The Most Handsome Coaches in the ASUN Conference

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The Most Handsome Coaches in the ASUN Conference

Among 67 ASUN coaches across six sports, Charles Morrow, who coaches the Lipscomb Bisons soccer team, has been ruled the most handsome head coach. 

As we all know, beauty is subjective. However, with technology being an ever-increasing factor in people’s daily lives (and as a bit of fun!), researchers at turned to popular beauty measurement app Golden Ratio Face to help determine which ASUN Head Coaches are aging like fine wine and whose sideline stresses and strains have taken their toll throughout their managerial careers.

As Webster’s Dictionary defines “handsome,” this data demonstrates Morrow “having a pleasing and usually impressive or dignified appearance.”

We have to assume that our research on the Golden Ratio Face app is aligned with Webster’s, and here we'll look at the Top 20 most handsome ASUN coaches overall and per sport. 

Top 20 Most Handsome ASUN Head Coaches


The distribution of sports these coaches are involved with are baseball (3), basketball (5), football (1), golf (2), lacrosse (5), and soccer (4). 

Interestingly enough, the range of scores was quite close, especially between ranks two through six. Donnie Jones, Lennie Acuff, and Ryan Danehy were all separated by just 0.01. If I’m Danehy, I’m asking for a recount! 

Most Handsome ASUN Football Coaches


Coming in at No. 9 overall, Rich Rodriguez, the former West Virginia and Michigan coach, was deemed the most handsome football coach among six participants. 

Rodriguez turns 60 on May 24 and is 172-121-2 in his head coaching career. 

An excellent coaching record and No. 9 most handsome? Not bad, Rich Rod. 

Most Handsome ASUN Basketball Coaches


Basketball coaches are doing quite well, with 14 of the 67 coming from this sport. 

Jones, who just outpaced Acuff and Danehy by 0.01 and 0.02 points, respectively, is 56 years old and, interestingly enough, like Rodriguez, is from West Virginia. 

He’s just under .500 in his coaching career at 180-186.

Most Handsome ASUN Baseball Coaches


Baseball had just one coach finish inside the 8.00 beauty score rankings, Dave Tollett. 

He coaches the FGCU Eagles and has since 2003. He’s amassed a 670-408-3 record and is also 56 years old. He’s enjoyed five ASUN Coach of the Year awards.

Most Handsome ASUN Golf Coaches


Golf coaches are doing just as well as baseball coaches in terms of the number — they, too, have 14. However, none of these coaches exceed a score of 7.65. The man with the 7.65 score is Bruce Brown, who lands inside the top 20. 

Brown coaches the Bellarmine Knights, where he played in the 70s and 80s. He has been their coach since August 2022. 

Most Handsome ASUN Lacrosse Coaches


Let’s face it, Lacrosse is often considered one of the more "preppy" sports, and it appears that has some correlation to their head coaches. The average score in this sport was 7.31, easily outpacing all other individual sports.

Atop the leaderboard is Andrew Whitley, also of the Bellarmine Knights. 

If you catch my drift, Knights have an eye for talent.

Whitley entered his fourth season as their coach during the 2022-23 season. 

Most Handsome ASUN Soccer Coaches


Tied with football, but with three more participants, in terms of average beauty score at 6.96, the sport of soccer has not only the No.1 guy, but the No. 2 as well with Morrow and Ali Simmons. 

Morrow has been with the Lipscomb Bisons for 18 seasons whereas Simmons was hired by the Jacksonville Dolphins at the end of 2022. 

Most Handsome ASUN Coaches By Average Beauty Score

As mentioned, Lacrosse leads the way, coming in way over 7.00. Just under 7.00 are football and soccer, at 6.96. While 14 coaches ranked in golf, they came in last at 6.35. 

Based on our findings, we hope that Morrow’s Bisons and Simmons’ Dolphins can face off against each other in a battle of the most handsome soccer coaches. 

Perhaps then Simmons could catapult above Morrow. 

Come on — Bisons. Dolphins. ASUN Most Handsome Championship. Book it. 


Portraits from official ASUN University Team websites were used with the Golden Ratio Face app. In some cases, decimals were rounded up or down to ensure consistency in the digits.

Downloaded by more than one million users on their smart devices, Golden Ratio Face is inspired by the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi – a measure of physical perfection according to ancient Greeks. Users can upload portraits to the app, then receive a ‘Face Beauty Analysis’.

The real Golden Ratio is approximately a score of 1.618. However, the app has simplified matters to give users a basic score out of 10 on facial symmetries. It is difficult to achieve a high score, though, as you’ll see in the research results we’ve conducted.

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