MLB Picks and Best NRFI Bets Today Including Phillies vs. Blue Jays, August 16

Date IconLast Updated: Aug 16th, 2023
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MLB Picks and Best NRFI Bets Today Including Phillies vs. Blue Jays, August 16
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MLB Picks and Best NRFI Bets Today, August 16


Another day, another roundup of our best bets today, with some more MLB picks as the race for the playoffs hots up. 

We’ve also put together our best NRFI bets for some of the most fascinating pitching matchups today.

We've also uncovered the best odds at some of the best online betting sites, such as BetMGM, FanDuel and bet365. 


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Best NRFI Bets Today: Philadelphia Phillies vs Toronto Blue Jays

⭐ Aaron Nola (RHP) vs Kevin Gausman (RHP): Under 0.5 Runs (-125)

The Phillies will face off against the Blue Jays in a pivotal match on Wednesday night that could greatly influence the playoff trajectory for both teams. Both are eyeing a Wild Card spot, so maintaining a winning streak is paramount. Given the immense pressure and exceptional talent on both sides, our inclination leans towards the NRFI.

Aaron Nola will be on the mound for the Phillies, while the Blue Jays will be pinning their hopes on Kevin Gausman. Between the two, Gausman has exhibited greater consistency this season. Yet, both pitchers have a knack for strikeouts, making them crucial assets early in the game.

Sporting a 9-8 record for the season, Nola's 4.49 ERA might not be too dazzling, but his 1.14 WHIP and 153 strikeouts in 148.1 innings cannot be overlooked. When faced with sticky situations, Nola has demonstrated the prowess to extricate himself. This skill will be tested against a formidable Toronto lineup.

On the other side, Kevin Gausman has pitched for the Blue Jays to achieve a 9-6 record with an impressive 3.04 ERA and a 1.14 WHIP. He boasts 183 strikeouts in 139 innings. Gausman's unique delivery, combined with his top-tier pitching, is the primary reason behind our NRFI prediction. With Gausman's capabilities, it's likely Nola will head into the latter half of the inning with the NRFI intact.

Best NRFI BetsAaron Nola (RHP) vs Kevin Gausman (RHP): Under 0.5 Runs (-125) at BetMGM


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Best NRFI Bets Today: Baltimore Orioles vs San Diego Padres

⭐ Dean Kremer (RHP) vs Blake Snell (LHP): Over 0.5 Runs (-113) at FanDuel

Wagering on an NRFI in a game with the Baltimore Orioles can be a risky proposition. The team boasts some of the brightest young talents in baseball, consistently delivering hits throughout the season. However, their match against Blake Snell might curb their early offensive momentum.

Snell stands out as one of the season's top pitchers. He holds a 9-8 record, complemented by a 2.63 ERA and a 1.28 WHIP. Although his WHIP started on the higher side due to an initial slump in April, from May onwards, Snell has been a consistent performer when it comes to NRFI. Recent statistics reveal that over the past month, adversaries have managed a mere .185 batting average against him. One potential red flag is Snell's 24 walks in his last 27 innings, but his knack for strikeouts often saves him from tight spots.

The real challenge for this NRFI lies in how the Padres will fare against Dean Kremer. Despite San Diego's impressive 10-run feat in their previous game, such high scores haven't been typical for them this season. Given the Padres' inconsistent performance, we're inclined to bet on Kremer securing six outs in this match.

Kremer's recent record is promising, showcasing a 2.92 ERA over 12.1 innings and an OBA of .182. Given these numbers and a reasonable price of -113, he seems a reliable choice for this NRFI wager.

Best NRFI BetsDean Kremer (RHP) vs Blake Snell (LHP): Over 0.5 Runs (-113) at FanDuel


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Best NRFI Bets Today: Milwaukee Brewers vs Los Angeles Dodgers

⭐ Wade Miley (LHP) vs Clayton Kershaw (LHP): Under 0.5 Runs (-106) at bet365

In a recent encounter in Montreal, Swiatek faced off against Collins, ultimately clinching the game in three sets. 

Despite her victory, Swiatek's performance was less than stellar, with inconsistent groundstrokes and weak returns that subsequently led to her defeat by Pegula in the semifinals. 

It's worth noting the dominance Collins displayed over Swiatek in their matchup at the 2022 Australian Open. Swiatek's performance in this tournament has been less than ideal, boasting a mere 2-4 record. 

Although this might indicate that the court conditions aren't favorable to her style of play, her record is likely to improve over time. 

As they face off again, we can anticipate another challenging three-set match, with a slight advantage leaning towards Swiatek.

Best NRFI BetsWade Miley (LHP) vs Clayton Kershaw (LHP): Under 0.5 Runs (-106) at bet365


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As we look forward to these thrilling matchups, there's another exciting development on the horizon for sports betting enthusiasts. Come this September, Kentucky will be launching online sports betting, paving the way for the emergence of new Kentucky betting apps. This opens up a new realm of opportunities for fans and bettors alike. Stay tuned for more updates on this front.


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