Who Will Win American Idol Season 22? Episode 5

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Who Will Win American Idol Season 22? Episode 5

The "American Idol" Season 22 auditions concluded on Sunday night, and the final Platinum Ticket of the season was awarded. 

Judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry were on fine form as they handed out a mammoth 18 Golden Tickets to wannabes on Sunday's episode. 

The tickets booked the lucky recipients a place in Hollywood Week, but the panelists later turned one of the Golden Tickets into the final Platinum Ticket of the auditions process, after previously handing out Platinum Tickets to Abi Carter and Odell Bunton Jr earlier in the season. 

Next week, "American Idol" Monday night episodes return. On Sunday night, the wannabes will aim to impress the judges in Hollywood, and those who are successful will progress to the Showstopper round. 

Monday night's episode will then see the Showstopper round play out, and the Top 24 will be decided. 

Last But Not Least For Gagnon

Julia Gagnon was the final person to audition for "American Idol" Season 22, and show bosses may have saved the best until last as she wowed the judges. 

Gagnon was awarded the final Platinum Ticket of the season and she is now the +100 favorite to win this year's "American Idol", ahead of +150 chance Carter and +200 shot Bunton Jr.

The star was raised in Maine after being born in Guatemala and adopted from an orphanage aged two.

Aged 18, she got in touch with her birth mother, who told her she is "proud" of her voice and wants to see her do something "big". 

Gagnon certainly did that on Sunday night, with Richie admitting afterwards he was "in shock" at her "absolutely outstanding" version of Aretha Franklin's "Ain’t Know Way".

The judge insisted not many wannabes can take on Franklin's tunes, but Gagnon went "beyond" with her version, while Perry predicted she can make the Top 10. 

Jayna Elise is another star who will be going all out to make the Top 10. 

She returned to the show after making it to Hollywood last year, when she was ditched before the Top 24 stage of the contest. 

Perry described her performance of Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" as a "full three-course meal" and Elise will head to Hollywood as a +250 joint-fourth favorite alongside Cate Gartner, who also auditioned on Sunday night. 

Perry said she was "born with something" and that something will be on display in Hollywood, as will Jordan Anthony. 

Anthony Swaps Australia For American Idol

The +350 wannabe finished in fourth place on "The Voice Australia" in 2019 when he was just 14 years old, but five years on he is making moves on "American Idol". 

Bethany Teague is also +350 for "Idol" victory following a "very moving" audition, according to Richie, who also praised Ricky Moyer (+450) for a "great performance" on Sunday night.

However, Richie wasn't as positive about Liliana Tovar Dalton's audition. 

Dalton (+450) received three yeses to progress to Hollywood, but Richie was critical about her original song "5%", saying it needs more structure.

Perry was a fan of Isaiah Case's original tune, "What Could I Do", describing it as "cool" and the +500 worship leader progressed with three yeses, 

What's more, there were five teen successes as Brant McCollough, Victoria Johnson, Carmen Olivia, Sophia Ava Marie, and Garrison Bennett all made it through. 

The quintet are all +600 to win this year's "American Idol", and Bryan was a particular fan of 16-year-old McCollough, who he said has "something", and fellow 16-year-old Johnson, who Bryan said has a "star factor" about her. 

Olivia, 16, also received a hat-trick of yeses, as did 15-year-old Marie, after performing Perry's tune "The One That Got Away".

Perry called for "more energy" from 18-year-old Bennett, but he's through to Hollywood nonetheless, as are +800 chances Ty’esha Lashay and Spencer Wells. 

Matthews Sisters Just Make It 

Towards the bottom end of the "American Idol" market are sisters Jacy and Mia Matthews. 

Reality TV fans may have recognized the pair, who are +1000 in the futures betting, after they performed as a trio, group Worth The Wait, alongside their mother Tara on season 19 of "The Voice".

They went out of the contest during The Playoffs, but both Jacy and Mia are through to Hollywood on this year's "American Idol" - but only just.

They auditioned separately and Bryan turned down Jacy, while Richie rejected Mia, but each wannabe received two yeses apiece and went through. 

Camila Galavis (+1200) also has a TV connection - but not for her own small screen appearance. 

The 14-year-old wannabe's father Juan Pablo Galavis starred in ABC show "The Bachelor" in 2014 and he was a former contestant on "The Bachelorette". 

For her audition, Galavis performed Joaquina tune "Rabia", but Richie rejected her.

Bryan had also written "no" down on his notes, but switched to a yes vote after Perry said yes, and she will head to Hollywood.

Note: These are hypothetical odds provided by industry experts!

Who Will Win American Idol Season 22?

  • Julia Gagnon +100 50% 
  • Abi Carter +150 40%
  • Quintavious +200 33.3% 
  • Odell Bunton Jr. +200 33.3%
  • Hailey Mia +250 28.6% 
  • Jayna Elise +250 28.6% 
  • Cate Gartner +250 28.6% 
  • Reagan Mills +300 25% 
  • Michael Rice +300 25% 
  • Scarlett Lee +300 25% 
  • Blake Proehl +300 25% 
  • Jordan Anthony +350 22.2% 
  • Bethany Teague +350 22.2%
  • Elleigh Marie +400 20%
  • Deida Jeudy +400 20%
  • Micaela McCall +400 20%
  • Justice Murphy +400 20%
  • Ricky Moyer +450 18.2%
  • Liliana Tovar Dalton +450 18.2% 
  • Nick Connors +450 18.2%
  • Isaiah Case +500 16.7%
  • Alyssa Ragu +500 16.7%
  • Ziggy +500 16.7%
  • McKenna Breinholt +500 16.7%
  • Kyra +550 15.4% 
  • Brant McCollough +600 14.3%
  • Victoria Johnson +600 14.3%
  • Carmen Olivia +600 14.3%
  • Sophia Ava Marie +600 14.3%
  • Garrison Bennett +600 14.3%
  • Lillian Hackett +600 14.3%
  • D.J. Williams +600 14.3%
  • Anna Grace +600 14.3%
  • Will Moseley +600 14.3%
  • Mackenzie Sol +600 14.3%
  • Nya +600 14.3%
  • Emmy Russell +600 14.3%
  • Max Dasher +650 13.3%
  • Meggie Iyer +700 12.5%
  • KB +700 12.5%
  • CJ Rislove +750 11.8%
  • Aniston Pate +750 11.8%
  • Ty’esha Lashay +800 11.1%
  • Spencer Wells +800 11.1%
  • Athena Jett +800 11.1%
  • Conall Gorman +800 11.1%
  • Jennifer Jeffries +800 11.1%
  • Noah Peters +800 11.1%
  • Ajii +800 11.1%
  • Kimi +900 10%
  • Triston Harper +900 10% 
  • Mia Matthews +1000 9.1%
  • Jacy Matthews +1000 9.1%
  • Amari +1000 9.1%
  • Kennedy Reid +1000 9.1%
  • Sam "Kayko" Kelly-Cohen +1000 9.1%
  • Abby Blake +1100 8.3%
  • Camila Galavis +1200 7.7%
  • Laela Dasher +1200 7.7%
  • Jack Blocker +1200 7.7%
  • Dave Fio +1400 6.7%
  • Dawson Slade +1400 6.7%
  • Madai Chakell +1500 6.3%

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