Super Bowl Betting: Navigating the Prop Bet Options

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Super Bowl Betting: Navigating the Prop Bet Options
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This has been a long wait for Super Bowl LVII. It is always that way with the extra week. While that may be good for the health of Patrick Mahomes and other players, it drives fans and bettors crazy. 

However, the time draws close at hand. Four days stand between now and the biggest football game of the year. Let us quickly dig into some of the best and even the worst. 

Prop Volume Can Be Overwhelming

Thanks again to Caesars for pointing out the following about legalities. The where and what you can and cannot bet on is essential. It is why prop volume or the glut of possibilities can feel overwhelming.

Again, the existing mind-blowing props are enough, and there are “layer” wagers. One can bet on how many touchdowns a player will get. Will that player rush for 100+ yards, have fewer than 20 carries, and all sorts of arbitrary numbers besides what the bookies set?

Also, one can predict the scoring margins, a kickoff or touchback, whether both teams will score in all the quarters, etc. Our goal is to touch on a few and then, on Friday, reveal some of our best picks for Super Bowl LVII. It has been a fun ride here at It is harder to believe that there will be no NFL football for many months. 

Enough about that sadness. Let’s do some work and have some fun!

The Best Patrick Mahomes Props

Again, there are the standards from the MVP to the kicker points. However, those anytime touchdowns carry a lot of steam along with who may score first or last. Be selective, and most importantly, do not bet the entire bankroll on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Patrick Mahomes anytime touchdown is one prop that has gained a little steam. Yes, the Chiefs’ quarterback must cross the end zone physically. Now, the best news is this prop has stayed steady at +500 all week so far. Assuming Mahomes is relatively healthy, the Eagles’ front seven speed should create matchup problems for the Chiefs’ linemen. That will force Mahomes to scramble. 

The idea that Mahomes may have to pass the ball leads to other potential ideas to wager, too. 25.5 completions got set at -130, which is something to explore. Consider that Mahomes may air out the ball 40+ times. That makes even 30 completions a plausible target. If Kansas City has to throw more, this leads right into the interception prop at -115 for Mahomes to throw just one interception.

There is plenty of time to get those bets in. Look to those first-quarter props if one expects a slow start. The under of 64.5 yards for Mahomes looks appetizing. 

Some Jalen Hurts Props

Hey, we like the balance here at Focusing on one quarterback would appear unfair, and there are certain Jalen Hurts props to focus on. Expecting Hurts to score two or more rushing touchdowns (+500 on BetMGM) may be a stretch. 

The Philadelphia quarterback has not scored multiple times on the ground since Week 15 in Chicago. After that, he injured his shoulder.

There are other players to take the load off Hurts. These numbers will fluctuate and move a little. The Over at 10.5 rushing attempts gains more steam, especially if Hurts has to kneel down at the end. That may be three built-in attempts. Stay away from the Over of 50.5 yards and consider the Under.

The belief is that Hurts will surprise against one of the league’s worst pass defenses. Kansas City allowed the most passing touchdowns in the league at 33. Don’t look at those wide receiver numbers as Kansas City tries to stack the box to slow the run. A.J. Brown may get to feast against lighter coverage. The passing game figures to open up as the game does. Hurts at Over 1.5 touchdowns (-110) may not stay there by the weekend.

We will have more of these types of props over the weekend and will be on some live-stream specials this weekend via Rotowire and other social media outlets.

More Props To Consider

The goal is to focus on a sensible number of props. Getting the right blend is critical. Having a plan is paramount to success and keeping things manageable. Here is our ever-expanding list for Super Bowl Sunday.

  • A.J. Brown Over 71.5 yards (-115), anytime touchdown at +120, two touchdowns at +550
  • Travis Kelce Under 79.5 yards at -105. He will go Over 6.5 receptions, though.
  • Jake Elliott Over 7.5 points at +110. The kicker could boot a couple of early field goals for the Eagles.
  • Jalen Hurts as the MVP at +135. It has been a quarterbacks’ award lately, so we take the bait.
  • Take A.J. Brown to get to 20 receiving yards first at +475.

All right, that last one. The rationale is that Brown will break at least one, if not two, long receptions on Sunday. Again, the matchup advantages are there. However, the chances he represents the first big play in Super Bowl LVII are pretty good. It is better than most props seen out there. Again, small wagers need only apply here.

Anyway, that is it for now. In the coming days, there will be more here on Thanks for reading! 

All numbers are brought to you courtesy of BetMGM and DraftKings.

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