The Masked Singer 2023: California Roll Remains Favorite Ahead Of Semifinals

Date IconLast Updated: May 5th, 2023
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The Masked Singer 2023: California Roll Remains Favorite Ahead Of Semifinals

The latest episode of The Masked Singer saw the competition's characters reduced to just three ahead of next week's semifinals. 

Macaw, California Roll and Medusa are all still in with a chance of winning the coveted Golden Mask Trophy, but UFO was beamed back up to outer space in episode 12's quarter-finals. 

Model and actress Olivia Culpo, who was the +200 favorite to be the character, was unveiled as UFO, meaning she narrowly missed out on a place in the semi-finals. 

With these hypothetical odds provided by industry sports betting experts, we've looked at who could be behind the remaining characters' masks and who might win this year's The Masked Singer. 

California Roll +100

California Roll remain the +100 favorites to win this year's Masked Singer after yet another superb performance from the quintet.

Their rendition of "Creep" by Radiohead blew the judges away, with Nicole Scherzinger even tipping them to win the show. 

Following California Roll's performance, Scherzinger said, "My mind is blown! Just bring out the Golden Mask Trophy right now."

For the character's latest super-clue, the show's aptly-named butler, Gerard the Butler, brought out a clue that read "White House." 

As a result, Scherzinger's fellow judge Jenny McCarthy guessed California Roll could be a cappella pop group Pentatonix because they have performed at the White House before.

What's more, "Penta" means five and one of the character's previous visual clues was of a tiger. 

It is thought that might be a nod to Pentatonix clinching a victory on the reality series The Sing-Off with the tune "Eye of the Tiger."

They are huge -250 favorites to be California Roll, while it is +250 that the cast of Broadway's The Lion King could be the five singers dressed as pieces of sushi, and Scherzinger guessed the cast of Hamilton (+300) might be behind the masks. 

The cast of Pitch Perfect (+500), the cast of High School Musical (+800) and judge Ken Jeong's prediction of Miami Sound Machine (+1000) are all outsiders. 

Who is California Roll?

Contestant Odds Implied Probability
Pentatonix -250 71.4%
The cast of Broadway's The Lion King +250 28.6%
The cast of Hamilton +300 25%
The cast of Pitch Perfect +500 16.7%
The cast of High School Musical +800 11.1%
Miami Sound Machine +1000 9.1%

Medusa +150

Medusa isn't far behind California Roll in the betting to win this year's Masked Singer. 

The character is just +150 for victory, and Judge McCarthy thinks Medusa has a solid chance. 

Following the character's performance of "Someone Like You" by Adele, McCarthy said, "If she sang that in the finale, she would win."

This week's performance was Medusa's fifth in the competition, meaning she has racked up more than any other character in the contest. 

As a result, viewers and judges have seen plenty of clues as they try to figure out who is under the mask - and Scherzinger now agrees with most fans that it is Bishop Briggs. 

The singer is the +100 favorite to be Medusa after several clues were linked to the star. 

For this week's super clue, Gerard the Butler brought out a clue that read "Mom", and Medusa said, "Being an artist is my greatest passion, but being a mom is my favorite job."

This latest clue eliminated several possible candidates from the betting, including Lorde, Apple Martin and Dakota Johnson. 

Briggs is a mom and several other clues match up, including a sign that read "Alias", with Briggs' real name being Sarah Grace McLaughlin. 

However, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie is just +200 to be Medusa, and the singer, whose real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson, also performs under a stage name. 

Several other clues match up, so it will be interesting to see which of the two stars, who are both of Scottish descent, Medusa is - if the character is even one of them. 

Pink (+500) and Judge McCarthy's prediction of Ashlee Simpson (+1000) are also just about in contention. 

Who is Medusa?

Contestant Odds Implied Probability
Bishop Briggs +100 50%
Fergie +200 33.3%
Pink +500 16.7%
Ashlee Simpson +1000 9.1%

Macaw +300

The third favorite to win this year's Masked Singer is Macaw at odds of +300. 

Despite this, Judge Jeong thinks Macaw has what it takes to triumph, even asking his fellow judges whether the character is a "frontrunner now" following his performance of "Your Song" by Sir Elton John on Wednesday night. 

Judge Robin Thicke also admitted he thought Macaw could go on to win the whole contest. 

Macaw's super clue was "Leader," which led Scherzinger to guess David Archuleta could be under the mask. 

The singer has been the favorite to be Macaw for some time and is now just +100 to be the character. 

But Scherzinger also mentioned Glee star Darren Criss as a possible candidate to be Macaw.

Criss is +300 to be the character, while his Glee co-star Kevin McHale is +500, after Macaw previously said, "What started as a way to make my parents happy turned into what fills me with glee."

Other outsiders are Zayn Malik (+750), Elijah Wood (+800) and Doug Robb (+1000), but Scherzinger and most viewers could well be on the money with Archuleta.

Who is Macaw?

Contestant Odds Implied Probability
David Archuleta +100 50%
Darren Criss +300 25%
Kevin McHale +500 16.7%
Zayn Malik +750 11.8%