Which Super Bowl LVIII Roster Has The Best Dodgeball Team?

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Which Super Bowl LVIII Roster Has The Best Dodgeball Team?

Later this year, the movie Dodgeball celebrates it’s 20th anniversary. 

Starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, it has gained cult status as one of the funniest movies of its generation.

The storyline focuses on a team of underdogs trying to win a big tournament in Las Vegas. Sound familiar?

Ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl LVIII in the same city, we thought we’d put together Dodgeball teams for both the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, and an All-Star team made up of former Super Bowl MVPs. 

The 49ers are favorites with the leading betting sites to win Super Bowl LVIII this weekend, but which team would you back to come out on top in Dodgeball?

Kelce Perfect For Dodgeball

Of all the players on the Kansas City Chiefs roster, Travis Kelce is arguably best equipped to play Dodgeball. 

Firstly, the tight end is a safe pair of hands, important for succeeding at Dodgeball. Secondly, he has shown throughout his NFL career that his footwork would be an asset. 

Kelce, who showed off his passing skills against the Buffalo Bills in Week 14, led the Chiefs this season with 93 receptions, most of them thrown by quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes, from his baseball background has the accuracy to not only hit the opponent, but hit them hard, making it difficult for opponents to catch the ball.

Running-backs Isiah Pacheco and Clyde Edwards-Helaire's fast feet have left the best defenders in the NFL embarrassed. And playing the Me’Shell Jones role can be his namesake Chris Jones.

Super Bowl LVIII Dodgeball Teams

Kittle Would Succeed At Dodgeball 

We have a feeling George Kittle can quote every line from the iconic movie, word for word. 

With his flowing hair, he could play the White Goodman role. And Kittle is super proud to be undefeated in Dodgeball at the Pro Bowl.

Quarterback Brock Purdy’s quiet demeanor suggests he might not be suited to Dodgeball, but it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. 

After all, Purdy is a more accurate passer than Mahomes, and he showed off his agility by evading a number of defenders in the NFC Conference Championship game. 

Running back Christian McCaffrey, one of the favorites with sports betting apps to be Super Bowl LVIII's MVP, has four seasons with 80 or more passes and he is one of the best at dodging defenders, so he earns his place on the 49ers Dodgeball team.

As do Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk who are as nimble as they come. And for a bit of grunt, Nick Bosa can provide that in abundance.

Can Brady Be The GOAT At Dodgeball?

The Chiefs and 49ers Dodgeball teams look pretty good, but how would they cope against a team made up of former Super Bowl MVPs in their prime?

First name on that team has to be Tom Brady. A born winner with seven Super Bowl rings, Brady’s winning mentality gives any team an edge. 

Nobody is safe on a Dodgeball court when Brady is around as he showed when firing a laser at his own mother on a family vacation a few years ago.

Super Bowl MVP Dodgeball Teams

Aaron Rodgers made his love of the movie clear after a Green Bay Packers team-bonding event a decade ago, when quoting lines from the movies and claiming he is good friends with Patches O’Houlihan. 

Julian Edelman is the perfect Dodgeball player. Small in size, the wide receiver would be hard to hit, especially as he can use his fast feet to duck his way to safety. 

Cooper Kupp and Hines Ward will be hard to target, but if they were, they have the skill to catch the ball. And Ray Lewis, with his iconic entrance dance, can bring the razzmatazz that Las Vegas loves so much.

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