WTA Bad Homburg Day 2 Picks & Predictions including Swiatek vs Maria

Date IconLast Updated: Jul 27th, 2023
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WTA Bad Homburg Day 2 Picks & Predictions including Swiatek vs Maria
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Tennis Picks & Best Bets Today: June 26, 2023


As Wimbledon approaches in just a week's time, the WTA event taking place in Bad Homburg presents itself as a crucial opportunity for players to accumulate invaluable grass-court match experience. 

Iga Swiatek, in particular, will be under close scrutiny, given her memorable exit from last year's Wimbledon in the third round, which abruptly concluded her remarkable streak of 37 consecutive victories.

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Emma Navarro vs Donna Vekic Predictions: Bad Homburg 2023

Donna Vekic



Witnessing Donna Vekic in action on grass is a truly captivating experience. In the recent Berlin tournament, it required an extraordinary performance from Petra Kvitova to halt her unstoppable momentum. As Wimbledon approaches, Vekic emerges as a player of immense interest, given her self-assured power and formidable serve, making her a daunting adversary for any opponent on the global stage.

On the other hand, Emma Navarro is about to embark on her inaugural grass-court match, renowned for her tenacity in wearing down adversaries on the clay surface. Vekic's journey to the final in the previous tournament was not excessively taxing, instilling confidence that she will have ample energy reserves for a straightforward triumph.o secure victory.

Best Betting PickDonna Vekic to Win 2-0 (-115) at Fanduel Sportsbook


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Iga Swiatek vs Tatjana Maria Predictions: Bad Homburg 2023

Iga Swiatek



How will Iga Swiatek handle Tatjana Maria's deceptive slice on her least preferred surface? Despite her victory at the French Open, Swiatek's serve still struggles to earn her easy points, resulting in extended rallies. Moreover, if the world's top-ranked player feels nervous, maintaining the consistent racket head speed necessary to handle a slice and control the ball's trajectory becomes exceedingly difficult.

However, Swiatek typically encounters difficulties primarily against powerful opponents. Even if Maria manages to create some uncomfortable situations, Swiatek will likely have the opportunity to settle into the match, rather than having the racket forcefully ripped from her grasp. This advantage should work in her favor over the course of the game. While Maria may cause Swiatek some discomfort, she ultimately lacks the power needed to clinch the victory.

Best Betting PickIga Swiatek to win 2-1 (+333) at FanDuel Sportsbook


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