High Stakes Duel 4: Negreanu vs. Persson for $300,000 + Deeb vs. Matusow Undercard

Date IconLast Updated : May 2nd, 2023
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High Stakes Duel 4: Negreanu vs. Persson for $300,000 + Deeb vs. Matusow Undercard
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PokerGO’s High Stakes Duel will return on May 8 with new competitors, a revamped format, but the same big-money payouts.

The new series of High Stakes Duel sees Daniel Negreanu take on Eric Persson in Round 1 of Match 1. The two players will each put up $50,000 for the winner-takes-all showdown. 

Previous seasons of High Stakes Duel have given the loser the right to a rematch for double the stakes. For High Stakes Duel 4, Negreanu and Persson have agreed to play two rounds right off the bat. That means they’ll play for $100,000 on May 8, then $200,000 on May 9. 

If Negreanu wins both matches, he’s declared the winner. If Persson sweeps Negreanu, he gets the championship belt. If the match is tied one apiece, the loser of Round 2 has the right to a rematch (that must be activated immediately). 

New Ideas Raise the Stakes

The new format should create an exciting dynamic between the two players, as there’s no escaping a second match. Indeed, with Eric Persson now firmly established as one of poker’s most divisive figures, there’s bound to be fireworks during the opening matches of High Stakes Duel 4. 

Something else that will get audiences excited for the latest season of High Stakes Duel is a $20,000 undercard match between Shaun Deeb and Mike Matusow. This is the first time PokerGO has had a prelude to the main event, and based on the two players chosen, the idea is to start the drama early.

Matusow rarely fails to live up to his moniker, The Mouth (see video below). Deeb is similarly outspoken and regularly calls out players with overinflated egos and scammers. By that token, Matusow and Deeb should get viewers suitably pumped for Negreanu vs. Persson. 

As ever, poker fans had their say on the latest High Stakes Duel match-ups. MarcP said he’d put his “entire bankroll” on Deeb to beat Matusow. Andy Lobien agreed and asked where he can “pile in money” on Shaun Deeb.

Fans Favor Negreanu in $300K Persson Match

Ahead of the Daniel Negreanu vs. Eric Persson match, public opinion is leaning towards the former. Negreanu is a veteran poker pro with over $50 million in live tournament earnings. Persson is the CEO of the casino company Maverick Gaming.

Despite being a recreational player, Persson is a firm fixture in high-stakes cash games, including Hustler Casino Live. He’s also played one of the biggest pots ever shown on TV worth $1.9 million.

Persson also has the ability to tilt players with his speech play (see video above). The problem, however, is that Negreanu has seen it all before. This, combined with the fact he’s vastly more experienced than Persson, means he’ll start the match as a favorite. 

According to Devyn Furiosi on Twitter, Daniel Negreanu is such an overwhelming favorite that if he doesn’t win, he should “retire.” As we’ve seen with previous installments of High Stakes Duel, anything can happen, so it’s unlikely Negreanu will retire if he loses. 

However, it's another pro vs. wealth amateur situation like the ongoing Matt Berkey vs. Nik Airball match. Therefore, as well as $300,000, Negreanu has the reputation of the professional poker community on his shoulders. That alone should make for compelling viewing when the new season of High Stakes Duel airs.

You can watch the undercard match between Shaun Deeb and Mike Matusow for free on May 5 via PokerGO’s YouTube channel. Following that, Daniel Negreanu vs. Eric Persson will air live on PokerGO on May 8 and 9.