Seattle Seahawks Betting, Odds and Stats

Seattle Seahawks Betting, Odds and Stats

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Welcome to the dedicated betting stats and odds page for the Seattle Seahawks. Every piece of relevant information you might need to make informed wagers can be found right here. Betting promo codes, as well as odds, stats and team sheets are also available. You also find the best NFL betting sites for wagering on the Seahawks.

Head Coach / Manager
Pete Carroll
Lumen Field
Offensive Coordinator
Shane Waldron
Defensive Coordinator
Clint Hurtt

History of the Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks made their official start in 1976 as an expansion team, and they play in the NFC West. The Seahawks’ home, CenturyLink Field, is one of the loudest in the NFL. In tribute to this, they retired the number 12 jersey in 1984, referring to the fanbase being known as the 12th Man.

They have won just one Super Bowl in their history in 2013 and came within a completed pass of repeating the feat a year later and have been one of the most consistent franchises of the 21st century.

Seattle Seahawks Betting Promo Codes & Offers

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Seattle Seahawks Betting Odds

You can find updated NFL odds on all Seattle Seahawks games from the best betting apps. Our odds are constantly updating, so you can be sure you will have access to the best possible prices no matter when you are placing your wagers. 

Quarterback Stats

The Seahawks' starting QB has produced some exciting results that could aid your NFL player props:

Seattle Seahawks Betting Stats

The Seattle Seahawks' stat page is where you will find a complete breakdown of what the players have achieved recently, as well as the numbers you may need to boost your chances of winning your Seahawks wagers. While there is no sure thing in online sports betting, access to these stats will help you make the most informed decision possible. 

Seattle Seahawks Player Stats

This is the place where you can find the stats that matter the most for Seattle Seahawks players. This page has all the information you need for when placing bets on Seahawks matchups. Here you can find stats like total yards records, TDs, tackles and more that will make your NFL picks a bit easier.

Seattle Seahawks Game Stats

If you’re interested in betting on any Seattle game, be it in the regular season or the playoffs, you are in the right place. This page is where you can find the historical information you need to ensure you have the recent trends and details to hand when placing your bets.

Running Back Stats

The Seahawks' running backs are up and running this season:

Seattle Seahawks News

Before placing any bets, you need to be aware of which players might or might not be available for any upcoming matches. Keep up to date with all Seahawks breaking news and NFL lineups information alongside all of the stats we have on this page.


Wide Receiver Stats

The Seahawks' wide receivers have produced some big numbers:

Seattle Seahawks to Win the Super Bowl

In a very tough NFC West where every game counts, Seattle knows it is up against it to reach the playoffs every year. However, under Pete Carroll, the team has been very consistent and can’t be ruled out of making the postseason.

Here are the Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl betting odds:

Seattle Seahawks Odds to Win the NFC

With a number of daunting teams in the NFC conference, the Seahawks know they will have to be at their best to make it through the NFC Championship Game. With a good start to the season anything is possible. Here are the latest odds on the Seahawks winning the NFC:


Seattle Seahawks Odds to Win the NFC West

With contenders in the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams, the Seahawks have a job on their hands making it to the Super Bowl. But with superior coaching and a competitive roster, they still have a chance each season to make sure their win total is higher than their rivals'.

NFC West odds will display when they become available.

Receiving Stats, Team Roster and Team Specials

Keep up with the receivers, lineup, and special teams for the Seattle Seahawks. You can stay updated throughout the season thanks to's unparalleled NFL analysis.



