond matchup, there's a strong belief that Colorado will not only win but also cover the -9.5 spread (-110) at BetMGM. The Buffaloes' offensive prowess, particularly their three-point shooting, which stands at an impressive 51.7%, positions them for a significant edge in this contest. This high level of shooting efficiency is a key factor in making them a top choice in college basketball picks.

Eddie Lampkin Jr.'s leadership in rebounding is another crucial aspect for Colorado. His ability to dominate the boards opens up numerous second-chance scoring opportunities for the team. This rebounding strength, combined with their high-scoring offense, solidifies Colorado's chances of covering the spread.

Richmond, while known for their solid defense, faces challenges in their shooting efficiency. Their performance from beyond the arc has been less than stellar, which could be a major setback in keeping up with Colorado's robust scoring. Given Colorado's current form and their strategic execution, they are well-positioned to not only win but also cover the -9 -point spread (-110) at Caesars comfortably in this NCAAB game, making them a strong pick in CBB Picks.

Best Bet #3: ⭐ Colorado -9 (-110) at Caesars


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Saint Joseph's Hawks (3-1) vs Kentucky Wildcats (3-1) Prediction

Best Bet #4: ⭐ Kentucky -15.5 (-110) at BetMGM

In the upcoming Saint Joseph’s vs. Kentucky game, there's a strong case for Kentucky to cover the -15.5 spread (-110) at BetMGM. Saint Joseph's recent loss to Texas A&M-Commerce, where they managed only 54 points against a lesser opponent, signals potential struggles against Kentucky's athletic defense. This point is crucial for those considering College Basketball Picks.

Kentucky's size might be perceived as a weakness, but Saint Joseph's doesn't seem capable of exploiting it. As the game progresses, expect Kentucky's talented backcourt to outperform the Hawks, especially in the second half. Unlike Kansas, which posed a significant challenge for Kentucky, Saint Joseph’s lacks the kind of dominant bigs that could sway the game in their favor.

Kentucky's performance this season has been impressive, with all three of their wins being blowouts by at least 20 points. This demonstrates their ability to not just win, but win big, making them a strong candidate in CBB Picks. Saint Joseph’s offensive struggles are evident, averaging only 102.3 points per 100 possessions, placing them 178th in adjusted offensive efficiency. In contrast, Kentucky boasts 115.9 points per 100 possessions, along with superior defensive stats.

This game marks Saint Joseph’s first road game, and it's in a challenging environment. Their poor shooting in the last game, just 27% from the field, will likely be exacerbated against Kentucky’s length and athleticism. Expect Kentucky to capitalize on Saint Joseph’s missed shots, leading to transition baskets and a quick extension of their lead. Playing at home, Kentucky has an added advantage, reinforcing the prediction that they will not only win but also cover the -15.5 spread comfortably.

Best Bet #4: ⭐ Kentucky -15.5 (-110) at BetMGM


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