The Masked Singer 2023: Supreme Six Give More Clues But Nobody Is Unmasked

Date IconLast Updated: Apr 20th, 2023
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The Masked Singer 2023: Supreme Six Give More Clues But Nobody Is Unmasked

This week's episode of The Masked Singer showcased the Supreme Six as the remaining characters, California Roll, Macaw, UFO, Medusa, Gargoyle and Mantis, gave viewers more clues to decipher. 

But in a first for season nine none of the stars remaining in the competition were unmasked.

California Roll, Macaw, and UFO are already assured of a place in the show's quarter-finals after progressing earlier in the series, but only one of Medusa, Gargoyle and Mantis will join them. 

Next week, the latter trio -- who are only still in the competition after the judges rang the Ding Dong Keep It On Bell in their respective episodes -- will battle it out in a special redemption episode.

Two of the stars will be eliminated and subsequently unmasked, while the other one will progress to the quarters. 

With these hypothetical odds provided by industry sports betting experts, we've looked at which of the six characters have what it takes to win this year's The Masked Singer. We've also taken a deep dive into which celebrities might be unveiled as the characters in future episodes.

Who Will Win The Masked Singer?

Contestant Odds
California Roll +100
Medusa +250
UFO +300
Macaw +400
Mantis +600
Gargoyle +800

California Roll +100 

A cappella pop group Pentatonix is the big -250 favorites to be unmasked as California Roll.

The character, who is the +100 favorite to win the whole competition, is made up of five pieces of sushi, and several of the clues appear to be nods that Pentatonix will be unmasked at some point in the season. 

For starters, "Penta" means five and one of the visual clues was a tiger, which is thought to be a nod to Pentatonix clinching a victory on the reality series The Sing Off with tune "Eye of the Tiger." 

A Dolly Parton caricature has also been featured in the character's clue package, and Pentatonix is no stranger to the country legend after duetting with her in 2017, performing "Jolene" together.

Elsewhere, the cast of Broadway's "The Lion King" is +200 second favorite to be California Roll, mainly thanks to the tiger image, while the cast of High School Musical (+500) and the cast of Jersey Shore (+600) have also been mentioned. 

Who is California Roll?

Contestant Odds
Pentatonix -250
The cast of Broadway's The Lion King +200
The cast of Pitch Perfect +300
The cast of High School Musical +500
The cast of Jersey Shore +600

Medusa +250 

Medusa made a strong start in the competition, winning the first two episodes before needing to be saved by the Ding Dong Keep It On Bell after losing out to California Roll. 

As a result of that defeat, the character is +250 second favorite to win the whole competition just behind their former opponents, but who is behind the mask? 

There have been several arguments made for who Medusa could be, with the likes of Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, who is now +250 second favorite, and Pink (+500), initially appearing to be the most likely to be under the mask in the first three weeks. 

But British singer Bishop Briggs is the new +150 favorite to be the character. 

One of the character's visual clues was an image of Buckingham Palace, a possible reference that the star behind the mask is British. 

What's more, one of the clues was the mask of former Masked Singer contestant Scottish Terrier, and this could relate to Briggs as she was born to Scottish parents from Bishopbriggs, the inspiration for her stage name. 

However, Fergie, whose real name is Stacy Ferguson, is also of Scottish descent. 

Elsewhere, Masked Singer judge Nicole Scherzinger guessed Lorde (+750) in weeks one and three, while one of Medusa's clues was Coldplay's Chris Martin. 

That led to speculation his daughter Apple Martin (+800) or girlfriend Dakota Johnson (+1000) might be under the mask. 

Who is Medusa?

Contestant Odds
Bishop Briggs +150
Fergi +250
Pink +500
Lord +750
Apple Martin +800
Dakota Johnson +1000

UFO +300

UFO progressed through last week's 10th episode after defeating Lamp and Dandelion, and the character is now +300 to win the whole contest. 

Model and actor Olivia Culpo is the +200 favorite to be under the mask, but there is also a good argument for the star being model Gisele Bundchen (+400). 

Part of UFO's clue package featured a newscast that discussed an unidentified flying object being spotted "hovering over a runway in New England and moving west." 

