Los Angeles Rams Betting, Odds and Stats

Los Angeles Rams Betting, Odds and Stats

Team Info

Welcome to the betting odds and stats page for the Los Angeles Rams. For Rams games betting, we have collected a lot of information, including odds and stats, as well as the most recent sports betting promo code offers. When available, we offer a variety of attractive betting welcome offers that are tied to Rams games.

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Head Coach / Manager
Sean McVay
SoFi Stadium
Offensive Coordinator
Defensive Coordinator
Raheem Morris

History of the Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are one of the oldest franchises in the NFL, and they’ve moved around quite a bit. Originally founded as the Cleveland Rams in the 1930’s, they moved to Los Angeles a decade later and then to St Louis in the 1990’s. They later moved back to LA and the SoFi Stadium in 2016, becoming the Los Angeles Rams we know today.

Arguably their greatest period began in 1999, when the Rams, led by quarterback Kurt Warner, earned the nickname The Greatest Show on Turf. Their later years in St Louis would prove fruitless, and it wasn’t until the 2021 season that they’d taste Super Bowl glory again.

In a loaded NFC West division featuring the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks, the Rams will aim to defend their Super Bowl crown in 2022.

Los Angeles Rams Betting Promo Codes & Offers

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Los Angeles Rams Betting Odds

We aim to give you the most updated betting odds for Rams games. All sportsbooks are reviewed in real-time and updated on the site to make sure that users are given the most recent information and are then able to offer you the best NFL odds available. 

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Quarterback Stats

Matthew Stafford led the Rams to Super Bowl triumph in 2021. Here’s how he’s doing in 2022:

Los Angeles Rams Betting Stats

The Los Angeles Rams' stats page is the best source of information to learn the most about the team. Although betting on the team does not guarantee a win, looking at all the data and stats shown here will allow you to make better and smarter decisions at the time of staking your money.

Los Angeles Rams Player Stats

Rams players often find themselves towards the top of the pile when it comes to league-leading stats. Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp have struck up a formidable partnership. Despite playing together for just one season, they could ultimately go down as an all time partnership. 

Los Angeles Rams Game Stats

Whether it’s against an NFC West rival or another Super Bowl contender, it’s always best to know the stats. Here you can check out the latest LA Rams stats, broken down by position. This information is key to placing sensible bets on NFL player props or any other NFL betting market. For even more of a guide, we provide NFL picks, which are updated on site regularly. 

Running Back Stats

Here are the stats for Cam Akers and other LA Rams running backs:

Los Angeles Rams News

Here you’ll find the latest Rams news from the accounts which know best. For NFL lineups information, NFL props and NFL picks, we’ve got pages for those too.


Wide Receiver Stats

Rams wide receivers are often among the most prolific in the NFL. Here’s how they stack up this season:

Los Angeles Rams to Win the Super Bowl

As the defending champions, the Rams have their work cut out, as going back to back is a very rare achievement. Much of their championship winning roster is in tact though. Here are the latest odds for the Rams Super Bowl betting odds:


Los Angeles Rams Odds to Win the NFC

The NFC is seen as the weaker of the two NFL conferences by many NFL experts. The AFC is home to a lot of the teams near the top of the Super Bowl betting markets. Here are the odds for the Rams to win the NFC:

Los Angeles Rams Odds to Win the NFC West

The NFC West is one of the most exciting divisions in the NFL. The Rams will face off twice against the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers and Seattlr Seahawks, in what are often high scoring games. The odds for the Rams to win the NFC West will show when they become available.

Receiving Stats, Team Roster and Team Specials

Delve into the receiver analysis, see the latest team lineup, and meet the special squads players.



