Oilers vs Panthers: The Panel's Picks & Best Bets For Stanley Cup Game 6

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Oilers vs Panthers: The Panel's Picks & Best Bets For Stanley Cup Game 6

Our Oilers vs Panthers Game 6 Picks

The Stanley Cup keeps making the rounds and will be back in Edmonton on Friday night.

Game 6 takes place in the Canadian province of Alberta, where the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers battle once more (8:00 pm, ABC, ESPN+). 

Florida remain significant but not overwhelming favorites at -115 with sports betting sites to win the series, but Edmonton now have some hope of forcing a Game 7 and are +100 to do just that.

The Oilers won Games 4 and 5 behind the generational force that is Connor McDavid, who racked up eight points and turned the Conn Smythe odds on their proverbial head. 

The Center is now the favorite despite Edmonton still being down in the series.   

Now, the bigger question is, who has the most pressure? It depends on who you ask. Florida still has a potential Game 7 on home ice, while Edmonton must keep winning.   

The Panthers have their third chance to clinch the title on Friday night. Can they get off to a better start and win the Stanley Cup?

The Panel has checked out the stats, guides and key players ahead of Game 6 to provide their picks and predictions with NHL betting sites.

Edmonton To Take It The Distance

Florida have had so many opportunities to win the Stanley Cup already. Considering the posts hit early in Game 4. 

Game 5 saw them fall down 3-0, then nearly come back before Edmonton held on. Now, the Oilers host what is expected to be one raucous yet unexpected homecoming on Friday night.

Edmonton have scored 13 goals in the past two games, even without a 100% Leon Draisaitl. McDavid spearheads the offense, and Stuart Skinner is 9-0 from Games 4-7 in these playoffs. 

His 1.56 goals-against-average and .938 save percentage include several key saves that have kept the Oilers alive.

Everything is a bit upside down in this series and the start is extremely vital here. Florida like to grind and play relentless hockey, while the Oilers play a little more “downhill hockey.”   

Evander Kane figures to be out for the rest of the series unless something unknown changes. Rumors of injuries to players like Leon Draisaitl and others are out there and yet there is this sense a Game 7 on Monday feels almost inevitable.  

Sportsbooks are starting to hedge against this fact a little. That -115 number on the moneyline for Edmonton is interesting, and it may be the first time the books are feeling the pressure.

Edmonton will either stay home or head back to Florida after Friday night. With McDavid on a roll and special teams helping the Oilers along, can Sergei Bobrovsky and the Panthers turn the tide?

The Panel believes Game 6 will be another up-and-down affair and it's hard to go against McDavid when he is rolling like this.

The Panel Pick 1: Edmonton To Win Game 6 @ -115 With Caesars

McDavid Can Make It A Trio 

It feels like Connor McDavid is determined to get this back to Florida for Game 7 and give the best player in the world his due. 

The eight points in the previous two games is a record in a Stanley Cup Final that stood for generations.

On DraftKings, there is a huge difference between the Over 1.5 points (-154) and the alternate milestone of three points (+210). 

This is why shopping around remains essential and finding options is intriguing. 

Okay, is anyone expecting four points again? 

Look around the sportsbooks. BetMGM has McDavid at a whopping +575 for a third consecutive 4+ point night. While browsing up and down the pages, we found a 3+ point number at +220, too.

McDavid must carry this offense. It is the only way that Edmonton can force a Game 7, so expect him to fire more shots as well. 

In the meantime, go for the trio on Friday night. The Center definitely saw something in Game 3 on Bobrovsky.  

Our pick here is to see the shots find their target.

The Panel Pick 2: Connor McDavid 3+ Points @ +220 With BetMGM

Goalies Getting Their Shots

Game 4 threw everything for a loop. There had been a bit of a shot pattern, as Edmonton had 30+ shots in Games 1, 3, and 4 while the Oilers only managed 23 shots in Game 5 but won.   

Again, does Edmonton feel the boost of home ice in Game 6? The answer seems to be a resounding yes. 

With a low prop total of 25.5 saves, the main risk is whether Sergei Bobrovsky gets pulled (see Game 4).   

Why would we risk this? Sure, there are other options. A Leon Draisaitl goal and an Edmonton win is +325.

However, anyone who thinks Draisaitl is close to 100% is in severe denial. Watching Bobrovsky making 26+ saves in a Game 7 and seeing a number at -120 with DraftKings is not so bad.    

Even Stuart Skinner at 27 saves (-115) is not an outrageous wager to make here. The pace of the game expects to be more wide open especially if Edmonton scores one or two early. 

A goal in the first nine minutes is now -125 on multiple books. Let’s get those Bobrovsky saves.  

The Panel Pick 3: Sergei Bobrovsky Over 25.5 Saves @ -120 with DraftKings

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