Best NHL Prop Bets Today & Best NHL Draft Prop Bets Today 06/28

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Best NHL Prop Bets Today & Best NHL Draft Prop Bets Today 06/28
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Best Prop Bets to Make on the 2023 NHL Draft

  1. Adam Fantilli-Leo Carlsson-Will Smith parlay (+125) at FanDuel Sportsbook
  2. Under 24.5 Forwards Taken In Round 1 (-115) at UniBet Sportsbook
  3. Over 6.5 Defensemen Taken In Round 1 (-115) at UniBet Sportsbook
  4. Michael Hrabal Taken In Round 1 (-135) at DraftKings Sportsbook
  5. Oliver Moore Over 14.5 (Pick Prop at -115 at DraftKings Sportsbook
  6. Callum Ritchie Under 22.5 (Pick Prop at Even) at UniBet Sportsbook
  7. David Reinbacher Under 6.5 (Pick Prop at +115) at DraftKings Sportsbook

NHL Draft 2023 is in Nashville on Wednesday and Thursday

With the NHL offseason upon us, we venture into the 2023 NHL Draft at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. 

The draft begins Wednesday night and ends Thursday afternoon. Round 1 takes place in primetime and gets telecast on ESPN and NHL Network. 

Most NHL betting sites concern themselves with significant bets. That is understandable. Some avenues have opened with a weaker-than-usual free agent class (the Free Agent Frenzy starts Saturday). At, our idea is to take a sensible look at what may be off the beaten path. 

What About Some Different Wrinkles?

That is the first question asked. With Connor Bedard going first being a lock, the first few NHL Draft picks seem more concrete than usual. Besides, those wagers get cumbersome and tedious. Potential reaches may start bubbling up at pick four or five at the earliest. 

Unibet, DraftKings, and FanDuel have a little more variety this time around. When perusing for potential bets, seeking out the less obvious became the goal. Some others view these as standard. For hockey bettors, this is a bigger deal. 

Here are some of the different options found so far. More may open up between now and Wednesday night. Unibet had the Over/Under on forwards and defensemen taken in Round 1. Please note the chances of a goaltender being drafted on Wednesday are almost zero. 

FanDuel has some parlay options. One can take a shot at the 2/3/4 picks in order. The consensus 2-4 is going at +125, by the way. That would be Adam Fantilli, Leo Carlsson, and Will Smith. Also, FanDuel offers an ample amount of longer shots to wager as well. Furthermore, the site allows a bettor to parlay up to three of the top ten picks.

DraftKings and Unibet both have draft position specials as matchups. Check the prop betting odds frequently here, as they are expected to change some. Shopping between sites may not be as beneficial as expected, but it could pay off if your timing is right. 

What NHL Draft Picks Catch Our Eye?

That’s the best question. Again, that 2-3-4 parlay on FanDuel is simple but likely effective. Barring a trade, the fifth pick is maybe the first time we see a reach. Naturally, all it takes is one unexpected move to change a top ten. 

Matvei Michkov is an exciting gamble at the fifth slot. DraftKings and Unibet carry him at +275, while FanDuel (+240) and a few other sites saw his number shorten. This is about finding good numbers and being picky. Yes, the NHL Draft is not something to throw a whole bunch of money on. 

What else are spots to consider? The selections for players versus the field are too tilted to attempt. However, Vegas is the one potential landing spot for a goaltender (Michael Hrabal) at 32. The Under 32.5 at -135 is not as appetizing as some other wagers, but it is possible. 

Oliver Moore at Over 14.5 (-115) is another consideration. Unibet and FanDuel had differing options at less appealing numbers. Callum Ritchie is EVEN to go Under 22.5, and a few teams in the Top 20 were even eyeing him. David Reinbacher could go as high as fifth or sixth. At +115 on DraftKings, he may be worth a $1 or $2 wager. 

A Final Note Or Two

The best advice is to check some props and parlay odds several times between now and Wednesday night. Doing a little extra homework can save a few dollars here and there. As we said, there are other hockey wagers to bet on for the hockey bettor. 

NHL Award Futures are already out for next year. However, that is for another time. Good luck!

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