66 Sean MaginnC 6'3'' 298 lbs 1999/02/17 (24)Wake Forest
55 Brian AllenOL 6'2'' 303 lbs 1995/10/11 (27)Michigan State
57 Zach ThomasOL 6'5'' 300 lbs 1998/05/26 (25)San Diego State
63 Grant MillerOL 6'3'' 306 lbs 1998/09/22 (25)Baylor
61 AJ ArcuriOL 6'7'' 320 lbs 1997/08/13 (26)Michigan State
68 Mike McAllisterOL 6'2'' 305 lbs 1998/06/12 (25)Youngstown State
60 Logan BrussOL 6'5'' 309 lbs 1999/10/06 (23)Wisconsin
13 Stetson BennettQB 5'11'' 190 lbs 1997/10/28 (25)Georgia
11 Brett RypienQB 6'2'' 202 lbs 1996/07/09 (27)Boise State
9 Matthew StaffordQB 6'3'' 220 lbs 1988/02/07 (35)Georgia
16 Dresser WinnQB 6'2'' 215 lbs 1998/11/11 (24)Tennessee-Martin
24 Royce FreemanRB 6'0'' 238 lbs 1996/02/24 (27)Oregon
20 Ronnie RiversRB 5'9'' 195 lbs 1999/01/31 (24)Fresno State
23 Kyren WilliamsRB 5'9'' 194 lbs 2000/08/26 (23)Notre Dame
21 Zach EvansRB 5'11'' 202 lbs 2001/05/30 (22)Ole Miss
3 Cam AkersRB 5'10'' 217 lbs 1999/06/22 (24)Florida State
45 Camren McDonaldTE 6'4'' 245 lbs 1999/05/30 (24)Florida State
83 Nikola KalinicTE 6'4'' 245 lbs 1997/01/21 (26)York (CAN)
89 Tyler HigbeeTE 6'6'' 255 lbs 1993/01/01 (30)Western Kentucky
46 Christian SimsTE 6'2'' 243 lbs 2001/02/15 (22)Bowling Green
87 Davis AllenTE 6'6'' 245 lbs 2001/02/03 (22)Clemson
88 Brycen HopkinsTE 6'4'' 245 lbs 1997/03/27 (26)Purdue
84 Hunter LongTE 6'5'' 253 lbs 1998/08/19 (25)Boston College
4 Braxton BurmeisterWR 6'0'' 200 lbs 1998/09/19 (25)San Diego State
14 Lance McCutcheonWR 6'3'' 202 lbs 1999/02/28 (24)Montana State
19 Xavier SmithWR 5'9'' 174 lbs 1997/09/21 (26)Florida A&M
16 Tyler JohnsonWR 6'1'' 205 lbs 1998/08/25 (25)Minnesota
18 Ben SkowronekWR 6'3'' 224 lbs 1997/06/27 (26)Notre Dame
86 Tyler HudsonWR 6'2'' 197 lbs 2000/09/11 (23)Louisville
10 Cooper KuppWR 6'2'' 208 lbs 1993/06/15 (30)Eastern Washington
12 Van JeffersonWR 6'1'' 200 lbs 1996/07/26 (27)Florida
5 Tutu AtwellWR 5'9'' 165 lbs 1999/10/07 (23)Louisville
15 Demarcus RobinsonWR 6'1'' 203 lbs 1994/09/21 (29)Florida
81 Austin TrammellWR 5'10'' 185 lbs 1998/07/04 (25)Rice
17 Puka NacuaWR 6'2'' 205 lbs 2000/05/29 (22)BYU


22 Shaun JollyCB 5'9'' 180 lbs 1998/10/17 (24)Appalachian State
92 Daniel HardyLB 6'3'' 240 lbs 1998/12/15 (24)Montana State
53 Ernest JonesLB 6'2'' 230 lbs 1999/11/22 (23)South Carolina
32 Ochaun MathisLB 6'5'' 260 lbs 1999/01/09 (24)Nebraska
48 Jaiden WoodbeyLB 6'0'' 222 lbs 2000/01/20 (23)Boston College
56 Christian RozeboomLB 6'2'' 230 lbs 1997/01/30 (26)South Dakota State
35 Jake HummelLB 6'1'' 235 lbs 1999/01/04 (24)Iowa State
58 DeAndre SquareLB 6'0'' 226 lbs 2000/08/15 (23)Kentucky
50 Ryan SmendaLB 6'1'' 230 lbs 2000/01/28 (23)Wake Forest
54 Kelechi AnyalebechiLB 6'0'' 240 lbs 2000/09/21 (23)Incarnate Word
51 Zach VanValkenburgLB 6'4'' 263 lbs 1998/02/17 (25)Iowa
25 Jason TaylorS 6'0'' 204 lbs 1999/12/30 (23)Oklahoma State
33 Rashad TorrenceS 5'11'' 193 lbs 2002/03/20 (21)Florida

special teams

49 Tanner BrownK 6'0'' 177 lbs 1999/12/28 (23)Oklahoma State
42 Ethan EvansP 6'3'' 231 lbs 2001/07/19 (22)Wingate