Virginia Follows National Trend as Sports Betting Numbers Go Down

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Virginia Follows National Trend as Sports Betting Numbers Go Down
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Virginia sports betting numbers were down in February, with the state taking in $401.9 million in bets, a decline of 17.2% from January’s $485.5 million.

The state’s sports betting adjusted gross revenue was $7.9 million, a decrease of 56.7% from January’s $18.2 million.

February’s sports betting taxes was $1.4 million, down 51.1% from January’s $2.9 million.

Virginia Sports Betting, February vs. January

Total HandleRevenue Taxes
Change Down 17.2% Down 56.7% Down 51.1%

Virginia Passes Gambling Education Bill

Thanks to the passage of HB 1108, Virginia schools will now add gambling addiction to its current curriculum on drug and alcohol abuse. The bill passed through a subcommittee on a unanimous vote before making its way through the Committee on Education with a 20-2 vote. The bill then passed the state’s House of Delegates with a 97-3 majority.

Virginia’s Senate managed to pass the bill without a single vote against it. The bill moved through the Committee on Education and Health with a 15-0 majority and then in the Senate because of a 39-0 vote. HB 1108 now heads to Gov. Glenn Youngkin to sign it into law.

“Digging deeper into it, I found out that the fastest growing segment of new gamblers are our youngest gamblers,” said Virginia Delegate Sam Rasoul, who sponsored the bill. “It is a cause for concern right now and in Virginia. I think it’ll only get worse.

“What we’re saying is just be aware. Be mindful of this potential addiction.”

According to the National Center for Responsible Gaming, up to 7% of young people go through a gambling addiction, compared to 1% for adults. The data also highlights how as much as 14% of young people have the potential to develop a gambling problem.

Research from CiviScience shows 53% of online sports bettors are under the age of 30 and 80% are male.

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