High Stakes Duel 4 Results: Matusow Upsets the Odds, Negreanu Upsets Persson

Date IconLast Updated: May 16th, 2023
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High Stakes Duel 4 Results: Matusow Upsets the Odds, Negreanu Upsets Persson

In a plot twist few predicted, Mike Matusow beat Shaun Deeb in the undercard match of High Stakes Duel 4. 

The $20,000 heads-up match took place on May 5 inside PokerGo’s Las Vegas studio. With the eyes of online poker world watching for free on PokerGo and YouTube, the warm-up bout for Negreanu vs. Persson didn’t disappoint. 

Although Deeb and Matusow were somewhat less vocal than usual, they let their cards do the talking. Deeb, the pre-match favorite in many people’s eyes, got off to a flier. He won the first nine pots and, within no time at all, he had a 3:2 advantage (see video below).

However, Matusow remained uncharacteristically calm throughout and, eventually, got a break when turned a flush to get ahead of Deeb’s flopped two-pair. That hand not only switched the stacks but turned the tide in Matusow’s favor. 

Matusow avenges slowroll to beat Deeb

The Mouth’s time in front didn’t last long as Deeb found pocket jacks at the right time. Time was the operative word during the hand. Matusow hit a pair of sevens and probably thought his hand was good when Deeb took his time revealing a pair of jacks. 

That slow roll must have lit a fire under Matusow because he quickly bulldozed his way back into the lead. Despite Deeb winning more pots early on, Matusow won when it mattered. With more big pots going to the Mouth, the match was only heading one way. 

The final hand was a standard shove for Deeb and an academic call for Matusow. With the former holding 13 big blinds, it was all-in with Q-10. Matusow called with K-J and held his lead as the board ran out nine-high. With that, the High Stakes Duel undercard match was over and Matusow banked the $20,000 prize.  

Daniel Negreanu vs. Eric Persson

Matusow started the undercard match as underdog but emerged victorious, proving that anything can happen under the studio lights. This was a timely reminder for poker fans who assumed Daniel Negreanu would steamroll casino owner Eric Persson in their first-round match on May 8 (see video below). 


The two locked horns for $50,000 apiece in the latest High Stakes Duel main event. Poker pro Negreanu had appeared on High Stakes Duel II against Phil Hellmuth but failed to win in three attempts. Persson, a vocal but wealthy amateur, was well aware of that fact. 

He used that fact, as well as a four-high bluff, to bamboozle Negreanu early on with a barrage of comments. The speech play worked for a while but Negreanu eventually took control. A set against Persson’s flopped straight draw put him in control, and it was a position he never relinquished. 

Negreanu dominates Persson

With the amateur on the ropes, Negreanu piled on the pressure. He secured the win with A-K against A-Q and said after the match he was “relieved” to get the first one out of the way. Negreanu and Persson were scheduled to play for $200,000 today (May 9). 


However, due to scheduling issues, Persson has withdrawn (see tweet above). The race is now on to find a new opponent. A challenger has 30 days to put up $100,000 or Negreanu will become High Stake Duel 4 champion.