41 Chris StollC 6'2'' 255 lbs 1998/01/01 (25)Penn State
63 Evan BrownC 6'2'' 320 lbs 1996/09/16 (27)SMU
51 Olusegun OluwatimiC 6'3'' 309 lbs 1999/08/05 (24)Michigan
62 Joey HuntC 6'2'' 299 lbs 1994/02/22 (29)TCU
15 Holton AhlersQB 6'3'' 227 lbs 1999/11/10 (23)East Carolina
2 Drew LockQB 6'4'' 228 lbs 1996/11/10 (26)Missouri
7 Geno SmithQB 6'3'' 221 lbs 1990/10/10 (32)West Virginia
25 Kenny McIntoshRB 6'0'' 204 lbs 2000/03/03 (23)Georgia
26 Zach CharbonnetRB 6'1'' 214 lbs 2001/01/08 (22)UCLA
29 SaRodorick ThompsonRB 6'0'' 215 lbs 1999/10/01 (23)Texas Tech
9 Kenneth WalkerRB 5'9'' 211 lbs 2000/10/20 (22)Michigan State
43 Wayne TaulapapaRB 5'10'' 205 lbs 1998/03/22 (25)Washington
34 Bryant KobackRB 6'0'' 210 lbs 1998/04/06 (25)Toledo
31 DeeJay DallasRB 5'10'' 214 lbs 1998/09/16 (25)Miami (Fla.)
87 Noah FantTE 6'4'' 249 lbs 1997/11/20 (25)Iowa
84 Colby ParkinsonTE 6'7'' 265 lbs 1999/01/08 (24)Stanford
47 Griffin HebertTE 6'1'' 239 lbs 1999/04/02 (24)Louisiana Tech
46 Sal CannellaTE 6'5'' 242 lbs 1996/12/02 (26)Auburn
46 Noah GindorffTE 6'6'' 267 lbs 1999/02/12 (24)North Dakota State
89 Will DisslyTE 6'4'' 265 lbs 1996/07/08 (27)Washington
85 Tyler MabryTE 6'3'' 247 lbs 1996/11/21 (26)Maryland
88 Cade JohnsonWR 5'10'' 184 lbs 1998/04/10 (25)South Dakota State
16 Tyler LockettWR 5'10'' 182 lbs 1992/09/28 (31)Kansas State
1 Dee EskridgeWR 5'9'' 190 lbs 1997/03/23 (26)Western Michigan
18 Justin MarshallWR 6'2'' 227 lbs 1999/07/23 (24)Buffalo
19 Jake BoboWR 6'4'' 207 lbs 1998/08/04 (25)UCLA
14 DK MetcalfWR 6'4'' 235 lbs 1997/12/14 (25)Ole Miss
83 Dareke YoungWR 6'2'' 224 lbs 1999/06/04 (24)Lenoir-Rhyne
81 Tyjon LindseyWR 5'8'' 171 lbs 1999/01/07 (24)Oregon State
13 Cody ThompsonWR 6'2'' 205 lbs 1996/01/11 (27)Toledo
37 Malik FlowersWR 6'0'' 195 lbs 1999/06/23 (24)Montana
17 Matt LandersWR 6'4'' 200 lbs 1999/06/16 (24)Arkansas
18 Ra'Shaun HenryWR 6'3'' 190 lbs 1998/02/04 (25)Virginia
82 John HallWR 6'3'' 194 lbs 1997/12/07 (25)Northwood
86 Easop WinstonWR 6'0'' 190 lbs 1996/12/17 (26)Washington State
11 Jaxon Smith-NjigbaWR 6'0'' 197 lbs 2002/02/14 (21)Ohio State


38 Andrew WhitakerCB 6'0'' 183 lbs 1999/01/16 (24)Washington University (Mo.)
37 Montrae BraswellCB 5'10'' 194 lbs 1998/12/06 (24)Missouri State
18 Lance BoykinCB 6'2'' 198 lbs 2000/08/31 (23)Coastal Carolina
22 Tre BrownCB 5'10'' 185 lbs 1997/09/24 (26)Oklahoma
23 Artie BurnsCB 6'0'' 187 lbs 1995/05/01 (28)Miami (Fla.)
34 Benjie FranklinCB 6'0'' 172 lbs 1996/10/22 (26)Tarleton State
24 Arquon BushCB 6'0'' 187 lbs 2000/05/10 (23)Cincinnati
8 Coby BryantCB 6'1'' 193 lbs 1999/03/19 (24)Cincinnati
29 Chris SteeleCB 6'1'' 190 lbs 2000/09/27 (23)USC
30 Mike JacksonCB 6'1'' 210 lbs 1997/01/10 (26)Miami (Fla.)
21 Devon WitherspoonCB 6'0'' 185 lbs 2000/12/11 (22)Illinois
27 Riq WoolenCB 6'4'' 210 lbs 1999/05/02 (24)UTSA
54 Bobby WagnerLB 6'0'' 242 lbs 1990/06/27 (33)Utah State
92 Tyreke SmithLB 6'3'' 255 lbs 2000/02/14 (23)Ohio State
53 Boye MafeLB 6'4'' 261 lbs 1998/11/30 (24)Minnesota
59 Jon RhattiganLB 6'0'' 236 lbs 1999/02/02 (24)Army
56 Jordyn BrooksLB 6'0'' 240 lbs 1997/10/21 (25)Texas Tech
49 Joshua OnujioguLB 6'2'' 252 lbs 1998/03/03 (25)Framingham State
10 Uchenna NwosuLB 6'2'' 251 lbs 1996/12/28 (26)USC
52 Darrell TaylorLB 6'4'' 267 lbs 1997/03/24 (26)Tennessee
50 Vi JonesLB 6'2'' 225 lbs 1998/05/05 (25)NC State
57 Patrick O'ConnellLB 6'1'' 227 lbs 1998/12/31 (24)Montana
44 Nick BelloreLB 6'1'' 250 lbs 1989/05/12 (34)Central Michigan
58 Derick HallLB 6'3'' 254 lbs 2001/03/19 (22)Auburn
48 Ben Burr-KirvenLB 6'0'' 230 lbs 1997/09/08 (26)Washington
0 Devin BushLB 5'11'' 234 lbs 1998/07/18 (25)Michigan
32 Joey BlountS 6'1'' 201 lbs 1998/11/16 (24)Virginia
39 Ty OkadaS 5'11'' 193 lbs 1999/06/04 (24)Montana State
33 Jamal AdamsS 6'1'' 213 lbs 1995/10/17 (27)LSU
28 Jonathan SutherlandS 5'11'' 202 lbs 1998/08/09 (25)Penn State
32 Jerrick ReedS 5'9'' 196 lbs 2000/08/07 (23)New Mexico
36 Christian YoungS 6'1'' 221 lbs 2000/07/18 (23)Arizona

special teams

5 Jason MyersK 5'10'' 190 lbs 1991/05/12 (32)Marist
4 Michael DicksonP 6'2'' 208 lbs 1996/01/04 (27)Texas