The Masked Singer 2023: Who Is Doll?

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The Masked Singer 2023: Who Is Doll?
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The Masked Singer headed back to the 1980s on Wednesday night's seventh episode of the season, as three new characters were introduced. 

Moose, Scorpio and Doll all made their debuts as the show went retro and celebrated '80s Night'. 

But two of the characters, Moose and Scorpio, were left stuck in the past after they were unmasked as Cheers actor George Wendt and Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn respectively. 

Moose was the first of the pair to be revealed, and Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy guessed correctly that Wendt was under the mask. 

Scorpio went up against Doll in the Battle Royale, but the former lost out, leaving Doll still in the competition. 

The race to win the whole series is hotting up with five active characters still in the show. 

Thanks to these hypothetical odds provided by industry sports betting experts, we've looked at which celebrity might be unveiled as Doll in a future episode. 

Snider Favorite To Be Doll 

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider is the hot favorite to be under Doll's mask. 

The singer is +250 to be the character, after eagle-eyed viewers spotted several of the clues appeared to match up, including one of the visual clues, a house full of animals, which could well refer to Snider. 

Doug Neidermeyer, the central antagonist of National Lampoon's Animal House, featured in two Twisted Sister music videos, "I Wanna Rock," and "We're Not Gonna Take It."

Another clue was a lipstick kiss, and that could relate to Snider as he used to wear bright red lipstick during his performances, while a hairspray clue might be a nod to Snider hosting the radio show The House of Hair in the 1980s. 

What's more, Doll claimed in his clue package that he "schooled" his critics, which could well be a reference to the song "I Wanna Rock," as the music video takes place in a school. 

Could It Be John? 

But the hairspray clue may relate to a completely different star - John Travolta. 

The Grease actor appeared in the movie Hairspray in 2007, and he is +350 to be the character. 

Judge Ken Jeong predicted Doll could be his fellow panelist McCarthy's husband Donnie Wahlberg - until she pointed out he was sitting in the audience during the episode. 

Jeong and McCarthy's fellow judge Robin Thicke guessed KISS frontman Gene Simmons, who is also no stranger to wearing make-up while performing, could be behind the Doll mask. 

But at odds of +500 it doesn't look too likely, while show judge Nicole Scherzinger's prediction of Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach (+600) might also be off the mark. 

Another star who some fans pointed out has some resemblance to Doll is Boy George, but the Culture Club frontman is +800. 

California Roll Still Out In Front

Following Doll's episode seven victory, he has moved into the third favorite to win the whole competition at odds of +400. 

California Roll - who looks most likely to be a cappella group Pentatonix – is now the current +150 favorite to triumph in season nine, following an audience-wowing performance in episode three, followed by Medusa (+250). 

But Medusa and fifth favorite Gargoyle (+800) still have to go up against each other, and one other as-yet-unnamed character, in a special redemption episode later in the season.

Episode six winner Macaw is +600 to win the competition, an increase from last week's +450 price after Doll leapfrogged the character into the third favorite. 

The Masked Singer 2023: Who Is Doll?

Celebrity Odds
Dee Snider +250
John Travolta +350
Gene Simmons +500
Sebastian Bach +600
Boy George +800

Who Will Win The Masked Singer?

Masked Singer Odds
California Roll +150
Medusa +250
Doll +450
Macaw +600
Gargoyle +800
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