Culpo hails from Rhode Island, and she is a fan of the NFL's New England Patriots, while Bundchen's recent ex-husband, Tom Brady, was the quarterback for the Pats for 20 seasons, leading them to six Super Bowl championships. 

Another nod to Culpo included a visual clue of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, because she is now engaged to San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey.

Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel (+800) might also be in with a shot. The comedy-drama TV series was set in Connecticut, the southernmost state in New England. 

Taylor Momsen (+500), Nicky Hilton (+650), and Gigi Hadid (+1200) also have been talked about as possible UFO stars. 

Who is UFO?

Contestant Odds
Olivia Culpo +200
Gisele Bundchen +400
Taylor Momsen +500
Nicky Hilton +650
Alexis Bledel +800
Gigi Hadid +1200

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Macaw +400

With a quarter-final place already confirmed, Macaw is +400 fourth favorite to win this year's series, and former American Idol star David Archuleta (+150) looks set to be the character. 

Back in Macaw's victorious episode six, country singer Deana Carter brought out a silver medal as one of the character's clues. 

Some pointed out that it may be a reference to the singer finishing second on the seventh season of American Idol in 2008.

Macaw also referenced striking "gold," which could be a nod to Archuleta's fourth album, "Forevermore," being certified gold in the Philippines, where it was exclusively released in 2012.

Former One Direction star Zayn Malik is +300 second favorite to be under the mask, after he also was close to winning a talent show. 1D were finalists of The X Factor UK in 2010. 

Glee stars Kevin McHale (+350) and Darren Criss (+400) also are in the frame after Macaw said, "What started as a way to make my parents happy turned into what actually fills me with glee."

But Elijah Wood (+600) and Doug Robb (+800) appear to be very much outsiders. 

Who is Macaw?

Contestant Odds
David Archuleta +150
Zayn Malik +300
Kevin McHale +350
Darren Criss +400
Elijah Wood +600
Doug Robb +800

Mantis +600

Mantis still has a lot to do to reach the quarter-finals of the contest, let alone win the whole season. 

The character is +600 to triumph in the competition, and fans are fairly convinced Lou Diamond Phillips is behind the mask. 

The Stand and Deliver star is +200 to be the character, well ahead of his nearest competitor Jeff Goldblum at +600. 

Poker chips featured among Mantis' visual clues, and Phillips is known to be a poker player. 

Matches also featured in the character's clue package -- a possible nod to Phillips appearing in 1996 war movie "Courage Under Fire" alongside Denzel Washington and Meg Ryan?

Martin Short is a +1200 longshot after some viewers drew comparisons between the character's boots and the footwear worn by Short in 1986 comedy movie "Three Amigos."

Elsewhere, Keanu Reeves is +750, Kevin Bacon is +1000, and Dennis Quaid is a +1400 longshot. 

Who is Mantis?

Contestant Odds
Lou Diamond Phillips +200
Jeff Goldblum +600
Keanu Reeves +750
Kevin Bacon +1000
Martin Short +1200
Dennis Quaid +1400

Gargoyle +800

Gargoyle is the least supreme of the Supreme Six, according to the betting, with the character +800 to win this year's The Masked Singer. 

The character was saved from elimination way back in episode four, and at the time Jason Derulo and The Weeknd, who are now +500 and +800 respectively, were favorites to be the character. 

However, NFL star Keenan Allen has sped ahead of the two singers. 

The Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver is now just +250 to be Gargoyle, ahead of fellow American footbal player Odell Beckham Jr. (+300). 

One of the character's visual clues was an "I Love LA" sticker, which could relate to Allen playing for the Chargers. 

Gargoyle also said in his clue package, "I went from the guy they passed on to the guy they passed to," which could be a nod to Allen after he was expected to be drafted as a first-round selection only to be picked up by the then-San Diego Chargers in round three at the start of his NFL career. 

Nick Jonas (+900) and Mario (+1000) also have been talked about as possibly being Gargoyle, but Allen appears to be a worthy favorite. 

Who is Gargoyle?

Contestant Odds
Keenan Allen +250
Odell Beckham Jr. +300
Jason Derulo +500
The Weeknd +800
Nick Jonas +900
Mario +1000