Q&A: Here’s VSIN’S Bill Adee On His Daily Newsletter, Las Vegas Life & The Super Bowl

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For sports fans and bettors, The VSiN Daily newsletter from Bill Adee is a pleasant sight in the early morning email inbox.

In a world where complex sport betting advice can be difficult to decipher, Adee’s daily email newsletter is the opposite. It is clear and concise.

Adee’s mix of personal insight and analysis, combined with sports betting trends and data, comes in easily digestible bites, and his writing style is conversational and easy to follow.

Adee has a knack for being timely with need-to-know facts, but for those who want to dig deeper, links direct readers to additional content.

From Chicago Newspapers To VSiN 

It’s not surprising that Adee has a nose for news and writes in a way that anyone can understand. His background in newspapers includes serving from 1993-2002 as sports editor at the Chicago Sun-Times and then, from there, as sports editor at the Chicago Tribune.

From 2006-2017 Adee worked in various digital news and product development roles at the Tribune and its parent company.

A co-founder and chief operating officer of the Vegas Stats & Information Network (VSiN), Adee has helped develop the Nevada-based company into a sports-media and betting-analysis outlet available in multiple formats, including online and on radio stations.

Now owned by DraftKings Sportsbook, VSiN broadcasts from studios at two downtown Las Vegas casinos — Circa Resort and the D Las Vegas. Both resorts are operated by casino developer Derek Stevens.

VSiN’s home base, Las Vegas, is gearing up for a busy February, with the 2024 Super Bowl set to be played Feb. 11 at Allegiant Stadium just west of the Strip.

With that in mind, asked Adee about The VSiN Daily and more.

‘Crash Course In Las Vegas Life’ How did the idea for the daily email come about?

Adee: I started doing the daily morning email not long after VSiN launched in 2017. We figured it would be a good way to feature what we were doing on air and get feedback from our viewers and listeners, especially as a start-up.

As we added programming hours and content to the website, the email has evolved into a lot more.

Over the past six years, I have tried to delegate the responsibility to others, but in the end it was just easier to do it myself, especially because of the late night/early morning hours.

Plus I feel like I am able to stay in touch with VSiN’s incredibly loyal and engaged fans.

Q: What is the thinking behind the content mix — personal insights, interesting tidbits, updates on betting odds, links, article and podcast recommendations, etc.

A: I hope the daily email reflects what is unique about VSiN: Our network is based in a Las Vegas casino (Circa). Until recently, I not only worked at Circa, but lived there, too.

So I have been immersed in the Las Vegas sports betting scene and all the characters involved. And, of course, you get a crash course in Las Vegas life.

People are curious about what that’s like and so I sprinkle those tidbits into my email along with everything else I hope bettors want to know to start their day.

My deadline is 3 a.m. Las Vegas time, so sometimes those nocturnal observations are fresh in my memory.

That’s why the promotional Day-in-the-Life-of-Bill campaign that VSiN started a few weeks ago isn’t too far from reality.

Q: How do you see the daily email evolving over time?

A: Up till recently, I have used the email to promote the work of others, whether it’s on air or on

But I hope to do more original reporting in the email this year to take bettors behind the Las Vegas scene and to help them learn from the tremendous bettors I’ve met.

Q: In general, what’s ahead in the new year for VSiN?

A: We’re going to start the year with a bang: The first Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

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