Who Will Win MasterChef 2023? United Tastes of America Begins

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Who Will Win MasterChef 2023? United Tastes of America Begins

MasterChef's 13th season began on Fox on Wednesday night, with cooks from across the nation competing to bring the trophy back to their home turf. 

The show's new "United Tastes of America" twist sees wannabes from four regions of the United States - Northeast, West, Midwest and South - compete to impress the returning judges, Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Aaron Sanchez, and win the $250,000 grand prize.

In the premiere episode, "Regional Auditions - The Northeast," cooks from the Northeast had 45 minutes to create their signature dishes for the three judges and guest panelist Daphne Oz. 

She described the region she was representing on the show as a "melting pot" and admitted she is a big fan of family food. 

Oz added: "You walk four blocks in any direction, and you can taste the world."

Contestants needed at least three yeses from the judges to be handed one of the show's famous white aprons and progress to the next round. 

With these hypothetical odds provided by industry sports betting experts, we've looked into which remaining MasterChef contestants could have what it takes to be the show's season 13 winner. 

Contestant Odds Implied Probability
Purvi +300 25%
Brynn +400 20%
Ryan +500 16.7%
Richie +600 14.3%
Nina +700 12.5%

Purvi On Top As Brynn Is Second Favorite 

Five of the wannabes were grateful recipients of their white aprons, but four of them will have to impress even more next time if they are to better current MasterChef favorite Purvi. 

Purvi is +300, with a 25% probability to win the contest at this early stage after she was the first wannabe of the season to receive four yeses from all the panelists. 

The credit and collection manager was impressed with her Vanilla Bundt Cakes, which she had infused with Indian flavors, so much so that even Bastianich, the toughest judge to impress during the episode, gave his first yes of the season following her sweet treat creation.

All four judges were also full of praise for second favorite Brynn, who is +400 to win MasterChef after just one episode.

The panelists pointed towards Brynn's potential to go far in the competition as she sailed through to the next round.

Brynn came up with a Harissa Black Seabass dish, which also featured dried cherry chutney and pear alongside a Roasted Fennel and Green Bean Salad. 

Bastianich initially described the bartender's creation as "naive" but did later admit it is "astonishing," and Oz was full of praise for the home cook's "delicious" chutney. 

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Ryan Egged On By MasterChef Judges 

MasterChef contestant Ryan had some viewers in tears as he revealed an emotional backstory to his love of creating dishes, as the construction superintendent told how he had turned to cooking to help him overcome his previous addictions. 

Ryan, who is +500 to win MasterChef, cooked up Filet Mignon with Samurai Egg, which he called Steak and Eggs. He received some rare praise from Bastianich during the episode when the judge told the wannabe his steak was "excellent." 

But Ryan's future on the show was in doubt after receiving a no from Sanchez to go with his yes from Oz and Bastianich. 

With Ryan left requiring a yes from Ramsay, the camera headed back to the main studio, before it became clear that Ramsay had put Ryan through to the next round when the wannabe came sprinting in. 

The delighted home cook said: "Getting this apron feels like a turning point in my life. It took a lot to get here, and I am not looking back."

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Richie Impresses MasterChef Trio 

Richie is just behind Ryan in the betting at +600 after he cooked a dish of Crispy Skin Salmon with Sweet Habanero Glaze, Spinach and Parmesan Roasted Potatoes for the judges. 

While he received some negative comments, with Bastianich describing his creation as "simple" and Ramsay saying his spinach as "watery," he went through with three yeses after he did just enough to impress Ramsay, Oz and Sanchez. 

Despite being the current +700 fifth favorite to win this year's contest, only one judge wasn't that impressed with Nina's Venison and Bok Choy Dumplings — and that was Bastianich. 

Things had appeared to be going well for Nina when Ramsay praised her "technical flare," but it later went downhill with Bastianich telling the wannabe that her dish was "amateur." He insisted he "wasn’t drinking the cool aid" from the other panelists. 

Despite this, Sanchez gave Nina the third yes she needed to progress to the next round. 

Next Wednesday's episode will see home cooks from the Midwest take on one another in a bid to progress. 

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