NFL Week 14 Parlay Picks Including NFL Player Props Only

Date IconLast Updated: Dec 14th, 2023
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NFL Week 14 Parlay Picks Including NFL Player Props Only
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NFL Week 14 Player Props Parlay Picks & NFL Predictions: 


As we gear up for another exciting NFL weekend, it's the perfect time to delve into some intriguing NFL Parlay picks that could define the outcomes in Week 14. It's always thrilling to see how these combinations pan out, potentially turning the tide of the weekend's action.

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Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys Player Props

⭐ NFL Parlay Parlay Pick #1: Jalen Hurts Over 37.5 Rushing Yards (-127) at Caesars

I've been closely watching Jalen Hurts this season, and despite his knee injury, he's been impressive, especially with his ability to run. As the Eagles gear up for their big game against the Cowboys, I'm really focusing on Hurts's rushing ability. He's averaging almost 36 yards per game on the ground, which is pretty remarkable. That’s why I'm paying close attention to his rushing yards prop, set at 35.5 Over/Under for the upcoming game, in the Eagles vs. Cowboys player props.

In my NFL week 14 predictions, I'm expecting Hurts to bounce back from his less-than-stellar performance against the 49ers. The Eagles often use him in designed runs, and considering the Cowboys’ love for blitzing, Hurts has a solid shot at exceeding his rushing yards prop. The player projections are backing him up too, with many predicting he'll easily clear 40 yards.

For my NFL picks today, I'm leaning towards betting on Hurts to record Over 35.5 rushing yards. Given how he's performed against similar defenses and his crucial role in the Eagles' offense, it seems like a smart bet. Hurts is definitely a key player to watch in this big game, and I'm excited to see how he performs.

⭐ NFL Parlay Pick #1: Jalen Hurts Over 37.5 Rushing Yards (-127) at Caesars

Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs Player Props

⭐ NFL Parlay Pick #2: Josh Allen Under 1.5 passing TDs (-163) at Caesars

Looking over the upcoming Bills vs. Chiefs game, it's intriguing to see the odds favoring the Under on Josh Allen's passing touchdowns. Despite Allen consistently delivering at least two touchdowns in each of their meetings since 2020, and even reaching three or more in the last three games, these odds are a bit unexpected. Under Joe Brady’s leadership as offensive coordinator, Allen has maintained a strong 5-2 TD-INT ratio, averaging 307 yards per game.

Yet, a shift in Buffalo's play-calling strategy is noticeable. Since Brady took over, the Bills have increased their designed rush percentage and Allen is under center more frequently. This approach suggests a greater focus on the ground game, particularly following their impressive 173-yard rushing performance in a recent game. It seems likely that Buffalo will continue to exploit their running game against Kansas City, especially in crucial scoring situations.

This significant factor is at the core of my NFL week 14 predictions. Allen, who led the team in rushing last week and scored two rushing touchdowns, appears set to have his rushing abilities emphasized again, especially near the end zone. The -101 odds at Caesars for backing the Under on Allen's passing touchdowns seem like a smart bet, given this expected shift towards a more run-heavy approach in the Bills vs. Chiefs game.

Focusing on Allen's performance will be key for my NFL picks today. His dual-threat capability as a passer and runner always adds an interesting dynamic to the game. I’m particularly curious to see if Brady will continue to leverage Allen’s rushing skills, which could be a pivotal factor in how the Bills vs. Chiefs showdown unfolds.

⭐ NFL Parlay Pick #2: Josh Allen Under 1.5 passing touchdowns (-163) at Caesars

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons NFL Player Props

⭐ NFL Parlay Pick #3: Mike Evans Over 75.5 Rec. Yds (-117) at Caesars

Heading into this week's matchup, I'm really intrigued by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visiting the Atlanta Falcons. This game is crucial for the NFC South, with the 6-6 Falcons currently leading the division and the 5-7 Buccaneers close behind. As I look at the Buccaneers vs. Falcons player props, I'm drawn to Tampa Bay’s star receiver, Mike Evans, as a key player in this game. Atlanta's pass defense has been decent this season, ranking 11th in passing yards allowed, but their standout cornerback, A.J. Terrell, is currently in the concussion protocol.

From what I've seen, the Falcons could struggle to contain Evans even with Terrell on the field. Without him, Evans has the potential to dominate. In their last encounter, he already racked up six catches for 82 yards and a touchdown. Coming off a massive seven-catch, 162-yard game, it's clear Evans is in top form.

Baker Mayfield's growing connection with Evans in the Buccaneers' passing game is a noteworthy trend in my NFL week 14 predictions. The Bucs have been leaning heavily on this duo. Evans has maintained consistent performance, with his yardage dropping below 70 only once in his last five games. He's set at -115 to achieve 76 receiving yards against the Falcons, and I'm expecting him to surpass this total.

For my NFL Week 14 picks, I'm seeing a strong opportunity in betting on Evans to exceed 76 receiving yards. The Falcons' defensive challenges, especially if Terrell is absent, combined with Evans’ recent form, suggest a big game for him. This NFC South matchup is shaping up to be quite the showdown, and Evans' performance could be key to how the Buccaneers fare.

⭐ NFL Parlay Pick #3: Mike Evans Over 75.5 Rec. Yds (-117) at FanDuel

Los Angeles Rams vs. Baltimore Ravens Player Props

⭐ NFL Parlay Pick #4: Matthew Stafford Over 202.5 Pass. Yds (-115) at Caesars

As I look ahead to the Los Angeles Rams' visit to the Baltimore Ravens, I'm not expecting a pretty game. It's likely to be a tough battle, but I'm leaning towards betting the Over on Matthew Stafford's passing yards for Sunday. Despite the Ravens boasting the NFL's No. 2-ranked pass defense, Stafford's total sitting at just 199.5 yards seems too low, especially when you consider the higher totals for quarterbacks like Justin Fields and Joe Flacco.

In my Rams vs. Ravens predictions, Stafford's performance is key. He averages 251.6 yards per game this year and has exceeded 221 passing yards in nine of his 11 games. His offensive line has shown improvement lately, with zero sacks in the last two games and only two in the last four, a significant improvement from 17 sacks in the five games prior. Plus, Stafford is coming off a strong 279-yard game against the Browns, who have the league's top-ranked pass defense.

For the Rams, who are 7.5-point underdogs, the likely game scenario will be a pass-heavy approach, particularly late in the game as they try to catch up. This scenario is crucial for my NFL picks today. Opposing quarterbacks have managed to hit 200 pass yards in four of Baltimore's last six games. The industry consensus projects Stafford at around 230 yards, with some models even suggesting as high as 253 yards.

Although it may not be the most entertaining game to watch, I'm pretty confident in Stafford's ability to reach those passing yards. The game circumstances and his recent performance make a strong case for betting on him to surpass that 199.5-yard mark.

⭐ NFL Parlay Pick #4: Matthew Stafford Over 202.5 Pass. Yds (-115) at Caesars


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