Who Will Win The Voice Season 25? Episode 1

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Who Will Win The Voice Season 25? Episode 1

"The Voice" returned for its 25th season this week, and history was made in the premiere episode.

Country pop music duo Dan + Shay have replaced Niall Horan as coaches alongside the returning John Legend, Chance the Rapper and Reba McEntire. 

But Dan + Shay have made "The Voice" history already by sitting on the show's first-ever "double chair", effectively meaning they represent one coach, and they will share a button. 

In the show's initial Blind Auditions, a contestant sings in front of the coaches, who are facing away from them, and if a coach likes a singer they can press their button, which spins their chairs around to face the wannabe. 

Should more than one coach turn around for a contestant, the artist must choose who they want to work with, but coaches have one chance during the Blind Auditions to "block" a rival coach from working with an artist.

By the end of the Blind Auditions, each coach will have a team of 10 wannabes apiece, meaning 40 stars will head into The Battles stage of the contest.

Dani Is Early Frontrunner 

Dani Stacy is the early +200 favorite to win this year's "The Voice" after she wowed the coaches, who all turned their chairs to be in with a chance of landing her on their team. 

Chance wasted no time in enforcing his block button just minutes into Monday night's season premiere, by preventing McEntire from getting Stacy.

The wannabe chose to join Team Chance after the coach praised her for being "poised" and "so connected".

Maddi Jane also joined Team Chance after she was given a full set of turns. 

She is +300 second favorite to win the show's 25th season, while OK3 - a best friends trio made up of Kenna Fields, Courtney Hooker, and Sierra Sikes - aren't far behind at +400. 

Like Stacy and Jane, all four coaches pressed their buttons for OK3, who were in the final act to perform on Monday night's season premiere.

Viewers were made to wait until Tuesday's episode to find out who OK3 had picked, and it was revealed as Legend.

Legend also landed +500 chance Gene Taylor after competition from the other three coaches. 

The "All Of Me" hitmaker was the first to turn for Taylor, and made sure that was remembered when Taylor was making his choice. 

After a quiet first episode of the series, Legend also picked up Nathan Chester (+600) on Tuesday night, beating off competition from Dan + Shay, after he told Chester that he "inspires and excites" him. 

Dan + Shay Off The Mark 

Dan + Shay landed their first-ever "The Voice" artist after twins Justin and Jeremy Garcia, who are +700 to win season 25, chose to work with them instead of McEntire and Chance. 

The show's newest coaches were also keen to enlist Donny Van Slee (+800) to their team, but McEntire blocked them, and she snapped him up for Team McEntire. 

However, Dan + Shay wreaked their revenge on McEntire just one act later when they blocked her from signing up +800 chance Karen Waldrup. 

Like with Van Slee, Legend and Chance sat this one out, so Dan + Shay signed her up to their team. 

Elsewhere, McEntire overcame competition from Legend to land Tae Lewis (+900), with the help of the studio audience who were chanting her name to encourage Lewis to pick her. 

"Queen Of Country" McEntire Lands Sanders

McEntire also boosted her team by signing up Josh Sanders (+1000), who sang a rendition of "Whiskey On You". 

Sanders later admitted he picked McEntire over Dan + Shay because his wife wouldn't be best pleased if he "turned down the Queen of Country". 

Nadège, who is also +1000, had a particularly entertaining audition when she got the opportunity to duet with both Chance and Legend, who went head-to-head to land her on their team. 

The two coaches took it in turns to duet with the wannabe on tune "Ordinary People", and she chose to join forces with Chance. 

Ryan Argast is propping up the early futures betting market at +1200, after he performed Dan + Shay's track "Speechless" in the Blind Auditions. 

The coaches were the only ones who turned for the rocker, but Shay admitted it "paid off" for Argast to perform one of their songs. 

Gabriel Goes, who is +1100, only made it through to the next stage after Chance's last-moment turn, but he told Gabriel his guitar performance to "What I Got" was "special". 

It was certainly a special start to season 25, and the Blind Auditions will continue on Monday March 4, followed by another episode on Tuesday March 5. 

Note: These are hypothetical odds provided by industry experts!

Who Will Win The Voice Season 25?

  • Dani Stacy +200 33.3%
  • Maddi Jane +300 25% 
  • OK3 +400 20%
  • Gene Taylor +500 16.7%
  • Nathan Chester +600 14.3%
  • Justin and Jeremy Garcia +700 12.5%
  • Donny Van Slee +800 11.1%
  • Karen Waldrup +800 11.1%
  • Tae Lewis +900 10% 
  • Nadège +1000 9.1%
  • Josh Sanders +1000 8.3%
  • Gabriel Goes +1100 7.7%
  • Ryan Argast +1200 7.7%

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