Robbi Jade Lew Didn’t Cheat in Poker Game, Social Media Reacts to HCL Report

Date IconLast Updated : Feb 7th, 2023
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Robbi Jade Lew Didn’t Cheat in Poker Game, Social Media Reacts to HCL Report

In this week’s Twittertainment, social media reacts to the news that Robbi Jade Lew didn’t cheat in the poker game against Garrett Adelstein. 

That, at least, is what Hustler Casino Live’s report has concluded but, as always, some people still aren’t convinced. 

Diving into the specifics, the lengthy report outlines not only what the experts believe, based on the available evidence, but how they reached their conclusion. Briefly, Hustler Casino Live contracted Bulletproof, a GLI company, to assess their stream’s integrity. 

Everything from the poker table and its RFID sensors to the computers used by the stream’s production team was thoroughly reviewed. Bulletproof’s experts couldn’t point to anything that would have given Lew an unfair advantage. 

However, Hustler Casino Live is implementing a number of improvements moving forward in an effort to avoid any future issues. The important point right now, though, is that Robbi Jade Lew is in the clear. 

Robbi Jade Lew Keeps Grinding as Twitter Debates J-4 Report

She’s currently out in Las Vegas at the WPT World Championship. She hasn’t been as vocal as one might expect after being officially exonerated. This may suggest she’s not surprised. If she isn’t surprised, neither are many fans of poker. 

The majority of responses to Hustler Casino Live’s tweet have been positive. Kevin Goldman said that a lot of people were too quick to judge the now infamous J-4 hand

“A lot of people jumped the gun and accused Robbi Lee of cheating. Not understanding why someone made a play isn’t a cause to say someone cheated. If everyone played poker the same way it would be a s****y unfun game,” Goldman tweeted. 

@TimPoker was also backing Lew from the start and called out the pros who fired unnecessary shots before all the evidence had been presented. 

Other social media commentators, such as @Vndr3w_, want Garrett Adelstein to apologize and pay back the money to Lew (she returned his money after winning the pot). @degen_lawyer had the same opinion but expressed it less politely.

Haters Gonna Hate

Twitter is almost always black and white. Either something is 100% one way or 100% the other. As such, there were people lurking in the shadows firing off negative comments. @flyrodu apparently agreed with the report’s findings but used it as a chance to needle Lew.

“In conclusion, Robbie is a shitty poker player,” he tweeted. 

Another Twitter user, SDBulldog, said that something “smells fishy” about the investigation, while Kristea went a step further by calling it a fraud. 

There are lessons for everyone in the J-4 debate. Jumping to conclusions and judging other people’s actions by your own standards are mistakes. The positives, however, are that Hustler Casino Live went above and beyond to produce its report. That’s not only going to raise the bar for Hustler Casino Live but all poker streams. 

Integrity is integral in poker, sports betting, and casino gaming. The J-4 debate called into question the integrity of Hustler Casino Live, poker streams, Robbi Jade Lew, and everyone else connected to the situation. 

The whole affair is a blemish on the industry but it’s a blemish that can serve as a reminder that we all need to be accountable and hold ourselves to high standards in poker.