The Masked Singer 2023: Who Are Squirrel And Gargoyle?

Date IconLast Updated: Mar 9th, 2023
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The Masked Singer 2023: Who Are Squirrel And Gargoyle?

The Masked Singer introduced three new characters on Wednesday night's fourth episode of the season, and one is now favorite to win the series. 

Michael Bolton was unmasked as Wolf during the episode, and three of the show's four judges, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke, all guessed that the legendary singer was the character, while remaining panelist Ken Jeong opted for Richard Marx. 

It was then left to Squirrel and Gargoyle to fight it out in the Battle Royale to see who would progress to the next stage, and the former prevailed. 

But as Gargoyle prepared to whip off the mask, show judge McCarthy saved the character by ringing the Ding Dong Keep It On bell. 

Gargoyle will now have to face off against Medusa, who appeared in the first three episodes, and one other as-yet-unnamed character in a special redemption episode later in the season. 

One character will rejoin the competition in the episode, while the other two are unmasked. 

Thanks to these hypothetical odds provided by industry sports betting experts, we've looked at which celebrities might be unveiled as show debutants Squirrel and Gargoyle. 

Akerman the Hot Favorite 

Several clues point towards Squirrel potentially being Swedish actress Malin Akerman, who is +200 and has a 33.3% implied likelihood of being the character. 

During Squirrel's clue package in the DC Superheroes-themed episode, she boasted about once making out with Tom Cruise, and spoke about being "all dolled up in a sexy squirrel costume." 

Several viewers were quick to point out that Akerman smooched Cruise in Rock of Ages, and also starred in the TV series Dollface. 

Jim Lee headed into the studio to provide an additional clue for Squirrel - a drawing of Batman that said "Hero Time." 

It's thought this could also relate to Akerman because she starred in superhero thriller movie Watchmen, and one of Squirrel's visual clues was a castle, which might be a reference to the star appearing in the 2004 film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. 

Is Catwoman Squirrel? 

While there seems to be plenty of evidence that Akerman is Squirrel, Anne Hathaway is narrowly behind at +300 to be the character. 

Hathaway is no stranger to Batman, having portrayed Catwoman in the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises, and the castle reference could well refer to the Hollywood actress starring in The Princess Diaries. 

Uma Thurman is a +500 chance, with a 16.7% implied likelihood, after several eagle-eyed viewers pointed out she starred as Poison Ivy in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin. 

While revealing clues, Squirrel said: "These days, I love getting to play superheroes, just as much as I love playing the girl next door who’s also funny."

Thurman - who Thicke predicted - also appeared in the 2016 movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which could be a reference to the "girl next door" clue, and she starred alongside Anna Faris, who is +600 to be the character, in the film.

One of Squirrel's visual clues was a pin with a yellow smiley face on it, and Faris also appeared in the 2007 comedy movie Smiley Face. 

If not, Jeong's prediction of Wolf Of Wall Street star Margot Robbie, who is +1200, could be on the money, while McCarthy went for Naomi Watts (+1400) or Katie Holmes (+1600). 

The Masked Singer 2023: Who is Squirrel?

Celebrity Odds Implied Probability
Malin Akerman +200 33.3%
Anne Hathaway +300 25%
Uma Thurman +500 16.7%
Anna Faris +600 14.3%
Margot Robbie +1200 7.7%
Naomi Watts +1400 6.7%
Katie Holmes +1600 5.9%

Derulo On Top 

Muscled character Gargoyle narrowly avoided being dumped from the competition, and Jason Derulo is the current +250 favorite to be the character. 

He is followed in the betting by Jeong's pick of The Weeknd, who is +350, after some eagle-eyed fans pointed towards Gargoyle saying "when the lights are blinding," which could be a reference to the Canadian singer's Blinding Lights song. 

Nick Jonas is +500, and Scherzinger believes R&B singer Mario (+600) is behind the mask, while McCarthy and Thicke guessed NFL players after Gargoyle mentioned "the game’s on the line" in his clue package. 

McCarthy, who said Gargoyle looks like an athlete, believes wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who is +850, could be behind the mask, while former NFL tight end Antonio Gates is +1200 after Thicke's prediction. 

Sandwiched between the pair is Los Angeles Chargers wide received Keenan Allen, who is +1000. 


The Masked Singer 2023: Who is Gargoyle?

Celebrity Odds Implied Probability
Jason Derulo +250 28.6%
The Weeknd +350 22.2%
Nick Jonas +500 16.7%
Mario +600 14.3%
Odell Beckham Jr. +850 10.5%
Keenan Allen +1000 9.1%
Antonio Gates +1200 7.7%

Squirrel Out In Front 

With four characters remaining in the competition, Squirrel is just in front of California Roll as the favorite to win the ninth season. 

Squirrel is +250, with a 28.6% implied likelihood, while California Roll - who appears most likely to be a cappella group Pentatonix - is +400. 

Black Eyed Peas' Fergie has been the hot favorite to be Medusa for the first three weeks of the competition, but the character is only the +500 third favorite to win the series, followed by Gargoyle at +650. 

The Masked Singer 2023: Who Wins?

Celebrity Odds Implied Probability
Squirrel +250 28.6%
California Roll +400 20%
Medusa +500 16.7%
Gargoyle +650 13.3%